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World Hovercraft Organization Ripoff Report

Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd., (PHNZ) Waipara, New Zealand, reports numerous unlawful offenses committed by China Hovercraft Ltd., Shanghai, China aka Lianyungang Supreme Hovercraft aka Shanghai Supreme Hovercraft.

These offenses include:

  • Breach of contract
    Guang Ming Yang, aka "Terry" Yang, of China Hovercraft Ltd. et al, contracted with PHNZ to manufacture PHNZ hovercraft in China and to subsequently purchase PHNZ. China Hovercraft violated the terms of the contract; such violations included: failure to pay royalties and worker salaries; failure to fulfill customer orders; receiving/retaining stolen property; and unlicensed manufacturing.
  • Intellectual property infringement
    China Hovercraft Ltd. is unlawfully making use of the Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd. Slider™ trademarked logo on its hovercraft and has plagiarized PHNZ marketing materials. Further, China Hovercraft Ltd. has attempted to trademark the PHNZ-owned Slider™ name in China.
  • Receiving/retaining stolen property
    China Hovercraft Ltd. has refused to comply with orders demanding the return of components and equipment owned by Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd. and its investors.
  • Unlicensed production/sale of counterfeit hovercraft
    Ignoring all cease and desist orders, Guang Ming "Terry" Yang and China Hovercraft Ltd. continue the unlicensed and unauthorized manufacture of counterfeit PHNZ hovercraft utilizing unproven Chinese components and continue to illegally market these copies as the PHNZ trademarked Slider™ hovercraft.

Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd. is a respected international firm with more than 20 years' experience in the hovercraft industry, whose proven hovercraft designs conform to the highest standards, including international ISO standards, American SAE standards and New Zealand MSA standards. Hovercraft are utilized by first response agencies for rescue operations; such agencies require assurance that their life-saving equipment is produced by reputable, experienced manufacturers such as PHNZ.

China Hovercraft Ltd. has existed only since 2008. In 2007, PHNZ was introduced to “Terry” Yang by Mr. Sammy Wong, the husband of New Zealand Cabinet Minister Pansy Wong. Because Mr. Wong and Mr. Yang were impressed with PHNZ hovercraft, they subsequently formed Lianyungang Supreme Hovercraft Ltd., the first incarnation of China Hovercraft Ltd., and entered into a contractual agreement with PHNZ.

The deterioration of the partnership agreement has resulted in international legal actions and the resignation of New Zealand Cabinet Minister Pansy Wong due to breach of governmental regulations involving actions by she and her husband, a Director of China Hovercraft Ltd. For further details and a historical account of the offenses committed by China Hovercraft Ltd. against Pacific Hovercraft NZ, Ltd. see the following documentation:

Chronology of Offenses committed by China Hovercraft Ltd.

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