According to lawyer Mark Geragos, who represented the plaintiff, the brand will update its lip balm packaging to … It is a typical oil based lip balm like any other, but packaged in an egg shaped container. Artificial Colors and Dyes. Eos lip balm allergic reaction. I had discovered 'YES TO CARROTS' about six months prior, and had used it religiously since I liked it so much. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Is EOS Lip Balm bad for you? Here's how to make your own coconut oil lip balm: © 2021 Condé Nast. We thank them for their continued support.". It became clear this was a massive national health problem," the suit states. "EOS is, and has been, on notice of the serious adverse side-effects caused by the use of its product. EOS has demonstrated through data that their lip balms are hypoallergenic, and has provided a mechanism for individual instances to be resolved. Jezebel reports that some customers also expressed issues with mold growing in their balms. According to lawyer Mark Geragos, who represented the plaintiff, the brand will update its lip balm packaging to address the adverse reactions some customers have had. Oh the joy of having allergic reactions to lip balms. The irritation stops within a week and a half since i was still being dumb and using the eos balm but my lips are no longer irritated. Well the plaintiff, Rachael Cronin, claims that after buying an EOS at Target on December 4, she ended up with severely cracked, bleeding, blistering, and flaking lips. Inflammation of the lips is called cheilitis and can be caused by irritation or allergic reactions. I used this product on Saturday (4 days ago) and yesterday I started having a dry patch above my lip. If your dry lips reoccur youll know youre allergic to something in the formula. Although chapsticks and lip balms are often used on dry, chapped lips, they may actually trigger allergic reactions on the lips, known as allergic contact dermatitis or cheilitis. Shop our vast selection of lip balm styles and flavors as well as our delightful shaving creams and body lotions. Eos lip balm is designed to soothe chapped lips and protect the skin with vitamin e. The eos lip balm lawsuit. EOS Tweet A new class-action lawsuit against EOS lip balm claims that the balm that keeps your lips feeling “super-soft” may actually cause pretty bad reactions. Have any of you experienced issues like those mentioned in the suit? EOS makes great products and the company is doing the right thing by adding more information about their lip balm products on packaging so that buyers can make informed choices. If you haven't, you've at least seen, heard of, or tried EOS lip balm. Allergic contact dermatitis and lip rashes may be due to flavorings in chapsticks, lip balms, toothpaste and food, preservatives in makeup, and other substances. This comes on the heels of another high-profile beauty lawsuit everyone was talking about last month, against the hair care brand WEN by Chaz Dean. Brands such as Burt's Bees, EOS, Blistex, and Carmex may all trigger reactions in some people due to the flavorings and fragrance additives. Feeling crafty? [6] In 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed against EOS, claiming that the lip balm caused bleeding and blistering. Chemical Sunscreens. According to lawyer Mark Geragos, who represented the plaintiff, the brand will update its lip balm packaging to address the adverse reactions some customers have had. Dr. Marie Jhin, a dermatologist in San Francisco, told The Huffington Post that Cronan's photos look like allergic contact dermatitis and may be in response to Vitamin E, which is listed as tocopherol in EOS's lip balm ingredients and can cause irritation in people who are allergic. A new class action lawsuit against eos lip balm claims that the product causes rashes and blisters around users mouths. 3. About three years ago, I developed an allergic reaction to lip balm. Our products are safe—and this settlement confirms that. Britney Spears is among the celebrity endorsers of the product. And these people have been reporting some EOS Lip Balm side effects to the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). If you have a reaction when you use an eos lip balm or any other cosmetic first stop using the product. Sweet mint strawberry sorbet summer fruit honeysuckle honeydew pomegranate raspberry coconut milk vanilla mint passion fruit st. Allergic reaction to eos lip balm. All natural hydrating and deeply moisturizing eos lip balms and skin care products. On Wednesday afternoon EOS Products tweeted its reaction to the suit. This is a testament to EOS being responsive to the concerns of their consumers. Barths sunrise pink vanilla bean tangerine lemon drop blueberry acai blackberry nectar. The company focuses on selling all natural skin products that are created from fruit and botanical extracts. Dr. J. Lawrence Dohan answered. The irritation stops within a week and a half since I was still being dumb and using the EOS balm, but my lips are no longer irritated. 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