In terms of sound customization, it’s not as versatile as the Scarlett 2i2, but it’s generally compatible with all modern recording software and offers excellent performance for the buck. However it still comes with some pretty nifty bits and bobs – and if you’re looking for a way to expand your pre-existing channels via optical or S/PDIF then the chances of you being interested in a lite version of Ableton Live or a demo copy of ProTools are probably pretty slim. The Scarlett range has been broken down into these categories to give users a wide variety of options to suit their needs. The 8PRE on the other hand is a great option for professional recording. Even in the most extreme circumstances, it’s important to remember that gain staging can go a long way when trying to get more headroom on a track. The 18i20 is a rack-mountable interface suited to more high-end applications. Can you hear a difference between a $200 Scarlett 2i2 interface and a $1200 Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface in a blind comparison?? Boasting a hefty dynamic range of 110dB, the Scarlett preamps are still very impressive and professional. Ins Auge gefallen sind mir dabei der Focusrite Clarett Octopre und der Audient ASP800 (zirka gleiche Preislage). For those recording at home working with synths, drum machines, vocals and guitars, you will most likely not have any issues with the lower dynamic range of the Scarlett interfaces. The Scarlett range makes very good use of Focusrite’s 3rd generation of Scarlett preamps, which are the result of over 30 years of research and design. All Focusrite 1/4 inch jack inputs and outputs are mono balanced. Following the release of the 3rd Generation, both Clarett and Scarlett series interfaces feature ultra-low latency USB Type-C connectivity, Air-Mode is enabled for improved acoustic instrument and vocal recordings. Either way you're onto a winner but as with everything, you want to make sure that your money is going on the right bit of kit. The Clarett range comes with a ‘smaller’ bundle than the Scarletts but they do include the brainworx_bx console plugin, which costs $349 on its own. So, you've got your heart set on one of Focusrite's awesome audio interfaces. Meaning if you were to go down the avenue of using a device from the top end of the Scarlett range and you chose to combine it with the Clarett Octopre extension, then you would have two different sets of really beautiful sounding preamps. Die populären USB-Audio-Interfaces gibt es in sechs unterschiedlichen Varianten, die sich hauptsächlich in der Art und Anzahl der Ein- und Ausgänge unterscheiden. Or if you know you’re only going to be focusing on your own projects and recordings, then a Scarlett 2i2 or Scarlett 4i4 might just be perfect for you. Last update on 2021-01-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, audio interfacesfocusriteinterfacespreampssoundcards. Do I think the addition of the compressor in the Dynamic is worth the additional £200? Clarett USB Scarlett IOS Interfaces Octopre Software Focusrite Pro Interface-finder Support Erste Schritte ... Aufbauend auf den Features des Scarlett OctoPre bringt dir Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic die ultimative Scarlett-Erweiterung mit acht Scarlett-Mikrofon-Vorverstärkern und Analogkompression für jeden Eingangskanal. Keywords. ‘Anti-thump’ circuitry helps to protect your studio monitors and headphones from loud pops and spikes when booting up or shutting down your recording device. This gives you a super easy and streamlined setup to use for simple sampling, streaming or podcasting. The 18i8 is a notable studio workhorse and with a huge amount of inputs. By utilizing S/PDIF connectivity, it provides 10 line outputs and gives 8 extra channels of ADAT output for use with the Clarett Octopre or any other device with an optical connector, which allows you to expand to a total of 16 Clarett mic preamps. Explore Interface finder Who we are News and Events Sign up for Focusrite emails Plug-in Collective You are not logged in. Focusrite Clarett vs Scarlett: The Lowdown, 7 Best Humbucker Pickups (Perfect For Jazz & Blues), 7 Best 2×12 Guitar Cabinets (Rock, Metal & High Gain), Melodic Minor Scale (Contexts, Applications & Examples), Vocal Compression Cheat Sheet (& All The Settings), Types Of Delays In Audio (And Their Applications), How To Clean Your Microphone (Simple 5-Step Guide), Fusing Sound Design & Architectural Principles (Interview With Ténèbre), Empowering Communities Through Knowledge Sharing (Interview With Stranjah), It’s All In The Details (An Interview With Objectiv), Gender Inequality In The Music Industry (Breaking It Down), The Forbidden Riff: Why Stairway To Heaven Is Banned In Guitar Stores, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen) USB Audio Interface with Pro Tools | First, 10 Best Bass Preamp Pedals For Grit & Tone, Audio Interface Vs Mixer (Differences & Which Do You Need? Focusrite's Clarett interfaces followed the Scarlett range and boast very impressive appointments in their own right. A completely different mic preamp with its own unique sonic quality, A wider feature set in terms of inputs and outputs that includes ADAT and MIDI with increased connectivity to additional outboard and MIDI instruments, Increased dynamic range across all analogue inputs/outputs. The 18i20 also has built-in talkback functionality, allowing the user to communicate with artists in the booth or on the other side of the glass. ), ASIO4All Mac Equivalent (A Complete Beginners Guide), 06/02/2007 (Publication Date) - ABC Music Oz (Publisher). Clarett USB Scarlett IOS Interfaces Octopre Software Focusrite Pro Interface-finder Support ... Clarett Mikrofonvorverstärker, der speziell für diesen Bereich entwickelt wurde, nur sehr geringes Rauschen aufweist: beeindruckende –128 dB EIN. Producer, Audio Engineer & Live Sound Specialist. The other interfaces in this list (Scarlett 8i6 and above, plus all Clarett interfaces) will require power supplies, and as such cannot be considered as portable. This is extremely handy when recording on your own, and saves you from running between the live room and the control room to tweak your drum levels. The 8PRE however, takes things up a notch. Focusrite's Scarlett interfaces are the bestselling USB audio interfaces in the world, and with good reason. A lot of people wonder: what’s the actual difference between the Clarett and Scarlett? Focusrite Clarett Vs Scarlett Features Face to Face. Our in-store specialists will guide you through the wonderful world of guitar effects, just pop into your nearest Dawsons store. Copyright © 2018-2020. It’s great as a permanent installation in any professional or home studio, with its size and weight also making it appropriately portable. Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Vs Apogee Duet; Audio Interface. In Verbindung . 105.0 dB: Ad. Overall, the Clarett range is a little more pricey and has fewer ‘bells and whistles’ but delivers a huge level of quality at a really affordable price. However, the Scarlett comes at a much cheaper price point. Although this is not necessarily a make or break factor, those people out there really wanting to smash the bejeezus out of their drums might appreciate a little extra headroom where it matters. Both include a series of audio interfaces for various studio setups. The ultra-low latency will allow you to work with utter precision. Applies To: Clarett USB, Scarlett 3rd Generation. If we compare the performance of Focusrite Clarett 8pre vs Scarlett 18i20, latency indeed becomes a notable difference. Like all of the current Focusrite product line, the Scarlett Octo Pre and OctoPre Dynamic are built very well, and when you consider the price (£400 street price for the Octo and £600 for the Dynamic) they really should be on your list to check out if you need to up your microphone preamp count. This is an absolute secret weapon of a plugin and as far as freebies go, this one’s a real gem. When comparing Focusrite Clarett Vs. Scarlett, you will find that similarities make it hard to choose between the two. Includes Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, Ableton Live Lite, Softube Time and Tone Bundle, Focusrite’s Red... LIMITED TIME OFFER: FREE D16 Devastator 2 upon registration and download. We are going to compare the Focusrite vs Presonus interfaces. The Clarett preamps have a higher dynamic range than the ones in the Scarlett range. However, the Scarlett comes at a much cheaper price point. Generation, Scarlett-Reihe 3. Lieber 1-2 "gute" Kanäle via externen PreAmps in die LineIn des Liquid 56? One of the other great ‘quality of life’ improvements in this generation of interfaces is Focusrite’s use of their own ‘Anti-thump’ technology. For example, the Clarett has expandable ADAT ports via S/PDIF, which is often needed in large studios but rarely in home recording situations. Focusrite Clarett 4Pre. Search. The Scarlett interfaces come with a more creative-based selection of plugins and have the widest selection of goodies out of the three. The Scarlett Solo and Scarlett 2i2 models are also available in bundles for beginner recording artists, offering sweet little bundles that include everything you need to get started. The sound of ‘Air’ is based on Focusrite’s original ‘ISA’ preamp, one of their first and most famous preamps. Power Supply; Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Focusrite Scarlett 18i8; Power source: Powerline: Powerline: Often compared with Focusrite Clarett 4Pre. Both of these strong competitor brands are well-known in the audio hardware industry. They both create a range of intermediate and high-quality sound recording interfaces. From the diminuitive Scarlett Solo to the studio-ready Scarlett 18i20, and not forgetting further expansion coming in the form of the OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic, there is a Scarlett interface to meet any and every recording need you might have. But with 10 less outputs than its bigger brother, it’s better for smaller studios or as a separate interface in a live room or booth. Scarlett 2i2 vs Clarett 2pre. This includes headphones, a very nice collection of premium plugins, plus a condenser microphone with all the necessary cables and leads. Even the larger, more expensive models are easy enough to carry around. Clarett interfaces offer more inputs and outputs and stronger recording capabilities. Copyright © 2020 Dawsons Music & Sound Ltd. All rights reserved. Was denkt ihr ist die bessere Wahl? The ISA One is built on the topology of the original ISA 110, including the Lundahl L1538 transformer and Zobel network. If you have ever had your speakers turned on when you’re powering up your interface, you will most likely have experienced the spine shuddering explosive pop of your monitors waking up or going to sleep, so this feature is a must for protecting your monitors and headphones. Gibts bessere Alternativen? While the smaller devices in the Scarlett range are hugely capable and compatible – for someone that needs 18 inputs and / or 20 outputs for much larger group recording sessions, the 18i20 has you covered. As computer connections change, so must the connections on our interfaces. However, that doesn't mean to say that the Scarletts are old hat, they are the bestselling USB interfaces in the world for very good reason. From the 8i6’s loopback feature, to the 18i20’s built-in talkback channel, to the Solo’s simplicity and ease of use, there’s a lot to choose from. Actually, the latency of Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is also very low, but once you get the taste of Focusrite Clarett 8pre, you probably won’t come back. Boasting exceptional specs and superb build quality, they adhere to three core tenets; the Scarlett design focuses on achieving the best sound at the fastest speed with the greatest of ease. 7 Best External Mics For iPhones & iOS (That Don’t Suck). However nothing beats the Scarlett 2i2 for portability, it fits comfortably in any laptop bag. However, the recently released Scarlett 3rd Generation of interfaces go some way toward bridging the divide between the ranges in terms of performance. Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Generation: Their Best Yet, Home Recording: Set Yourself Up for Success. Inputs for microphone-, line-, and instrument-level sources cover all of the bases. The Octopre bundle has less stuff than the other ones, but considering the Octopre is sold as an add-on or extension module anyway, Focusrite are probably assuming you’ve already got most of their standard freebies as it is. These interfaces have what I would call extreme portability considering the amount of features. The PreSonus Audiobox is a bus-powered audio interface with two combo inputs, zero-latency monitoring, and several virtual DAW software rigs. In this article, I’ll be comparing the Presonus AudioBox and the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. Steinberg UR44. Despite having a slightly lower dynamic range, they still have a low noise floor, meaning you can easily get the most out of your recordings in a wide variety of environments with minimum fuss. With only three units to choose from in the Clarett range, the selection is half that of the Scarlett, however the Clarett range has more options for further modular expandability than the Scarlett range, plus the Clarett interfaces come with some pretty significant software from Brainworx and others at no extra cost, so that’s the trade-off. Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Focusrite Scarlett 18i8; D/A audio: 24 bit / 192 kHz: 24 bit / 96 kHz: Noise level (SNR) N/A. Basket; Account; Search; Main Menu Close; What are you looking for? The ‘Air’ function is an analog effect applied to the circuitry of the preamps which instantly brightens, adds detail, and preserves the subtle nuances of your recordings. This plugin from Brainworx is designed in conjunction with Focusrite to digitally emulate the sound of the celebrated Focusrite ISA 110 mic pre / equalizer and the original Focusrite ISA 130 dynamics modules. Focusrites Scarlett-Familie geht in die dritte Runde! This expandability is offered on all Clarett interfaces, but only the 18i8 and 18i20 models from the Scarlett range have this expandable feature. He has produced radio content for national Australian radio stations and assisted in several advertising media campaigns for significant multi-national companies. Since there are 6 different Scarlett models and only 3 Claretts; the Scarlett range technically offers more to the user in terms of creative functionality. Generation) oder die Standalone-Treiberinstallation (Scarlett Solo 1./2. Boasting exceptional specs and superb build quality, they adhere to three core tenets; the Scarlett design focuses on achieving the best sound at the fastest speed with the greatest of ease.From the diminuitive Scarlett Solo to the studio-ready Scarlett 18i20, and not forgetting further expansion coming in the form of the OctoPre a… Clarett's magic starts as soon as you plug your microphones in — the preamps feature Focusrite's switchable Air Effect, which enhances your mic signals with the air and clarity of Focusrite's renowned ISA transformer-based mic preamp. Focusrite Audio Engineering; Tutorials; Audio Technology ; USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 20 September 2018 09:08; Updated; Applies to: Scarlett Range, Clarett USB Range. The Scarlett range from Focusrite comprises 6 different units: the Solo, the 2i2, the 4i4, the 8i6, the 18i8, and the 18i20. The Scarlett 8i6 hosts a special ‘loopback’ feature; allowing you to select a stereo feed or a combination of hardware inputs and software outputs with no extra cables needed. Mr. Bongo Registrierter Benutzer. If it allows, then a Clarett edges things over the Scarlett. If you’re okay with 2 or 4 channels for now, but might want to add 8 more later, then go for the Clarett 2PRE or the Clarett 4PRE and purchase a Focusrite Octopre extension down the road. It’s important to note that Focusrite’s Scarlett series USB audio interfaces are older than models from the Clarett series. Whatever you personally decide is best between the Focusrite Clarett vs Scarlett ranges, there’s a Focusrite audio interface that’s right for you. Combining two mic/line/instrument combi inputs with ADAT expandability and four line outputs, Clarett 2Pre gives you everything you need to travel light and adapt your setup to any space. Unser Testmodell, das Scarlett 4i4, ist mit vier analogen I/Os ausgestattet, womit es quasi der erweiterte Nachfolger des Scarlett 2i4 (2nd Gen) ist, das lediglich zwei Eingänge besitzt. Balanced cables have two rings on the end of the connector and are often referred to as TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) cables. The Scarlett and Clarett ranges and the Octopre all come with their own respective plugins, suites and freebies. Due to the stylish nature of Focusrite’s designs they fit into every studio environment in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The Scarlett 8i6 also notably has two front-facing independent headphone sends, which are extremely helpful when recording a stream or podcast where multiple sources need to be monitored, or when recording live. Du kannst den neuesten Treiber installieren, indem du dein Produkt im Downloads-Bereich unserer Website auswählst und dann entweder Focusrite Control (Scarlett 6i6, 18i8 und 18i20 2. Let Dawsons help you out. This interface is also perfect for electronic music producers who like to use hardware, as you can sync and monitor your devices in real-time, with the Scarlett 8i6 giving you enough control over your setup to allow you to focus on what’s really important – your performance! Whereas the Scarlett family includes a larger number of products with seemingly more options. Focusrite Clarett vs Scarlett: The Lowdown When push comes to shove, the Clarett beats the Scarlett with higher quality mic pres, expandability and audio specs. Quick start tool to get up and running easier than ever. Scarlett 3rd Gen and Clarett USB interfaces can also be connected to Thunderbolt 1 & 2 ports (via an adapter, such as using a Thunderbolt 2 Dock which includes USB ports) or Thunderbolt 3 ports (using a USB C to USB C cable). Balanced. Lots of people are asking the question as to why many manufacturers do not produce interfaces that specifically utilise the USB 3.0 protocol. When push comes to shove, the Clarett beats the Scarlett with higher quality mic pres, expandability and audio specs. Putting the Scarlett and Clarett interfaces side by side, they feature similar deep red panels paired with tactile controls that respond superbly. Scarlett interfaces offer exceptional recording capabilities at affordable prices and cater to everyone from soloist to ensemble. The 18i20 also has enough inputs to cohesively and realistically record a full band playing live. Generation, Clarett USB-Reihe), Scarlett Mix Control (Scarlett 6i6, 8i6, 18i6, 18i8 und 18i20 1. Macht das überhaupt Sinn, im Vergleich zum Saffire Pro 40 ADAT? Both ranges are light and rugged. Rowan is also an avid electronic music producer and DJ with a decade of production and performance experience. At the end of the day, Focusrite will have a product that suits your needs no matter what you are looking for. To keep up with the times our new Clarett USB and Scarlett 3rd Generation interfaces feature a USB C connector but are still USB 2.0 protocol devices. Audient iD22. Ultimately, the decision should be made after factoring in your core needs. All rights reserved. That means that these models are cheaper, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they should be overlooked. This is why we need to look at the face of the feature to face. The Clarett is a ‘premium’ version of the Scarlett, providing the user with a different selection of features and technology across only three devices. High-performance converters enable you to record and mix at up to 24-bit/ 192kHz.

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