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Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., Indiana USA and LL Sirius/Christy Hovercraft, Neoteric’s licensed agent in Russia, report numerous unlawful offenses committed by Air Wing (aka Production Company “MSK” / 000 Aeroslava) of St. Petersburg, Russia. These offenses include:

  • Industrial and economic espionage; theft of technology and trade secrets:
    Air Wing counterfeited the Neoteric Hovertrek™ and its patented components and is using the    model name “Niaterek” to market these pirated hovercraft – an illegal plagiarism of Neoteric’s    trademarked company name.
  • Intellectual property infringement; plagiarism:
    In addition to using a modified version of Neoteric’s trademark, Air Wing illegally copied, without permission, photos and videos from the copyrighted Neoteric Hovercraft website to feature on their website airwing.ru.
  • Unlawful misleading advertising; misleading commercial practices:
  • Air Wing is widely publishing advertisements containing plagiarized copyrighted material from both Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. and LL Sirius / Christy Hovercraft. These advertisements feature photographs owned by Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. that were illegally plagiarized from the Neoteric Hovercraft and Christ Hovercraft websites, and falsely represent the counterfeit hovercraft marketed by Air Wing.(Click on “Complaint…” below)

There is significant concern within the international hovercraft industry that Air Wing / Production Company “MSK” / 000 Aeroslava is threatening consumer safety by illegally manufacturing and marketing counterfeit hovercraft while fraudulently representing them as having the more than 40 years’ tested history and proven safety of Neoteric Hovercraft. When marketed to rescue agencies, these pirated hovercraft may endanger the lives of first responders as well as the lives of those they are tasked to save.

On 12 April 2013, Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. served Air Wing / Production Company “MSK” / 000 Aeroslava with a Cease and Desist Order; there was no response and the company did not comply with any of the terms of the Cease and Desist Order.

The following links document, with photos, the offenses committed by Air Wing / Production Company “MSK” / 000 Aeroslava:

Cease and Desist Order

Complaint filed with General Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Chronology of Offenses committed by Air Wing / Production Company “MSK” / 000 Aeroslava

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