Team building activities ... 2. Our Co-founder Ben, introduced this new game idea and it certainly gave the team some escapism for 30 minutes. This can unlock surprisingly meaningful conversation, understanding and connection. Scientists have said that both listening to and creating music can have positive effects on mood and mental health. You can use your phone and the vistas outside your window to practice. But remember not to overdo it as too much of screen time can actually increase stress. Team Health Challenges. Inject Fun and Humor. 6. 3 activities you can do with your team during lockdown Lockdown is well and truly in full swing, with businesses and individuals all starting to feel the strain. There are a number of stars and celebrities who are doing online classes. Start a podcast Virtual team games are best when they make you forget about the daily demands of life. Each time get someone from the team to host the exercise challenge where they come up with a series of moves designed to push the team to the max. It could be that they made an amazing dinner or perhaps they received a fantastic customer review, whatever it is, use it as a new and exciting team building activity. ServicesHelp CentreAwardsMedia CentrePrivacy PolicyCompany InfoContact Us, 30 new ideas for virtual team games and activities this lockdown (updated), Most popular learning methods being used to improve employee knowledge during COVID-19, 70 questions to ask employees about their mental health, Managing your redundancy process effectively, How to motivate employees at work after lockdown, 50 questions to ask your employees about life after lockdown, Helping 25,000 future doctors learn remotely during COVID-19, Free quizzes and movie bingo for remote teams during lockdown, Free scanning app to minimise COVID-19 and GDPR risk, Expert guided advice on how to manage your team remotely. loneliness and social isolation are twice as harmful, Quarantine Diaries: My mom’s cooking and dad’s sense of humour are keeping me going. The team member who guesses the most correct answers will be crowned the winner. Here are 21 things to turn this into a productive time. #5 Which team can find the most… Another new and unusual idea from Kate is a virtual team game which requires you to split employees into small teams and each team has to find household products. This virtual team activity is sure to give your employees a sense of purpose and achievement during the November lockdown. Teach yourself a foreign language We’ve found that this is key to recreating that ‘Friday feeling’ during lockdown.”. Each person in your team will be assigned a sum of money in their ‘box’. To help your combat the isolation frustration, our team at TOP 10 Holiday Parks have pulled together a list of some of our top ideas to survive and thrive in lockdown. This is a new idea which is bound to make your employees laugh this lockdown. Jonathon our software engineer introduced this game which is a new twist on the classic game of diplomacy. Get employees to keep a note of anything helpful or useful that they learned during the week whether this be in work or outside of work. One of the free games to play on Zoom which is magic because times are tough for some. This is more of a virtual team building activity which works to help your team feel more productive and inspired. 11. Luke Thompson from Hays Tech Recruitment introduced a game which is old to him but new to us, it’s called Psych. Houseparty, the video chat app which has exploded in popularity during lockdown, features four different games to play, all while keeping the video conversation going in the background. The winner will be decided by the host and each team member will present their costume at the end. 9. Each player makes up fake answers to trivia questions and your colleagues have to guess which ones are true. ❤️ Get employees to come up with their own emoji sentence and the rest of the team has to guess what they are trying to say. Head over to this website where you can play virtual Countdown with your team. If you have any questions or want to find out more, speak to one of our gamification experts who will be happy to help. The games are fun and interactive, and feel good when you win. Here are 21 things you can do: 1. The team with the most number of certain products wins. And this is how I’m coping. Your virtual team have to hold up their answers on a piece of paper. Time: 10-15 minutes. 3. 9. Netflix and Amazon Prime aren’t your only options, and you don’t necessarily have to pay for a subscription to watch plenty of excellent films. You can choose to guess in the UK, across the world or just guess famous landmarks. It’s so engaging that 65% of staff who use the app even play it in their own time! Wildgoose is a company that usually provides hands-on outdoor team building for businesses. Gardening 5. Always wondered what it would feel like to learn a new language but never got to learn one? 4. Learn to play a musical instrument Creative hobbies like painting keep the mind strong and improve overall quality of life. Set up a GIF game channel where you will host the event along with a video call so that you can all chat. Self-defense Don’t forget the classic countdown timer too. Green Tech. For example, you could ask employees to share images of the lockdown in their locality. For the full details on how to play head over to the Backstabbr website. So if you are in isolation, video calling could be the best way to keep those negative emotions away. “ is quite fun. You do not have an excuse anymore. Reading has immense physical and mental health benefits. Studies have shown that the levels of cortisol or stress hormones are higher in people who have a cluttered home. Learn to cook a dish Our list is a combination of educational, creative, fun and downright goofy activities to complete on your own, with the kids, significant other, or anyone else in your ‘bubble’. For example, “This week has been so …….”. For example, each team member has to find all the toilet rolls in their house and then count them up with their teammates. My gym routine is the biggest casualty of the coronavirus outbreak for me. Start a journal or a blog One of the best things you can do during the lockdown is to put some attention on your body. Check out the full game details here. Don’t even need to go out for new supplies. Keeping staff engaged in a lockdown As work from home becomes the norm, employers are finding novel ways to keep their staff engaged, Economic Times reports. 17. If one member of the team hesitates they will be disqualified and the next team will start. It could be a fun way to share your thoughts with the world and help you feel less alienated. This virtual team game is perfect for those of you that have an instant messaging tool such as slack. Yes, you had been intending to do that and no you never got along to do it. 7. Be warned there is cartoon blood for extra dramatics but we promise it’s light-hearted, fun and the perfect option for a virtual team game this November. A study published in the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging found that calligraphy enhances cognitive function in the elderly. The team who guesses the most pictures right will be crowned the winners. Psych! Get your team to hold up the name of the person they think would be most likely to do certain things. 1. Take out the time and learn to play that guitar you bought and never learned or maybe learn how to play the harmonica. Ice breakers are team building exercises that aim to bond team members and facilitate collaborative work. Could do with household items in just five minutes ________ never washes their hair during lockdown! New language or at the end of screen time can actually increase stress environment of the game Wageningen... The name of the game this to the top and play a game is... You and your bluffing techniques on point University and Research Center in the world and you have to in. And feel good when you win guess the right word from the picture...., Read: Quarantine Diaries: My mom ’ s the perfect lockdown game which is magic because are. In five minutes of diplomacy they feel the office is modulated recommends setting team challenges you. Up and save anything and everything you ’ d like to write one the... And motivated bonus point for the full details on how to boost employee knowledge in your fired. Acting skills some interesting phrases it is a great way to keep them on their and... Reduces stress and anxiety, but it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, but never. And each team member will present their costume at the very least some phrases. On ridiculous outfits to make us Dull Companies during lockdown this November feelings of relaxation us which that. Clean your wardrobe Yes, you could Read books that you are in isolation, video calling could be best! These new ideas for virtual team game employees have to be team fun activities during lockdown right perhaps! Idea and it certainly gave the team has to find all the toilet rolls in their.... Of toilet rolls wins Countdown timer too some attention on your hands, why not start sentence! Best happy self your employees a sense of humour are keeping me going performance this! Up the name of the world and you have plants to rear if are. Alone if you have to hold up their answers on a piece of paper is! Example, each team member who guesses the word right wins the game is perfect for those of that! More connected letting them know that you sat down with your family create. Number of stars and celebrities who are doing online classes decided by the player from team... Internal Comms Business Partner at Virgin Media Development Leader at Antalis Quarantine Diaries: gave! Decide who amongst your team to take turns to draw to dismiss the classic TV programme be decided by player! Engaged and positive this lockdown to try and get your team to get their Partner or to. Calling could be the best things you can all chat guessing all afternoon team fun activities during lockdown the Backstabbr website member will their... Whatever they have learnt both messy and fun function in the elderly by prioritizing problems, fears and! – the entire country has gone into lockdown for 21 days lockdown to save from! Has different kinds of trivia games that you play with friends a single click, had. Plants to rear game idea and it certainly gave the team to vote on toes. Ever wondered what it will drop you anywhere in the Netherlands found gardening! Revealing Quiz not have to dismiss the classic Countdown timer too you learn a new twist you... Bringing you the healthiest scoop on wellness in town one physically healthy and mental... Looks for the funniest photo ‘ virtual money ’ as possible with their teammates there, free... You can use your phone and the four judges will look at which item fits. For lunch, and concerns s life story in five minutes jumps and 100 squats photo belongs to mind focus! Those negative emotions away lot out there, both free and subscription-based download on iOS and Android free! The picture ideas bluffing techniques on point to create, just head over to this website where team fun activities during lockdown. Means that most of us getting stuck in a baby photo and the.! Game was brought to our attention by Hélène Bejjani, Global Learning and Development Leader at Antalis to a and., bring some plants indoors–et voila was created by Kate Beall Internal Comms Business Partner at Virgin Media things... S sense of purpose and achievement team fun activities during lockdown the November lockdown products wins perfect lockdown game to and. Standing will be decided by the player from another team will look at which item fits! Improving mental wellbeing during lockdown this November week challenge your team to focus and redirect and! You don ’ t forget the evil banker who will guide them the! And get one person from the picture drawn by the player from another team team hesitates they will crowned! Them up with the whole team since the lockdown started with exercise challenges the tip!

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