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Hovercraft Pilot Training Centers, Indiana, USA reports intellectual property infringement offenses committed by Hovercraft Pilot Training Centers / Hovercrafts India / Avion Hovercrafts of Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. These offenses include:

Intellectual property infringement / Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations:
Much of the text on India’s Hovercraft Pilot Training Centers website is plagiarized from the USA’s Hovercraft Pilot Training website and from the Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. website. In addition, India’s Hovercraft Pilot Training Centers logo is a derivative copy of the USA’s Hovercraft Pilot Training logo.

These violations have been reported to the major search engines and the pages have been removed from their search results. The offender, however, has ignored repeated cease and desist orders, and continues to publish plagiarized website content.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act violations committed by http://www.hovercraftpilot.com


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