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Hovercraft Ripoff Report

Complaint against F1 Hoverpod Racing

Hov Pod Hovercraft of Southampton, England reports the theft of their hovercraft design and a fraudulent investment scheme perpetrated by www.F1Hoverpodracing.com/. The hovercraft and franchises/partnerships/clubs marketed by F1 Hoverpod Racing do not, in fact, exist. The perpetrator has used the Hov Pod name and plagiarized images from the Hov Pod's web site, www.hovpod.com. F1 Hoverpod Racing has also, without success, attempted to engage a British University to reverse engineer (copy) Hov Pod's hovercraft design in order to persuade investors to purchase exclusive rights to sell, race and televise the “F1 Hoverpod”. In the absence of support from Hov Pod the perpetrator has made false allegations allegedly from Hov Pod customers that, in fact, are not from Hov Pod customers.

The F1 Hoverpod Racing web site states that it is governed by and registered with the World Hoverpod Federation, Geneva, Switzerland — but no evidence can be found that such an organization exists.

For further detail, please contact Hov Pod via www.hovpod.com.

~ Hov Pod Hovercraft
Southampton, England
11 September 2008

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