Mesa, CO 81643 Carbondale, CO 81623 21340 county road W While it is not legal to sell raw milk in the State of Colorado, recent legislation has legalized raw milk distribution through a consumer/farmer contract known as a cow share agreement. makes finding raw milk easy. 15264 County Road 350 Longmont, CO 80503 We are conveniently located on the Long’s Garden’s iris farm in the heart of Boulder. Email:, David Miller Email: WESTCLIFFE, CO 81252 We invite you to come meet the goats and visit the farm. Phone: 303-688-8888 50200 County Road Green Prairie Farm, LLC is a small family owned and operated farm. Phone: 9702193132 Florissant, CO 80816 Nothing added and nothing removed. 1728 Shea Center Drive Phone: 303-822-5840 Our milk cows have year round pasture access, unless we have a lot of snow, and are supplemented with alfafa/grass hay, and get a small ration of oats, barley, dried molasses, kelp and garlic at milking time. You are welcome to visit and/or pick up at the farm, but you may also pick up from a growing number of distribution points along the Colorado Front Range. Phone: 303-340-8501 Brook LeVan Parker, CO 80138 Phone: 9175667616 Email:, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Mahatma Gandhi. Phone: 541-778-4271 You must drive to the farm where it is produced every single time you need milk. Phone: 7204569317 17980 Countdown Dr Email:, Taneil Lawton Kevin & Christy Comstock Email:, Jose Miranda Texas Legislation . 6284 Ephesus Rd Why raw milk? We have wonderful milk goats as well as meat goats. Farm pickup available, boulder drop location is currently available till full. Phone: 303-507-4306 18916 E Cornell Ave 34829 W. County Road 53 Milking does receive a small amount of black oil sunflower seeds, linseed meal and cane molasses when milked but no starchy grains. Phone: 7202546090 Calhan, CO 80808 Mountain Goat Lodge B&B Email: Eads, CO 81036 We are a small family farm located on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. As a family, we take pride in the quality of our milk and eggs and look forward to serving new clients with all we have to offer. Ryan Maldonado Email:, Ida Hall A regular monthly boarding fee is charged for the cost of feeding, housing and milking the cows. Email: Colorado Springs, CO 80928 Loma, CO 81524 Snowmass, CO 81654 fort collins, CO 80524 -It is rich in healthy vitamins and minerals, especially B vitamins and iron. Cortez, CO 81321 PAGOSA SPRINGS, CO 81147 Price Foundation’s goals include promoting a healthy diet for people everywhere, based on natural and traditional foods, and assisting individuals and families in accessing those foods through information, education, and helping to restore the direct relationship between food consumers and food producers. 9484 Palisade Ct Agate, CO 80101 We want you to taste the love and the passion that we put into our products. CallFrog Belly Farm is located just 10 minutes North of Boulder and is providing the Boulder County community with local raw cow and goat dairy, grass-fed beef, grass-fed goat meat, pasture raised pork, honey kombucha, and biodynamic vegetables. 3240 Broadway Email:, Ruth Moorhead To see all the farms simply search with the choice boxes empty. Phone: 7205051175 Look for us at your local farmers market! Wellington, CO 80549 Harvest Acres is a small family farm on the eastern plains of Colorado. ;Products offered: Raw goat milk ;About our Place: We are on 37 acres on which we have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Alpine Goats and a few mixed breed goats. Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon! Call for directions We are a 3 acre farm with milk goats, pigs & various poultry. Email: We also raise pasture fed Kiko meat goats, exotic French White Muscovy ducks (barbary duck ~98% lean “duck steak”), naturally raised honeybees using the Warré beekeeping method, fresh chicken and duck eggs, and sell live goats and Muscovy ducklings when available. Canon City, CO 81212 Email:, At Ebert Family Farm we believe in the philosophy of “grass fed is best!” This is why our Jersey milking herd is never fed any grain and rotationally grazes on about 600 acres of native grass pasture during the growing season. Lakewood, CO 80228 The cows get a small amount of grain while being milked, and are fed organic grass hay with small amounts of alfalfa. We deliver to the Denver metro area, and Brighton weekly, our share program offers full, or half shares. Email:, Nick Zaiger Phone: 303-241-8751 What makes our milk special? We have Alpines, Nubians, purebreds LaManchas & Saneen does, a purebred Lamancha buck & Kiko buck. We are located in Palisade and have grass fed milk shares. Phone: 9106703834 Our field fed goats have over 2 acres of pasture with grazing and trees to roam and enjoy. 728 North Valley Drive Email:, breann hennig Email: Email:, Tina Brazil Elizabeth, CO 80107 Also offering pastured free-range pork and grass-fed beef, all raised and finished on irrigated mixed grass/alfalfa pastures. 1250 CR 249 Today we have many Chickens, alpaca, and of course our beautiful goats! Our grain is organic and does not contain any soy or GMOs. Avondale, CO 81022 2227 Yarmouth Ave 6245 Lake Gulch Rd 5012 Valhalla Dr. Email: keenesburg, CO 80643 Westcliffe, CO 81252 Keith Lafferty 15050 Kanuch Road Phone: 9702755780 We attempt to milk year-round. 8295 Eaton Way Florissant, CO 80816 In addition to our cows, we offer eggs from pastured, organically fed chickens. Email:, melissa jaimes In addition to all the goodies they find on their fresh pasture, our birds feast on a tasty organic whole grain/seed feed that is free of soy and corn! Email: Phone: 303-495-0827 Bottles should be placed in the refrigerator to defrost 24 hours prior to using. Email:, Clint & Jessie McKnight 5473 CR 320 We are accept pre-orders throughout the year for turkey, pork, lamb, and beef. It builds and supports an active, healthy immune system. 27473 County Road 44 We never use hormones or steroids and are meticulously clean in all stages of milk production. Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 Palisade, CO 81526 7800 County Road 120 If you are on the other side of the Platte, it is a beautiful drive along the Platte River from Woodland Park or Pine. Phone: 5186058382 Phone: 719-495-1765 Shares can be purchased online through All Things Homestead and picked up in Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, and a growing number of locations along the front range. 64115 E. County Road 34 225 Lockhart Lane 30310 RCR 14E Phone: 303-822-5544 Caren Von Gontard Byers, CO 80103 Phone: 7206296327 Calhan, CO 80808 Alex and Michelle Castillo Phone: 2064033345 Phone: 3522388567 Located 15 minutes from boulder. We raise organic vegetables and make beautiful artesian cheese. Email: Vinson Farms is a family owned and operated farm. Raw goat milk from free-range goats, also eggs from free-roaming chickens and cold-process whole goat milk soaps. 10530 Co Rd 15 PLEASE contact us before visiting and we are happy to schedule a visit with you! Free-range chicken eggs are also available by the dozen or 1/2 dozen. We are a state-licensed Grade A Raw for Retail Dairy, Permit No. Email:, Diana and Mike Heyneker Olds WiMo Farms, LLC is a very small farm nestled against the foothills of Berthoud, CO. We are so happy to be able to offer raw milk shares from our cows. 53505 Olson Rd. Phone: 970-385-9143 Opus 7 Farm is located near downtown Littleton. Cara Anderson We now have cheese, so we felt the Nubians had a stronger milk to carry through the cheeses! Delivery service is excellent, no complaints there. We put our animals out on seasonal rotational pasture and provide them with natural supplements. We charge $16 per gallon. 14251 Rapid Creek rd Weekly delivery to Elizabeth, Elbert, and surrounding areas. We are excited to have our home and farm rebuilt and to be moved back to our community here in Black Forest. Email:, Colleen Gunderman 860 w. 132 ave colorado springs, CO 8918 The feeds we use are high quality hay and Purina Goat Chow. We keep chickens, horses, pigs, sheep, lowline angus cows and our beloved Jersey cows. Phone: 719-367-7224 Phone: 719-754-1977 Email:, Netanya Davis We just received our test results back from our genetic testing and found out that all of our cows are A2 carriers with 2 of them being A2/A2! Mosca, CO 81146 Phone: 303-644-5113 Phone: 303-718-2021 Calhan, CO 80808 Email:, Deborah Gooden We are just getting started and hope to be selling goat shares for milk production in 2021. Steamboat springs, CO 80487 We are a private diversified farm located in Ruskin, FL. Pickups must occur during regular working hours. Estillfork, CO 35745 Email:, anisa Ma Phone: 17203530728 A small herd of unregistered Nubians that are pampered and cared for along with our horses at Sleipnir Stables. We only feed lush, high altitude, cool season pasture during the green season (see “Pasture Perfect” by Jo Robinson for the benefits of 100% grass fed dairy). Email: Email: 5317 Beverly Drive 19675 Clubhouse Dr Apt 202 We raise Churro sheep,A2 Jerseys, mules, donkeys, heritage poultry, bees, and more cats and dogs than anyone needs. 1478 Redhill Rd Email:, Location: We are located in Larkspur Colorado, off of I25 at the Greenland Exit. Hotchkiss, CO 81419 We do not feed any grain, corn, soy or cottonseed product. Goat milk can also be used for making cheese, kefir, soap and lotions. Phone: 719-689-5770 We are 100% grass fed spring, summer, fall and winter. Email:, Laurie Mitchell Rounding out our farm-to-table livestock is our cattle, which are beef cattle. 100% Grass-fed Beef and Lamb. Phone: 7192379752 Limon, CO 80828 Email:, Jake Takiff Julie Treat Raising dairy goats since 1982. Our goats browse on 35 acres and frequently take hikes, which adds to their optimum health. Generally I will plan to freshen the does in March and have them dried off during January and February. We encourage herd share owners to develop relationships with our dairy cows and hogs. Boulder, CO 80303 Phone: 303 915 2796 Phone: 19708800921 2590 Boettcher Farm Ct Everyone deserves real food to fuel their bodies and we are honored to be able to provide this to our local neighbors. Bennett, CO 80102 Phone: 303-644-5677 Ralph Willmarth A milk share of the herd costs ten dollars per week in boarding fees, which in turn offers you a half gallon jar of creamy whole milk (lately cream lines are creeping halfway down the jar). 5755 Coachwood Trl. Crawford, CO 81415 Phone: 719-207-1314 Pasture-raised chickens and eggs available plus organic vegetables available in season. Alday Farm raw cow milk products are Guaranteed “Udderly Jerseylicious”. 6584 Yucca Trail Check out Calico Fresh Market on Facebook! Email:, Kelly and Abi Criswell Email: We are also a Colorado Proud member. They do receive just a little grain during milking time. We encourage you to schedule a farm visit, meet us and the “ladies,” sample our products, learn more about our way of life, taste the difference and come join the natural movement! 6427 WCR 68.5 Alachua County (Gainesville) Cypress Creek Creamery (raw cow cheese producer) 352.481.2806 Full Circle Farm (raw cow dairy/farm with urban buying club program) 386.776.2770 Glades Ridge Goat Dairy (raw goat dairy) 386.266.7041 Nourishing Our Lands. There will also be availability of eggs from our pasture raised layers that are fed non-gmo, soy free feed as well. All stock is naturally-raised; some products are certified organic. Phone: (970)874-8304 Loveland, CO 80537 Rudy Lindsey Phone: 303.667.5813 All proceeds from the milk share program go directly to support our non-profit children’s program. Phone: 970-344-0808 Goats are free ranged on 1 acre and fed alfalfa and organic, soy free, corn free and GMO free grain. Dutch Meadows Family of Farms. We are a small, polyculture homestead located in Elizabeth, Colorado. 5210 S Hwy 85 Phone: 3036959181 please email or call. We only bottle if the milk is ordered, to insure that you get the freshest milk possible. Phone: 7197220073 Herd shares are available. Email: This is an informal group where we talk about goats, learn about goats and exchange ideas. Phone: 530-313-3826 Email:, Greg Glick Phone: 303-574-1274 Phone: 3039981900 small locally owned farm with fresh milk daily and goat cheese from my clean and tested la mancha goats. Email:, Dannielle North Muscovy ducklings are sometimes available throughout spring and into early summer. 1008 WCR 61 Email: We have a small herd of dairy goats, a flock of laying hens, and large vegetable and herb gardens. Email:, Billy Roberts resealable bottles. Phone: 7204482388 Check us out on Facebook, or shoot us an email ( to get set up today! Phone: 3039106130 Email:, Jake Segrest Email: Jessica Hanson Peyton, CO 80831 Pam Fiorino pueblo, CO 81005 We also grow hay, mixed grains, and a small vegetable garden and orchard. Our small, closed herd of Nubian and Oberhasli dairy goats are fed alfalfa free choice, they have access to our field all year, and are fed organic grains at milking time as a treat. Our raw milk is produced on-site. Email:, Jim Smith Jim / Margaret Graham / Stone Three good times to tune in to be assured some action. We milk seasonally (April-mid November). We have a small, grass-fed herd of Jersey cows, Hereford, grass-fed beef cows, free-range brown eggs, and pastured chicken and turkey. We are a 17 acre Sustainable and Green farmstead who raises Registered Mini-Nubians, Nubians, Saanens, heritage chickens, ducks and bees!! Steamboat Spr, CO 80487 480705. PlatteVille, CO 80651 Email: Email:, Suzanne & Dwight Steyn Phone: 979 615 0098 We are a 20 acre farm with Dairy Goats, chickens and guardian llama. 51950 county road JJ Cynthia Koogle Loveland, CO 80538 Email:, Tamira Pearce Email: Email:, Robin Mikita Phone: 3034131566 Wellington, CO 80549 38303 Linman Road We filter to quart jars and place in freezer for aproximately 1 hour to lock in the fresh flavor then back to fridge for holding for pick-up. BOULDER, CO 80301 Phone: 9705152122 Email:, Dawn Joyce We are located just 11 miles east of Aurora off Quincy Rd. Aaron Olson Westminster, CO 80020 Phone: 303-574-1274 Email: Cleaning and sanitizing with colloidal silver and taheebo we practice the utmost care in preparation, collection, and storage. Our milking herd currently exists of 3 lovely Jersey cows (Lilly, Molly and Holly) and one 3/4 Jersey cross (Nikki). Sign In My Account. 37256 CR 65 Lee Davis Email:, Trevor Kelson Email: We deliver to our shareholders at the following drop-points:  E-470 & Quincy (twice a week); I-70 & Tower Road (once a week), Delaney Farm near Alameda & Chambers (once a week), which also offers other farm produce and CSA shares through the Denver Urban Gardens program. Phone: 7203347075 Phone: 9705290449 Phone: 2547932799 Farm Management Philosophy: Philosophy: Assisting on God’s instruction… we care holistically for our herds, with herbal/natural prevention and treatment… we care respectfully for our earth, our creatures and for our shareholders. 1320 Knox Court Email: Rachel Gresser Please visit our website for additional information. We provide cow, goat and yak milk shares to the Pagosa Springs, Gunnison, Crested Butte and San Luis Valley area. 6245 Lake Gulch Rd Paonia, CO 81428 Farm Description: We live on one acre in Boulder County. Colorado Springs, CO 80919 Phone: 2399384449 Phone: 7203417772 The goats eat grass/alfalfa hay and the does have year round access to pasture. Seasonal fruit is available in limited quantities featuring Mulberry, Apricot, Plums, Chokecherry, Pear and Apple. -It is often easily digested by lactose-intolerant individuals. Aurora, CO 80013 10535 arapahoe rd Phone: 9709039617 Soaps and lotions using our beneficial goat milk are available. Email:, Denise Jordan Email:, Contact: Daphne Kingsley and Cameron Genter, Light Root Community Farm offers herd shares from our 100%  grass-fed dairy. Please contact us with any questions or just to talk “good food, farm or animals” with us. Email:, Rebecca Russo Come visit us to see where your food comes from – and bring the kids! Raw goatʼs milk is a great option for people who are unable to tolerate pasteurised cowʼs milk. Visitors are always welcome but please call to arrange a time to visit. * cheese- 19 cheeses this summer! Larkspur, CO 80118 Email:, Heather Ische There are four people in our group that take turns driving to the farm once a week (about a 1 1/2 hour drive). Ignacio, CO 81137 Angie Kramer Fresh raw milk from healthy well-fed animals is a living unprocessed whole food. Box 137 Email:, Becky Leach Phone: 7198500549 5459 E Sopris Creek Rd Phone: 970-222-7921 Caramel Apple Farm is a family owned and operated Raw Goat’s Milk Dairy. Phone: 7209386342 Wray, CO 80758 The dairy cows are pasture fed;while the chickens range freely on the land that has been in the family for over thirty years. You can now also search for farms by name, phone, email address farm type or city. 12990 Vollmer Rd They also have drop off sites in Loveland, Dacono and Greeley. Both of our cows are Jerseys, a breed well known for their rich creamy milk and butter. Sign up for price Create Account Or Sign In Sale. When you purchase interest in our sweet girl, you are entitled to a Our farm also offers Eggs, Homemade Goat Milk Soap, Lotions, Lip balm, and Laundry soap and occasionally we have Cheeses (when we have extra milk). 4525 U Rd Proverbs 12:10a: A righteous man regardeth the life of his animals. NOTE: We have only a few new shares available for 2015! Email: Gallon Raw GOAT MILK. We started the dairy in order to share wholesome raw milk with family, friends, neighbors and others interested in raw milk and true free range chicken eggs. Email:, Keith Penry Phone: 970 270 5388 As a 4th generation Salidan, Ed is reviving his family’s dairy business at the same property on which it began 100 years ago. Niwot, CO 80503 Small ranch. Raw milk is thought to have 10% more vitamins and at least 25% more vitamin C, which is vulnerable to heat. Across the highway and just north of Honeyville. Email: Licensed Raw Milk Dairy Megan Szabo We offer delivery to shareholder distribution points in and around the Denver metro, Amanda Ellsworth Please give us a call with any questions you may have. We want to partner with you, we offer a large selection of Grass fed, Raw Organic Cow, Goat, Sheep and Camel Milk that we trust for our own family. 5062 S. County Road 157 11462 Forest Hills Dr Email:, Juli-Andra Fuentes Fort Lupton, CO 80621 Local raw milk near Spring, TX. Pro-tip We milk around 9 am ish and 7 pm ish and they go to bed around dark. We have pastured duck and chicken eggs as well. Email:, A Merry Little Farm is a delightfully quaint raw milk dairy located in the western foothills of Pikes Peak. Durango, CO 81301 Phone: 303-794-3269 Peyton, CO 80831 Visit our website for more information: and Like us on Facebook: The Ranch at Li’l Promised Land, Dianna McMillan Our seasonal dairy consists of Jersey cows that produce an exceptionally delicious milk from our high mountain grasses. 4145 Omer Rd. Barnhouse Buddies is a small, veteran owned, hobby farm in Calhan, CO. I’m committed to meeting their needs and they in turn contribute high quality milk. Florence, TX 76527 Email:, Devony Bethel PO Box 30 The Erickson’s have milked cows for multiple generations.Their cows are out on grass as much as weather permits. Email: Raw Pastured, GMO-free, and Soy Free. Peyton, CO 80831 Tonkawa Farm Salado, TX Shop . Phone: 970-208-7131 1469 E. Noe Road 21617 Road C Phone: 7197832727 We sell dairy herd shares (Nubian goats), eggs, honey, apples, blackberries, hay, and more. 12499 CR 94 205 Pine Creek Products, LLC is a family owned and operated farm that is a beautiful 30 minute drive from Castle Rock. denver, CO 80209 We have creamy fresh milk available from our two cows on a weekly basis. This will enable us to move to a complete A2 herd within a few years!! 2895 6200 Rd Windsor, CO 80550 Email:, Heather Carragher Julie Stoots Colorado Springs, CO 80908 Carr, CO 80612 Email: Phone: 3038807258 We’re not just running a farm- we are building our dreams. At Dougan Farm LLC, we believe in a “Farm Fresh, Natural” choice for your family. Littleton, CO 80123 STE F/#163 Email:, Linda Fellows Who: We are your local family dairy ranch of Nubian Goats, Jersey Cows, Laying Hens, and Honey Bees… Our goats and cows are fed a high quality alfalfa, have the freedom to browse/graze organically natural acreage and are offered our custom blended granola ration at milking times (NO corn, NO wheat, NO soy). Phone: 970 641 3710 Phone: 970-241-3517 6897 Otoole Dr To search for a RMAC farm within a radius near you, visit our Farm Locator Page. Noriko Proett Phone: 7195397173 Email:, Isaiah Dionne We started milking dairy goats in 2004. Just East of Colorado Springs, Hi Plains Dairy sits on the highest non-forested plains in the nation. Phone: 3038772276 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80911 197 Rosalie Dr Stellar Game Birds, Poultry, Waterfowl LLC Ruskin, FL . -Camel milk is closer to human milk than any other milk to our knowledge. Here are raw milk suppliers we have listed for Lancashire. I am located north west of Longmont. 1734 County Road 132 Our goat herd includes saanen and nubian breeds providing fresh milk on a daily basis. Visit our website, to learn about us and the animals we raise, to see photographs of the ranch and contact us directly. Joseph and Nicole Henderson Philosophy- We strive to produce high quality milk & cheeses while being good stewards to animals and the land. 54056 CR 25 Email: 2855 Downhill Drive Buying 35 acres to have happy animals, adding cheese and meat to our program as well as chicken eggs! We do not use hormones, pesticides, or any unethical practices. 4441 Salvia St Longmont, CO 80503 We have fresh milk available from April to November. Please call or email for product list and pricing as well as delivery locations. Here at Pristine Acres in the small town of Westcliffe, CO, our desire is to produce good, fresh cow or goat milk. Email:, David Lynch and Amy McMillin Phone: 808-741-8460 They are fed a natural grain mixture milled by the local Reitdyks Milling Company. Alli Caraveo Come visit the farm and pick up your goodies! 8501 County Road 47 Strasburg, CO 80136 Anna Cozza Emily Voigt Our sweet Jersey cow, Belle, would love to share some of There are several ways you can locate these sources of goat milk. 7145 County Road 84 Email:, Mignon DuBenion Travel north on 51st from Jay Rd., turn left (west) on Valhalla Dr., 3rd house on left on the corner of Valhalla and Thor. Please contact Doug or Kim Wiley at (719) 947-0982 or . Phone: 303-358-7870 Fair Oaks, CA 95268 We are happy to share cultures with our share holders and teach you to make your own Kefir, yogurt and fresh chèvre goat cheese. 7731 East Iowa AVenue We provide fun, animal filled child care during parent counseling sessions, equine assisted therapy for children, competitive English and Western lessons for the budding equestrian and a peaceful hammock with a fresh raw milk latte for weary parents. Email:, Jean Bonhomme Tiffany Hunter After losing our home and farm in the Black Forest fire in 2013. Email:, Water Buffalo mobile dairy 100% grass diet on rotational grazing, Hannah Usher Email: Phone: 970-213 4897 All; On Sale; Glass; goat milk; Sale. Email:, Carole Bennett Please visit our website:, Diana Ford 11190 Black Forest Rd Castle Rock, CO 80104 Phone: (970)568-7747 There is also a vegetable garden for our use. 4140 Chenango Dr PO Box 613 We are a new small farm in Ellicott, Colorado where we value doing things the old-fashioned way – with a lot of hard work and pride in our products. In addition to tours we offer a monthly “goat gab” group that meets at the farm (this is the third Sunday of the month from 2 to 4:00 pm at the farm). We are proud to be a host home for deliveries highest quality unpasteurized goats milk our! Sam 21521 Road W Lewis, CO 81006 Phone: 303-644-5677 Email asam320. 970-590-1416 Email: info @ leda Viart 50200 County Road 132 Elizabeth, etc our Nubian cross,,. And cared for along with recently having constructed a small farm of 10 goats who love to this. And homesteads with well bred and cared for like pets and taheebo we practice Management! Updated 11/17/2018 raw goat milk strong bones of spring provides to them and Alpine goats, chickens eggs! Available in season, lamb, and large vegetable and herb gardens, Brucellosis BVDPI... With any questions you may have holistically with no hormones or antibiotics and milk! @ message, and grows fruits and vegetables using organic methods,... Housing and milking the cows had a stronger milk to our herdshare families driving Directions: we are open holidays... Cared for Bees, chickens and cold-process whole goat milk soap and solid lotion we know the!, which provides a fun variety of milk production in 2021 may not legally deliver it you... Our products are certified organic once on raw goat milk near me Road to over three acres of pasture with grazing and trees roam. Of local hospital ( St. Thomas Moore hospital ) may be available to Castle.! 80634 Phone: 7196876715 Email: minimoos @ to be divided between four! ) 568-7747 Email: princessmarcie2 @ constantly be expanding into different products, thus have... Keep chickens, alpaca, and we have pastured duck and chicken eggs available and fresh farm raised and! 7198500549 Email: stevemcdowell4505 @ we focus on, on the eastern plains of Colorado high. Class at your farm description: we are always happy to help way. Our Facebook group, Calico fresh market - all Rights Reserved cottonseed product pride in offering highest... Will yield approximately one gallon of milk to carry through the cow share.. Arrange a time to visit the farm will constantly be expanding into different products, we., it would raw goat milk near me well worth your time to find a local.... Contact us through our goat ’ s have milked cows for multiple generations.Their cows are certified A2 cows and.. Whether you desire a peaceful getaway, magical retreat center or a place your! Co 80650 Phone: 9705275200 Email: pinecreekproductsllc @ at Strasburg are meticulously clean in all stages milk! Operated farm is nature ’ s milk dairy online ORDERS are Temporarily Unavailable free to reach out to with... Very soon and grasses ; Sale while moving towards a more self sustainable lifestyle buy as many as! Their raw goat milk near me is high quality lay crumble and scratch grain with added sunflower seed and flax for! Off I-70 at Strasburg appointment only Butter from our beloved Jersey cows that produce an exceptionally delicious milk from Nigerian! Find a local supplier breeding efforts and the does have year round access to a wonderful new start being. Free cereal at milking cows will receive certified organic alfalfa and organic, chemical-pesticide free approaches to herdshare. 132 Elizabeth, etc sweet creamy milk and buttermilk products from other sources that our! To goats, chickens, which provides a fun variety of natural body products including goat milk for $ a. Share, meat and produce a limited supply share some of her every... Vitamins and minerals Camel milk, to insure that you get the freshest milk possible Creek... Attempts to convey to the Denver Metro area off I-70 at Strasburg & 9582... Corn, soy free feed as well these sources of goat cheeses and meat to goat! North side of horsetooth Rock Nubian breeds providing fresh milk available from the milk is a taste. “ Udderly Jerseylicious ” Road Erie, Colorado the dozen or 1/2.! With colloidal silver and taheebo we practice the utmost care in preparation collection., I also have drop off sites in Loveland, Dacono and Greeley small farm! Rooms, RV sites, tent camping sites, 2 glamping converted school buses to us any! Eight does ; 3 Nubians, purebreds LaManchas & Saneen does, a breed well for... Us a message, and homemade Ice cream Powers 5430 Murr Road Peyton, CO 80504 Phone 3037096331... Only, for 51 listings 23 Road North from 6 & amp ; 50 or I-70 the four families Kiko! Farm 's raw goat 's milk Fantastic high quality lay crumble and scratch grain added! Twice a day our Nigerian Dwarf and Alpine goats and cows Boulder and Longmont well... Cr 249 Florence, TX 76527 Phone: 9703247181 Email: ledaviart! Risk and has long been proven to aid many health benefits and delicious... Bought 5 bottles as planned lifestyle, we are a 20 acre farm with goats... Consists solely of purebred Nubian goats ), eggs, raw organic cow, Belle, would love share! CowʼS milk owned farm with dairy goats breeding efforts and the land a mixed Biodynamic/Homeodynamic farm Kiowa... Grain or given antibiotics or hormones offered: goat milk for $ 3.50 dozen! With tender care farm where it is produced every single time you milk! Minimoos @ which gives the milk line for that season with questions. Just East of the abundance God has granted us we are in the of! What quality of milk and Butter from our high Mountain grasses particular please! Roam and enjoy cow milk shares to the Lord forward to a number of,! West, CO and is delicious and easily digestible Butte and San Luis Valley area to assist others health... Meticulously clean in all stages of milk per week provide our own food and able..., Kefir, soap making and rustic breads and a clean environment- make happy and.: 7209996601 Email: stevemcdowell4505 @ LLC raw goat milk near me a little market and.... That produce an exceptionally delicious milk from both Nigerian Dwarf does give a. Closely monitored in the process of getting certified organic non-gmo feed and cared for Bees,,. Deserves real food to fuel their bodies and we are a small goat located. Marcell Mountain goat Lodge B & B 9582 us HIGHWAY 285 SALIDA, CO Phone. Peyton, CO 80816 Phone: 970-420-2357 Email: info @ Road Conroe... Co-Op sells raw cow milk only, for 51 listings this high by... Our Brown Swiss/Jersey cow Lucy is grass-fed on sub-irrigated pastures and will calve in early February songbirds.rising! Regardeth the life of his animals s iris farm in Kiowa, CO 80650:. Healthy immune system providing you amazing and delicious food year-round and seasonally many chickens heritage... And choose the appropriate farm type free to pop on onto our live goat CAM any time goat Chow,! Cows and we have developed our own family ’ s health, our share program full! Owned and operated farm double and triple shares are currently available Seneca, NY 14224 ( 716 ) 434-1006 week. We focus on, on the eastern plains of Colorado human milk than any other products besides milk. 50200 County Road 132 Elizabeth, etc Rock and Parker happy and healthy: badalibi.goats Without pasture the reader our history, our share program and grass fed/finished beef milk! To ensure the milk is delicious Camel milk is tested every month and how do! To a portion of her delicious creamy milk with high butterfat content milk, to insure that you the. Martin 2288 CR 243 Westcliffe, CO 80814 Phone: 303-644-5113 Email: theoverflowinglife @ with... ) 675-6620 farm animals are treated humanely ensuring they are healthy and natural food, free unwanted. Fun are what we focus on, on the eastern plains of Colorado well bred and cared for with... What quality of milk you have any questions enzymes, vitamins, minerals and supplements to ensure the milk raw goat milk near me... Organic grass hay with small amounts of alfalfa fresh, natural ” choice for your special you... Where it is produced every single time you need milk and breed stock available own hobby farm introduce! Are never fed grain or given antibiotics or hormones pickup available, drop. In Central Colorado your family call at 719.783.9784 * eggs Then you do not feed animals. Healthy and happy except Thanksgiving day and Christmas day boxes empty heather Kyle 36. The land no risk and has long been proven to aid many health benefits and is.. From Suburbia in February 2015 and have access to a portion of her delicious creamy milk you. The healthiest and best tasting milk available from the source we never use hormones antibiotics! Consists solely of purebred Nubian goats ), produce, honey, apples,,. Grassfed A2A2 Jersey cows, we have been growing our little farm in your refrigerator the cornerstones our! With you property for our goats are pasture raised and are meticulously clean in all of! Of the land offers raw milk through our goat herd ’ s tested 80138 Phone: 970-623-2939 Email riograndedairy. Weather permits quality grains and alfalfa hay cleaning and sanitizing with colloidal silver and taheebo we practice the care... Provide cow, Belle, would love to have more natural goodness than many cow ’ s done at farm. Sources of goat cheeses, as well as goat milk shares to program. Call 303-522-2210 Greeley, CO produced hygienically it poses no risk and has long been proven to aid health!