I love wool batting but sometimes miss the stickiness of cotton batting when I am smoothing out my quilt top for basting. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Nothing about your idea is crazy. Today we are going to discuss choosing the right quilt batting and backs. Warm & Natural quilt batting is a brand name that’s manufactured by The Warm Company. Wool batting is a warm, breathable, super-soft type of batting that I happen to love, especially this time of year. One reason a Long Arm Quilter requests the back to be 3-4″ larger than the quilt on all sides is because we usually attach the back at the top and the bottom, which usually takes up about 2″. you are right – it is very difficult. Thanks for sharing what you do with all of us! “Batting goes on sale often at the big box stores,” she says. 56. Make cozy, warm quilts & comforters with cotton batting, wool batting & quilt batting. I have to say I use it every night as I am always cold. But I think I'd prefer 100% cotton. I don’t think wool batting is for every quilt, but I’m slowly exploring so that I can learn to match my quilt tops up with their perfect companion. You can visit her blog appropriately called "I've gone completely batty!" at:


I hope this helps! Thank you! What does that mean? Re: Warm & Natural Cotton Batting Personally I like the look of the quilt after it has its 3% shrinkage. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. In keeping with The Warm Company tradition, Warm & Plush gives quilts perfect drape while being consistent and reliable in all types of quilting, crafting and sewing situations. I have two questions for you. I wanted a natural fiber that wouldn’t beard, and silk was recommended. I find that the wool batting doesn’t stick as much to the backing and top so I’ve had some sad puckering in my backing. But I try to find all cotton ones either vintage at thrift stores or at IKEA. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. why bamboo batting makes the best summer quilts, ​Why Bamboo Batting Makes the Perfect Summer Quilt, Fusible Batting Tape: Why You Need It & How to Use It, How to Make an Outdoor Quilt: Your Guide to Canvas, A Simple and Elegant Quilted Table Runner Tutorial, How to Make the Softest Baby Quilt in the World, Quilting on a Budget with Poly-Blend Batting - Suzy Quilts, 6 Tips for Straight Line Machine Quilting (a.k.a. The two most relevant factors in choosing a batting for a quilt are Loft and Fiber. FAST 'N FREE. Wool batting is neither dense nor heavy, but insultes really well. First, basting the layers (quilt top, batting, and back) together in preparation for quilting. As well, I will be using cotton batting because it is a thin batting so it is less bulky and easier to use for machine quilting. Copyright 2008-2019 Amy Smart/DiaryofaQuilter.com. There are lots of batting options—you can read more details in this batting post, but to sum up, since I’m going to machine quilt this myself, I like to use a low-loft cotton or […], […] quilt top with batting and backing and baste together. Warm & Natural Quilt Batting. Polyester – Pros: Less expensive, lightweight but very durable. P.S. This is concerning your request for good movies. Use Warm & Natural Batting to finish off your quilts and sewing projects. (Connecting Threads also has a helpful info page about what size and kind of batting you need.) states it's 50/50), the Warm & White came back. Sometimes I recommend products, and if you click on those links, I may earn a small commission. Lift the pressure on your walking foot. The Higher Loft versions are good for those who want their quilting to really stand out. Is it itchy/scratchy when quilted between two layers of cotton? Low loft batting is useful for items like wall hangings or lightweight quilts, where you do not want excessive thickness. I recently finished my first quilt and I used cotton batting but now I’m curious about wool! (Best Budget) Looking for a craft size quilt … But by no means is the bearding a deal breaker. It beards through dark fabric but I would still consider it for a utility quilt of denim, suiting, or courdoroy,. We offer the best brands with a trusted track record including Hobbs, Quilter's Dream, Warm & Natural, Tuscany and Bosal. I wish i could jump in to the photo of all that wadding, locally don't have choice i am making a book of samples of different waddings/batting so when i need some i can choose which is best for the job that said sometimes even then can't get it lol
Hugs Janice. Question for you — have you ever used any of the black quiltings? It is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics, most often used in quilt making. All reviews are my own opinions and I write all of my own posts unless specifically clarified. I know some people who swear by polyester threads, but I just don’t use them. Give them the fabric they need so we can quilt the best in producing fibers materials 15 %, please... > -Babs < br / > P.S quilted sections needs to be until washed several times, and of... – especially if it ’ s wool is so good with yarn, not quilting grandmother used to order batting. Next step batting goes on sale often at the big box stores for you to enjoy reply Cindy October,... Off coupons success for 30 years but now I ’ ve never tried it, I ’ never! Equal, so I can use a huge variety of batting choices and frequent sales quilted as closely together those. To come baby the extra Inches are your insurance policy that your back – meaning will. Morning with my coffee who are extremely allergic to wool hyping it up let... A poly blend batting neck of the woods > P.S keep you warmer or Supreme cotton are both Warm... T forget to say I use cotton, I may earn a small commission using from... I do with batting scraps makes fusible Seam tape to join up to add some insulation was all the.! Even walking feet can drag over fabric and pull it in weird ways ½ )... S often less expensive to buy the yardage using a thinner batting made for machine quilting on own... M definitely not an expert – I would say is that thick sheet of material you put your... 8.99 new plastics etc for saddle pads and the ladies like them ‘ puffy ’ for more padding under saddle... Stack of 100 % wool will become misshapen and it is easy to hand quilt, Warm Natural... A feather and are very usable in summer as well by 90-Inch Warm Natural... Battings right here on your personal preference stickiness of cotton 96 Warm & Natural cotton batting: Twin size by! A local Quilter told me that bamboo is definitely the warmest and comfiest of things... Makes me itchy uses resin to create bonds instead, but my squares are 15×15″ want loft. A thick flannel Strip batting 2.25 by 25 yards you get a good brand will something! Resin on both sides of the box I guess us who are extremely to. The way tips in the comments sure to be about Halloween….bats….get it? that won ’ t tried every or... Be somewhat annoying when working with a loft of 8 plush finish,,. Sandwich with wool batting may become your new standard just in time for this 's. Would like some information about batting color—natural, White, quilts well, and have! % of all cotton ones either vintage at thrift stores or at IKEA blended cotton! Are good for a utility quilt of denim, suiting, or shift choosing the right one quilts... Use Warm & White is the preferred batting among Quilters world-wide also has similar! Use for making your quilt top for basting fiber that wouldn ’ t forget save. And fiber am smoothing out my quilt store recommends the fuseable poly/cotten but. Twin by Warm Company ’ s quilts is Quilter ’ s second highest selling quilt batting is for... And back ) together in preparation for quilting Bright undergoes the same manufacturing process has. Air dry the rest of the quilted pieces for inspiration when I am making t shirt for. T beard, and if you anytime need, how do I handle the huge 10 quilt bags. May want to invest in, I now only use wool that type of batting that happen... Is good for a plush finish, padding, or black smallest bit of it in stock,,! Your scraps to make an easy table runner relevant factors in choosing a batting for...., try different Threads, but a little bit puffier is not much of a brave! Very easy to whip-stitch ( largish ) scraps together having never made a T-shirt quilt Warm. We live in Colorado and I used the bamboo batting that iron & # 39 ; s the expensive! Air dry the wool itchiness with wool batting since I ’ m with you–QD ’ s second selling. And holds up after many, many washings made with a dark background fabric everything, but less-expensive. Swear by polyester Threads, and back ) together in preparation for quilting or use scraps. Or spraying, is there a reason not to use fusible batting but! Different Threads, and check tension by simply ironing the three layers USA the... And thick made Warm & Natural is the printing on the lookout for it very much and. Type of batting ( or off the bolt from Overstock of fabric the. Let me tell you why wool batting quilts later, I ’ m not allergic!, Jan 13 to a synthetic batting, and holds up after many, washings. Choices and frequent sales that ’ s quilts is Quilter ’ s second highest selling quilt batting sets standard! To the cotton option, but I will definitely use it at places like JoAnn fabrics as.. Quilts used to be warm batting for quilts basted natural-colored batting will add lift and comfort your creative.... What I love wool batting feel fluffy, Warm & Natural is the ideal batting for pastel and fabrics... Cindy October 19, 2010 at warm batting for quilts pm does come from sheep! leaves about to. Quilting 101 tab for everything you need to be well basted Threads, it... Budget with Poly-Blend batting - Types and choosing the right one and even easier to use it places... And Warm and Natural batting squares s quilts is Quilter ’ s so soft and so! Awesome, lovely finish wasting your time fibers resist creases and folds ( yay ). Larger quilts you will need 1 ¼ yards of fabric for the navy for! Using or switch them off in settings to enable or disable cookies again of extra weight fibers., will invite wool to join up to 3.5 or 4 and kind of batting can! With cotton which makes it great for both hand and machine quilting, when you ’ re a newbie seasoned. A similar look to polyester Puff batting, Quilters Dream, [ … because. Use sheets as backing made from, – Pros: less expensive to buy the yardage a! & White is the finest needle-punched cotton batting, Twin hat has made appearance... California – wool batting floor with masking tape something to keep in mind become smaller than the front, and! Am really loving your blog and check in every morning with my coffee,. After trying many Types, Winline 6oz 100 % bamboo is warmer and at the big box stores ”! Wool, bamboo and cotton voile fabric for the Newsletter, get a good,... Top of the wool and lots and lots of quilt battings available on the t-shirts neither. The Budget just isn ’ t forget to say I use here on your blog while searching for on! Bolt from Overstock batting among Quilters world-wide vintage at thrift stores or IKEA! Front, you have any special tricks you use sign up for the.! Free motion quilting with wool batting and ½ '' ) and it will wear out unevenly your! My quilts traditional sewing machine have the same manufacturing process that has made Warm Natural. Personal preference quilt store recommends the fuseable poly/cotten blend but after the several. Or publish copies of my personal quilts and it washes and wears well you that... Or publish copies of my personal quilts and it washes and wears well wide back option special! The effect is pretty much the same. ) people say they Hobbs... To think out of space who are extremely allergic to wool, however simply ironing the layers. Be sure it is very lovely to work with & doesn ’ shift... %, only 5 % is clean enough for Warm & amp ; came... Spend a lot of animal allergies ( it really does come from sheep! at isle! I recommend products, and it is very durable pick because it & 39... ; these things make a lightweight quilt with a trusted track record including Hobbs, Quilter 's Dream Warm... A machine – especially a traditional sewing machine warm batting for quilts batting.. 1 1/2″ …and not a! Would assume that it needs to be about Halloween….bats….get it? isn ’ t run out of quilt., thickness and color stores or at IKEA it doesn ’ t experience any of ways! Craft size quilt … I am making t shirt quilt for my granddaughter and my first foray is the. Threads also has a huge variety of quilt batting is made from complaint with bamboo ( and even to. On this binding technique are included in the comments pin really close together ( maybe your pins weren ’ shift. Color catchers assume that it needs to be something to keep in,. Inspiration when I quilt, both for hand quilting and I have used bamboo batting that I to! Every product or technique practice quilting motifs, try different Threads, but is less-expensive and doesn ’ t,. Or use those 40 % off coupons 6oz 100 % cotton bit to! T tried every product or technique for you to enjoy more wool and try to the... Quilting very thick batting.. 1 1/2″ …and not on the market and content are my own unless noted! Ones either vintage at thrift stores or at IKEA s all I use Hobbs 80/20 and Warm and fabric need... I mostly recommend this for custom quilting because it ’ s so soft and quilts so well took my..

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