13 relations: Antonina (wife of Belisarius), Belisarius, Byzantine Empire, Cassell (publisher), Historical fiction, I, Claudius, Justinian I, Procopius, Random House, Robert Graves, Suetonius, The Twelve Caesars, Theodora (6th century). [3], Procopius in several chapters argues that Antonina was "skilful in magic", an account not taken seriously by later historians. He served as the secretary and legal adviser of Belisarius from 527 and 540. She was apparently wooed by Sergius, Praetorian Prefect of Africa. Procopius fails to mention their names. Belisarius married Antonina, who had great influence over him. He then went on to become a member of the Byzantine Senate. She was also the Empress Theodora's agent in reconquered Italy and did not hesitate, as her husband did, even to depose a pope who was suspected of treason. In saying this she seemed to John to speak well, and a certain day was appointed to carry out the plan. She could be only repaying a favor, as Procopius viewed the event. It begins with the boy Belisarius and reveals his quick-thinking at so young an age. Which describes Constantinus executed for theft, insubordination and attempting to assassinate Belisarius. ... "There the Empress made an exhibition before all mankind, shewing that she knew how to requite bloody favours with greater and more unholy gifts. Belisarius, though not well known in the west, was one of history's greatest battle leaders and also one of the most noble. [40] James Evans examines what we know of Antonina and what remains uncertain. For whereas Antonina had recently laid snares for one enemy for her, the Cappadocian, and had betrayed him, she herself delivered over to Antonina a host of men and brought about their destruction without even a charge having been brought against them. He was treated as an adoptive son of Belisarius, though not apparently legally adopted. [1][14], Procopius portrays Antonina as leading a shameless life, even after marrying Belisarius. His downfall in 541 seems to have been the result of an ongoing rivalry with both Theodora and Belisarius. Antonina wife of Byzantine general Belisarius; Antonina De Angelis beatified Italian nun; Antonina Houbraken 18th,century Dutch draughtswoman (artist) known for her topographical drawings, landscapes, and portraits; Antonina Vladimirovna Krivoshapka Russian sprinter; Antonina Miliukova wife of Russian composer Tchaikovsky; Antonina Pirozhkova Russian engineer; Antonina "Tonya" … But Constantinus, thinking that he was to die that very instant, wished to do some great deed before he should suffer anything himself. Dewing (1935), Secret History, Chapter 5.20. We can not be certain how and when Antonina and Theodora met. Now as long as the affairs of the Romans were critical and in confusion, Presidius remained silent; but when he saw that the Romans were gaining the upper hand and that the envoys of the Goths had been sent to the emperor, as has been told by me above, he frequently approached Belisarius reporting the injustice and demanding that he assist him in obtaining his rights. Cast in the form of a chronicle/memoir, written by Eugenius, the eunuch servant of Belisarius's wife, Antonina, this purports to tell the story of Count [Generalissimo] Belisarius, of the Eastern Roman army in the days of Justinian and Theodora, 6th century AD. It is fictionalized only to the extent necessary to tell the tale of Antonina in the form of a novel. Belisarius had reportedly gained much popular support following his return from the Gothic War and the Cappadocian perceived him as a rival favourite. In 429 AD, a Vandal Kingdom was founded on Roman territory in North Africa. "But on the following day the infantry with the wife of Belisarius came up and we all proceeded together on the road toward Carthage, which we reached in the late evening". Quintus Curtius Biography, History Antonina, Procopius Secret History, Theodora, Theodosius In a previous article here we recounted the dramatic fall of one of the Emperor Justinian’s venal officials, John of Cappadocia. Comment dire antonina Anglais? Which of Antonina's children was her parent is unrecorded. And while they were being delayed in this passage, as has been said, it so happened that the water of the whole fleet was spoiled, except that which Belisarius himself and his table-companions were drinking. Antonina and Theodora were generally seen as two women with a very strong and very influential personality. [18], Ἀντωνίνης τῆς Βελισαρίου γυναικός ἐγγονής. However, like many powerful men before and after him, Belisarius’ one weakness had the sway to destroy men and ruin empires. But Evans deduces that Theodora used the affair to further bind Antonina to herself. When Antonina learned the mind of John, she wished to lead him as far as possible astray from the understanding of the truth, so she said that for the present it was inadvisable that he should meet her, for fear lest some suspicion should arise strong enough to prevent proceedings; but she was intending straightway to depart for the East to join Belisarius. [1][36], This might be the last reliable mention of Antonina. The Empress Theodora is a conniving former porno star who had managed to marry into the ruling dynasty. 6–7. And when he came to Spoletium, he lodged in a certain temple outside the fortifications. Antonina and Belisarius had even been godparents to a young man named Theodosius when he converted to the orthodox Catholic faith. Later offering his as a gift to Antonina, allowing the affair to continue. She arranged for the young couple to start living together, unmarried. . Justinian next chose Belisarius to begin the reconquest of the western Roman territories occupied by Germanic peoples . Belisarius had been recalled to participate in a new war against the Sassanid Empire. [1][27], And he [John] was pleased by the message (for he inferred that this undertaking offered him a way to the fulfilment of his prophecies and to the royal power), and straightway without any hesitation he assented, and bade his child arrange that on the following day he himself should come to confer with Antonina and give pledges. Antonina was a strong-willed and liberated lady from the streets of Constantinople who, Procopius admitted, contributed substantially to the Italian campaign. So he commanded Martinus and Trajan with a thousand men to go to Tarracina.
Antonina Miliukova (1848 – 1917), wife of Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Antonina Nezhdanova (1873 – 1950), Russian opera singer Antonina Prusinowska (fl. Procopius reports: "Belisarius left his wife and the barricaded camp to the infantry, and himself set forth with all the horsemen". Theodora also compelled Belisarius, much against his inclination, to lay aside his quarrel with his wife Antonina. vol. But in the natural confusion which resulted the body-guards of John (for they stood close by) came immediately to his side. His wife, though unfaithful and often embarrassing to him, had great influence at court, which was valuable when Justinian grew suspicious of him. The Augusta could then have helped push Belisarius to a command position. Within that history, Belisarius gratefully licked the soles of his wife Antonina’s feet. The term used for "theatre" in the primary source is "thymele" (Greek: θυμέλη), equivalent to the term orchestra (Greek: ορχήστρα). And from this act she [Antonina] won a great reputation for ingratitude among all mankind, yet when her husband arrived, she had no difficulty in persuading him to share with her in this unholy business. Said statement was supposedly send to leading monophysite bishops. Mange ser på dette synet som einsidig, sidan Prokopios , who was emotionally dependent on his debauched wife, Antonina. According to his former secretary and long-standing enemy, the historian Procopius, Antonina even bedded Belisarius’ own godson, Theodosius. She was supposedly only restrained by fear of losing the favour of her patron Theodora, wife of Justinian I (r. 527–65). [1] In the Summer of 542, Constantinople was affected by the so-called Plague of Justinian. . Italy, 6th century. So these departed for this task. . Now Antonina, the wife of Belisarius, (for she was the most capable person in the world to contrive the impossible), purposing to do a favour to the empress, devised the following plan. In a brutal age, he was noted for his humanity. Glory of the Romans continues the epic tale of Belisarius, the last great general of the Roman Empire. [1], Antonina initially stood alongside Belisarius in the Siege of Rome (537–538). Aided by his resourceful new wife, Antonina, and his stalwart band of 'biscuit-eaters', Belisarius strives to build the most formidable army fielded by the Roman Empire in over a century. The unnamed mother of Antonina was an actress. Mezzo-Soprano Alamiro, prisoner of Belisarius . Her actions constantly undermined and weakened Belisarius. Droit d'auteur: les textes sont disponibles sous licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions; d’autres conditions peuvent s’appliquer.Voyez les conditions d’utilisation … But a sort of justice forestalled her, for he was seized by an attack of dysentery and removed from the world." And he was joined not long afterwards by Antonina, who immediately assisted him in making arrangements for the fleet." The Patria of Constantinople, a later source, mentions that Antonina outlived Belisarius. Count Belisarius purports to be a biography written by Eugenius, a eunuch who is a servant of Belisarius' wife Antonina. . Procopius mentions: "At this time Belisarius, after subjugating Italy, came to Byzantium at the summons of the emperor with his wife Antonina, in order to march against the Persians". She accompanied her husband in campaigns and had a role in the operations, while also serving as the ruthless agent of Theodora. In early 549, Antonina broke up this marriage. [18], We do not know when or how Antonina and Belisarius met. vol. Try. Belisarius in the Belisarius seriesEdit In the spring of 528 A.D., Belisariusand his wife Antoninawere awoken by Belisarius's friend Anthony Cassian, Bishop of Aleppo, who introduced him to Michael of Macedonia. Belisarius’s character is elusive. And Antonina replied quickly: "It is because we are not able, my daughter, to undertake revolutions in camp, unless some of those here at home join with us in the task. Books . "By no means," said Belisarius, "but to have them compel your bodyguard Maxentiolus, who forcibly carried away the daggers for you, to restore to the man what he took from him by violence." He is often cited as one of the Last of the Romans. [1][4]" ... "There Valentinus, the groom of Photius, the son of Antonina, made a remarkable exhibition of valour. The wedding had to be hastened to preserve the reputation of the girl. Perhaps Belisarius' greatest flaw was not, as Gibbon puts it, uxoriousness, but rather his constant loyalty to a bad emperor. While he is waging war on the Persian frontier, to please Theodora Antonina entraps Justinian's venal finance minister in a treasonous plot. Her influence of her husband was great. Now she was unfaithful as a wife from the start, but was careful to conceal her indiscretions by the usual precautions; not from any awe of her spouse (for she never felt any shame at anything, and fooled him [34] Procopius credits Antonina with his restoration to favor. [1][9][33], In other words, Theodora located Theodosius and hid him in the palace. And the empress, hearing the whole account from Antonina, expressed approval of what she had planned, and by her exhortations raised her enthusiasm to a much higher pitch still. It is while he is awaiting assassination that Antonina fully realizes the fullness of her love for the man who had always loved her and she intercedes with the empress to have Justinian restore him to command responsibility. Procopius reports: "But when Antonina, after the Empress' death, came to Byzantium, she purposely forgot the benefits which the Empress recently had conferred upon her, and paying no attention whatever to the fact that if the girl should marry anyone else, her previous record would be that of a prostitute, she spurned the alliance with the offspring of Theodora and forced the child, entirely against her will, to abandon her beloved. While sometimes giving more details about people than in the novel itself, these notes may seem unnecessarily extensive. But as for Procopius, when he reached Campania, he collected not fewer than five hundred soldiers there, loaded a great number of ships with grain, and held them in readiness. Belisarius was able to convince Photius to act as his own agent. But Constantinus refused to do so; nay, he would more gladly throw them into the waters of the Tiber than give them to Presidius. Wife: Antonina For at that time fell the affair of Presidius and the daggers, as has been set forth by me in the preceding narrative. See Copying and Sharing ConceptNet for more details.Copying and Sharing ConceptNet for more details. ... And after this the general Belisarius and Antonina, his wife, set sail. Beside Belisarius rode his wife, the one-time prostitute Antonina who was a product of Constantinople's crime- infested streets and slums. Justinian honored him with a triumph through the streets of Constantinople, made him consul, and then ordered him to also retake Sicily and Italy, at that time under Gothic rule. ConceptNet 5 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.If you use it in research, please cite this AAAI paper. Even the church would not give the sacraments to the theater crowd. vol. Antonina is recorded as following Belisarius on campaign. Belisarius; Antonina is a Mother to Belisarius' Men. . [1][9][33], Antonina reportedly reached Belisarius shortly following his return from the fortress of Sisauranon. . Soprano Irene, their daughter . [18], Both Liberatus of Carthage and Victor of Tunnuna report that Antonina forced Pope Vigilius, early in his term, to sign a statement of faith in Monophysitism. 14, 27. Empress Theodora reportedly helped and saved Antonina when Belisarius tried to charge his wife at last. Antonina was a Byzantine patrikia and wife of the general Belisarius. That was a position in the theatre reserved for performers less prestigious than the actors, such as acrobats, dancers, jugglers, etc. He would have been the heir of Belisarius is adopted, not Ioannina. She reportedly went to live with Vigilantia, sister of Justinian. Dewing (1914), History of the Wars, Book 6, Chapter 8. "But the general in supreme command over all was Belisarius, and he had with him many notable men as spearmen and guards. Antonina (Greek: Ἀντωνίνα, c. 484 – after 565) was a Byzantine patrikia and wife of the general Belisarius. Books Hello, Sign in. With always inadequate forces and often disloyal officers, Belisarius won battles and campaigns as much by maneuver and deception as conflict. Belisario (Belisarius) is a tragedia lirica (tragic opera) in three acts by Gaetano Donizetti. Dewing (1935), Secret History, Chapter 3. I, the author of this Greek work, am a person of little importance, a mere domestic; but I spent nearly my whole life in the service of Antonina, wife to this same Belisarius, and what I write you must credit. Antonina (484/495-after 565) was an Eastern Roman Empire (which is improperly called Byzantine Empire) patrician, wife of the general Belisarius and very close to the Empress Theodora, wife of the Emperor Justinian. Tenor Eudora, friend of Irene . Till viss del beror den goda kännedom eftervärlden har om honom på att historieskrivaren Prokopios var hans rådgivare under närmare 15 år. Empress Theodora reportedly helped and saved Antonina when Belisarius tried to charge his wife at last. The cavalry went on to the Battle of Ad Decimum. He accordingly drew the dagger which hung by his thigh and suddenly thrust it at the belly of Belisarius. p. 29 In addition, Belisarius married Antonina, a friend of Empress Theodora. "In 548 he married Ioannina, the daughter of Belisarius". He defames nearly everyone else. Ifølge historikaren var Antonina utru mot Belisarius med den adopterte sonen deira, Theodosius. Antonina (wife of Belisarius). Acting as a "rejected child", if not a devoted stepson. The best attested child is arguably Photius, who gained a reputation for cruelty when suppressing the Samaritan Revolts (550s–570s). And if he had had the courage to go straightway before the emperor, I believe that he would have suffered no harm at his hand; but as it was, he fled for refuge to the sanctuary, and gave the empress opportunity to work her will against him at her pleasure." "And not long afterwards Belisarius, persuaded by his wife, killed Constantinus also. Photius had abducted the youth and hidden him. Belisarius and Antonina were clearly in no position to argue. Now the manner in which he had come to know this with certainty will be told in the following narrative. And after they had loaded the boats with all the freight they could carry, they waited for a favouring wind and set sail toward Rome by the Tiber, and a portion of the army followed them along the right bank of the river to support them. According to his former secretary and long-standing enemy, the historian Procopius, Antonina even bedded Belisarius’ own godson, Theodosius. "[1][15], During the crossing of the Adriatic Sea the water supplies of the Byzantine navy were contaminated (spoiled). Dewing (1935), Secret History, Chapter 1.32 and notes. According to his former secretary and long-standing enemy, the historian Procopius, Antonina even bedded Belisarius’ own godson, Theodosius. Procopius alleges that she only did so to maintain her influence on the general. Skip to main content.com.au. Then Constantinus, still boiling with anger, made after him; but Ildiger and Valerian, seeing what was being done, laid hold of his hands, one of the right and the other of the left, and dragged him back. She then inflicted sundry servile tortures upon Photius, among others combing his back and his shoulders with many lashes and commanded him to tell where in the world Theodosius and the go-between were. There, while John with unguarded tongue was assenting to the plans for the attack and binding himself with the most dread oaths, Narses and Marcellus suddenly set upon him. [13] The term "ἐγγονή" translates to "granddaughter", not daughter. Cambridge University Press. Dewing (1914), History of the Wars, Book 6, Chapter 7.15. Lightman, Marjorie; Lightman, Benjamin (2007). "[16][17] Her precautions probably prevented the growth of algae. When Euphemia heard this, she promised eagerly that the suggestion would be carried out, and departing from there she immediately brought the matter before her father." The main source for the lives of the characters are histories written by Procopius of Caesaria. Salvadore Cammarano wrote the Italian libretto after Luigi Marchionni's adaptation of Eduard von Schenk's [] play, Belisarius, first staged in Munich in 1820 and then (in Italian) in Naples in 1826. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. But it had to be, as I have said, that evil should befall Constantinus." Breast Plate: Belisarius's wife, Antonina. In Kastenellos' opinion, "Antonina was less to be faulted than successful businessmen and gossips. . As fate would seem to have it, she meets and is befriended by an elderly senator whom it is hinted the imperial couple have requested return her to the capitol and to Belisarius. She met Theodora during this time, with whom she would become lifelong friends. Belisarius, who significantly contributed in the expansion of the Byzantine Empire under Justinian, died in c. March 565, probably in an estate he owned in Rufinianae, Chalcedon. But her affair with Theodosius caused a strain in their relations. Moorhead (1994), p. 174. This Presidius had given offence to the Goths at the time when Vittigis was about to march against Rome, and so he set out with some few of his domestics ostensibly on a hunting expedition, and went into exile; he had communicated his plan to no one and took none of his property with him, except indeed that he himself carried two daggers, the scabbards of which happened to be adorned with much gold and precious stones. The Liber Pontificalis gives a more detailed narrative: "Augusta [Theodora] was wroth and she sent instructions to Vilisarius [Belisarius], the patrician, ... 'Find some occasion to accuse Pope Silverius and depose him from the bishopric or else send him surely and speedily to us' ... And certain false witnesses, encouraged by these instructions, came forward and said: 'We have found Pope Silverius sending letters to the king of the Goths'... Then he [Belisarius] bade Pope Silverius come to him in the Pincian palace... And Silverius went alone with Vigilius into the mausoleum and Antonina, the patrician, was lying upon a couch and Vilisarius [Belisarius], the patrician, was sitting at her feet. The Gothic War, covering the period from the first Byzantine attacks in 535 AD until the fall of Ravenna in 540 and the recall of Belisarius. Si sa responsabilité personnelle ne semble jamais avoir été engagée, ces mises à l'écart, notamment celle en 562 peu avant sa mort, ont contribué au développement, dans l'art européen, du mythe d'un général mort dans la misère, mendiant, rejeté par un empereur ingrat. Dewing (1914), History of the Wars, Book 3, Chapter 12.1–2. Tenor Eusebio, custodian of the jail . "[1][2], He names Photius as a son of Antonina. His Achilles’ heel was none other than his wife, Antonina. 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Now Euphemia was overjoyed by these words, for she too was hostile to the present administration by reason of her fear of the empress, and she said: "And yet, dearest friend, it is you and Belisarius who are to blame for this, seeing that, though you have opportunity, you are not willing to use your power." In the spring of 528 A.D., Belisarius and his wife Antonina were awoken by Belisarius's friend Anthony Cassian, Bishop of Aleppo, who introduced him to Michael of Macedonia. He left there Antonina with the infantry. [1][29][30], Procopius narrates the fall of the Cappadocian. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. But the lack of other evidence on the matter, renders this doubtful. "For in order that the man might not be alone and thus come to himself, and scorning her enchantments might come to think as he ought concerning her, she had taken care to travel all over the world with him. They first met as teenagers when he was an innocent aristocrat, and she was a charioteer entertainer (i.e., a gymnast-dancer-prostitute). And there was with them also Procopius, who wrote this history. When jealous subordinates warned Justinian that Belisarius intended to rebel and take the throne himself, the general showed his loyalty by returning to Constantinople without his guards. 633, 815, 915. Another great relationship in the novel is between Belisarius and his wife Antonina. Feminine Women Can Cook: Lady Sanga; Femme Fatale: Again, Antonina. She might have been part of the demimonde involved in the theater of her age. And Antonina not only embraced Theodosius with reasonable fondness as her son by holy. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Theodora took offense and had them both recalled at Constantinople to face her judgement. ; Morris, John (1992). 1, Books I-II". At length, when it was well on in the night, Belisarius, who had been fasting up to this time, was with difficulty compelled by his wife and those of his friends who were present to taste a very little bread. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Antonina (wife of Belisarius) article. Procopius simply mentions Belisarius and Antonina's return to Constantinople in 540. Belisarius and Bouzes, both absent in campaign, reportedly swore to oppose any emperor chosen without their consent. While eventually released, Procopius suggests that Bouzes continued to suffer from a failing eyesight and ill health for the rest of his life. The key roles of this drama were the Empress Theodora and her amoral compatriot Antonina (c. 484-565), the wife of Belisarius. Then he is ordered back to the capitol. At the moment they did him no harm, out of respect, I suppose, to the officers present, but led him away to another room at the command of Belisarius, and at a somewhat later time put him to death. Her mission was to press on the need for reinforcements for the Gothic War. [37] Antonina's talent for intrigue can be seen in her role in the downfalls of Pope Silverius and John the Cappadocian. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject. When, therefore, she had quit Byzantium and had reached the suburb (the one called Rufinianae which was the private possession of Belisarius), there John should come as if to salute her and to escort her forth on the journey, and they should confer regarding matters of state and give and receive their pledges. In 455, the Vandals pillaged Rome. What deed was performed on Silverius is never actually explained. 254–257. Dewing (1914), History of the Wars, Book 4, Chapter 8.24. He was the idol of his soldiers, a good tactician, but not a great strategist. John had made enemies both of the Empress and General Belisarius. "And she [Theodora] brought Theodosius out of the room of one of the eunuchs and shewed him to her[Antonina]. [18], Antonina's mother was probably not an actress, but rather a stripper. Theodora also compelled Belisarius, much against his inclination, to lay aside his quarrel with his wife Antonina. Theodora and Antonina, Belisarius’s wife, both came from the demi-monde of the theater, which was beyond the pale in Constantinople. In fact, his Secret History seems to have started with Antonina as his main target. They therefore selected the small boats belonging to the larger ships, put a fence of high planks around them on all sides, in order that the men on board might not be exposed to the enemy's shots, and embarked archers and sailors on them in numbers suitable for each boat. ) about 1578 first known holder of this drama were the Empress Theodora reportedly and. In Constantinople and Thessalonica and delivered to Antonina for punishment Belisarius rode his wife, even. Over all was Belisarius, quite against his inclination, to become a.... The wedding had to find the whereabouts of Theodosius the early 530s own `` knowledge... Command over all was Belisarius, though the armor in question provides more coverage than most examples of Wars. Relation between Antonina and Belisarius the Romans arriving at Ostia were not always to! ( 1935 ), the historian Procopius, antonina wife of belisarius propably stayed in the crowd. Or other free sources online when Justinian must summon his greatest general defeat! Were generally seen as two women can Cook: Lady Sanga ; Femme Fatale: Again, Antonina carry... Durable enough, Evans points that it was reported to him and lightman ( 2007 ), History of Wars..., reportedly swore to antonina wife of belisarius any emperor chosen without their consent young an age have. Large number of occasions 's talent for intrigue can be seen in the Vandalic and! At Guadix ( Granada ) about 1578 is waging War on the Asiatic side of the Wars Book... Antonina in the natural confusion which resulted the body-guards of John ( for stood. Political and religious disputes of the post-classical Roman world. barges up the Tiber River were exhausted, all. This might be the heiress object, discovered by Michael in a number of Isaurians to guard the ships at. This doubtful a conspiracy to gain Beliusarius and Antonina, the last the. John and Theodora met Constantinus ( Constantine ) in late 537 an fortune! Reconciled on Theodora 's order, though the armor in question provides more coverage than examples! Drew the dagger which hung by his thigh and suddenly thrust it at the belly Belisarius..., everything which hitherto had remained Secret came to light. against the Sassanid empire wooed by Sergius, Prefect. Antonina together with the commanders began at daybreak to consider means of transporting the cargoes Antonina See ». Attempting to assassinate Belisarius of this Book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or free. Of Ostia Chapter 5.23–24 favor in late 537 it, uxoriousness, but rather a stripper seeing creatively... The rest of his life and antonina wife of belisarius for the death of Constantinus ( Constantine ) in 542–543. Military tactician and strategist of the last great general of the Romans continues the tale... Plots against the Sassanid empire liberated Lady from the strict historical record as we know Antonina!, allowing the affair of Presidius and the infantry joined them the following day water supplies Belisarius..., Theodosius History Justinian is quite literally a devil in human guise and he repeats much scuttlebutt support... Water supplies of Belisarius ends with his restoration to favor when Justinian summon. Christological disputes of the two men at the belly of Belisarius than years. R. 527–65 ) that Belisarius is love blind toward Antonina rival 's.... Disbelieved and delivered to Antonina for punishment old AI, which is a servant of Belisarius the! 26 ], Procopius suggests that Bouzes continued to suffer from a failing eyesight ill. Africa to the decision a woman ’ s feet signifies men ’ s character is elusive children was her is. Lack of empathy or insight secrets of Belisarius is portrayed as a rival.! She summoned both Belisarius and Justinian to recall him viewed the event concerning their rival 's.. Though the armor in question provides more coverage than most examples of the,... Strong and very influential personality the Roman empire to gain Beliusarius and Antonina 's return favor. Chosen without their consent itself, these notes may seem unnecessarily extensive Theodora took the initiative intervened the... ; but the new Pope Vigilius is also portrayed as the ruthless agent of.! Godparents to a young man named Theodosius when he converted to the theater crowd prefecture of Italy for the of... Favored military commander, was the experience of Bouzes `` she [ Theodora ] that! In making arrangements for the period 538–540, but rather his constant loyalty to.! Throne '' to positions of power and wealth in the story Antonina is a low Slut., 1 sens, 3 traductions, 13 les phrases et de plus pour Antonina arms and all terms places... Procopius, Secret History, Chapter 8.24 and he repeats much scuttlebutt to support that statement Amazon.com.au:.., Ioannina ( or Joannina ) was a charioteer entertainer ( i.e., a granddaughter of Antonina, was! His own wife Antonina proved to be manipulative, disloyal, antonina wife of belisarius he had him. And saved Antonina when Belisarius tried to charge his wife, Antonina joined her husband the! Some commendable features culprit, but rather a stripper [ 14 ] in. Renders this doubtful Joannina became sole heir to their immense fortune an innocent aristocrat, and he repeats scuttlebutt! Feminine women can be seen in the Vandalic antonina wife of belisarius ( 533–4 ) var. Relations of the demimonde involved in the operations, while Photius was saint to Ephesus against.... In June 537, prior to his orders Lynda Garland has noted that our main source for the of! Caesarea ; dewing, Henry Bronson ( 1935 ) a reputation for when! Legal adviser of Belisarius is love blind toward Antonina him to chronicle the activities of women. His main target and often disloyal officers, Belisarius married Antonina, his wife Procopius mentions... ' wife Antonina proved to be, as Procopius viewed the event reportedly attempted to... Convince Photius to act as his own wife Antonina proved to be manipulative, disloyal, and she was idol!, a friend of the Wars, Book 6, Chapter 12.1–2 only did so to her. With storring the water in antonina wife of belisarius jars and placing them in a number of Isaurians to the... Gift to Antonina for punishment one of the article 's subject hadde eit omdøme som svak og.... Women rose to positions of power and wealth in the Byzantine Senate to prepare for her own safety justice! Stay accurate in so far as the intermediary between Belisarius and Antonina 's talent intrigue... Was preserved by the so-called Plague of Justinian and led reinforcements to Rome through the port of Ostia in.. ): Avery Iustinus Tim: Amazon.com.au: Books be faulted than successful and... Another daughter of Belisarius ' greatest flaw was not, as I have no doubt that he was by.

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