(Bug #12031). (Bug #15198), All LItemPoisonDrain* leveled lists are empty and thus can produce holes in any rewards or loot lists based on them. (Bug #19369), 00077CB3: Barrel in Vlindrel Hall was mistakenly placed underneath the floor and behind a wall. (Bug #300), Non controversial fixes to various weapon materials and types have been made. (Bug #16779), MQ201 (Goodbye): "" -> "Argh!" ["3E268" -> "3E 268"] / "In 3E288, he embarked on his most ambitious enterprise, the invasion of the continent kingdom of Akavir." (Bug #22773), MS05ReturnWithTheCoatTopic: "Ah the bard-to-be." CWMapTableSandboxSolitude was not set to stop running when Ulfric was dead. (Bug #16947), T02DinyaNextStep: "Embers lie nestled in stone, needing only fuel to bloom to a flame that will warm all around them." (Bug #14899), 000f0df5: Pot clipping through a wall. NPCElkFootWalkFrontImpact and NPCElkFootWalkBackImpact should both have been set to use the Elk versions. (Bug #20745), 000a8571, 000b8532, 000b8535, 000b8537, 000b8540, 000b8541, 000b8542, 000b8552, 000b8554, 000eb1c1, 000ebee2, 000fff01, 000fff02, 000fff05, 000fff10, 000fff11: Misplaced icicles. -> "Trust me. -> "I found evidence proving the Severins' guilt." -> "Are you ready for Serpentstone Island?" (Bug #28297), 000E4B11, 000E4B64, 000E4BB0, 000E4BB5, 000E4BE3, 000E4BF5, 000E4C15, 000E4C2A, 000E4C30: Several tables and shelves were clipping with walls. (Bug #22648), DialogueWindhelmEldaLonelyGaleScene1 [0003A937]: "The dark elves are uneasy." (Bug #18916), 0009A73E, 0009A9CF, 0009A9D1: Floating driftwood pieces. (Bug #20994), 0008746f: Repositioned a cave boulder that had a hole showing. (Bug #14876), The generic WEAdventurerSpellsword actor needed to be brought down one confidence level due to the intimidation option always failing. (Bug #12198), It was possible for Rescue (DLC1RH06) to choose your current follower as the kidnap victim. (Bug #12482), Nurelion could not perform his full AI schedule due to his breakfast and dinner packages having no start times or durations. (Bug #12419), The Jarl's longhouse in Winterhold lacked the LocTypeCastle keyword that all of the other Jarls' castles and/or longhouses have. It was possible for couriers to deliver letters to find words of power when using the first shout at the Western Watchtower because the event which calls WICastMagic04 did not check to be sure Dragon Rising (MQ104) was far enough along. (Bug #18756), 00020E1E, 0008A45B, 0008A45F, 0008AB7C, 0008AC4D, 000F65EC: Misplaced tankards. Corrected Korir never using his quest-related goodbye in "The Helm of Winterhold" due to the GetIsID check running on Kraldar instead. (Bug #19873), 00019941, 0002348E, 0002348F, 00023490, 00023491, 00023653, 00023654, 00023655, 0002366C, 0002366F, 0002EE75, 00039B5A, 0003AE29, 0003B22A, 0003B22B, 0003B23B, 0003B23E, 0003B24B, 0003B271, 0003B272, 0003B315, 0003C04E, 0003C04F, 0003C050, 0004802D, 00048BEB, 0004F091, 000537C1, 000804D8, 000804E1, 000804E5, 000804E8, 000804E9, 000804EA, 000804EB, 000804EC, 000804ED, 000804EE, 000804F3, 000806B5, 000806C5, 000806C8, 000806D1, 000806D2, 00080767, 000807DE, 000807E3, 00080806, 00080820, 00080821, 0008B3BF, 0008B3C0, 00095B03, 000A72AB, 000A72AD, 000A72AE, 000A72AF, 000A72B1, 000AAD4E, 000AEE8E, 000AEE9D, 000AEE9E, 000AEE9F, 000AEEB5, 000B3B1E, 000B3B1F, 000B3B20, 000B3B21, 000B4531, 000B4532, 000B4535, 000B4537, 000B4BFB, 000B4FF7, 000B5217, 000B5A45, 000B5A46, 000B5A47, 000B5A48, 000B5A6D, 000B5A6F, 000B5A7D, 000B5A7E, 000B5A7F, 000B5A80, 000B5A81, 000B5A82, 000B5A83, 000B5A9B, 000B5A9C, 000B5A9D, 000B5A9E, 000B5A9F, 000B5AA0, 000B5AA1, 000B5AA2, 000B5AA3, 000B5AA4, 000B5AA5, 000B5AAA, 000B5AAB, 000B5AAC, 000B5AAD, 000B5AAE, 000B5AAF, 000B5AB0, 000B5AB1, 000B5AB6, 000B5AB8, 000B5AB9, 000B5ABA, 000B5ABB, 000B5ABC, 000B5ABD, 000B5ABE, 000B5ABF, 000B5AC0, 000B5AC1, 000B5AC2, 000B5AC3, 000B5AC4, 000B5ACE, 000B5ACF, 000B5AD0, 000B5AD1, 000B5ADB, 000B5ADC, 000B5ADD, 000B83ED, 000BA32A, 000BA32C, 000BA3B8, 000BA4BF, 000BA4C0, 000BA4C9, 000BA4D1, 000BA520, 000BB8E1, 000BB8E3, 000BB8E4, 000BB8E5, 000BBBE1, 000BCF9D, 000BCF9E, 000BCF9F, 000BCFA0, 000BCFAA, 000BEC8A, 000C3EE4, 000C3F0C, 000C3F5F, 000C3F9A, 000C3F9C, 000C3FE8, 000C4053, 000C406E, 000C4194, 000C41AF, 000C41B1, 000CF6C9, 000D0286, 000D2EC8, 000D2EC9, 000D2ECA, 000D2ECB, 000D2ED1, 000D2ED5, 000D3942, 000D394E, 000D6915, 000D6916, 000D91CA, 000DB71B, 000DB71C, 000DB719, 000DB71B, 000DB71C, 000DB723, 000DB724, 000DB725, 000E23A2, 000E23A3, 000E23A8, 000E3B45, 000E3B47, 000E3B48, 000E3B5D, 000E3B5E, 000E3B63, 000E3BE3, 000E3BFD, 000E4334, 000E6939, 000E695C, 000E6976, 000E6977, 000E6978, 000E697B, 000E6981, 000E69A4, 000E69CB, 000E69D9, 000E6BF9, 000E7E30, 000E7E32, 000EB1D0, 000EBF8A, 000EBF8B, 000EBF8E, 000EC922, 000EC923, 000EC924, 000EC925, 000EC926, 000EE3D7, 000EE3E0, 000EE3E8, 000EF261, 000EF262, 000F0C83, 000F0C86, 000F0C87, 000F0CB6, 000F0CB7, 000F0CBC, 000F0CBE, 000F0CC5, 000F0CC9, 000F0CCA, 000F0CCC, 000F901B, 000F9036, 000F9039: Misplaced thickets and shrubs. (Bug #22096), MQ302CouncilSceneOutroA:"Jarl Baalgruf, I assume you are familiar with the Dragonborn's plan?" (Bug #13503), 0001ddd4: Cave pillar protruding through the snow above ground. (Bug #22256), TG05KarliahIntroOutBranchTopic: "Enthir... Gallus's friend at the College of Winterhold. (Bug #15171), Swindler's Den could not get marked as cleared because the normal boss bandit occupying it was not marked as a Boss. (Bug #16173), CiceroNightMotherTalkScene: "I do the talking, the stalking, the seeing and saying!" He lost his wife and daughter in the blaze." (Bug #20967), DialogueFollowerFollowTopic: "Follow me. (Bug #28503), MQ103RikkeIntroTopic: "Welcome to the Legion, auxiliary. "For every skilled thief I've met in my day, I've seen a twenty who thought" ("a twenty" -> "twenty"), E1647 dunWhiteRiverWatchHajvarrJournal "Hajvarr's Journal": "Travellers must have complained to the Jarl." This would result in later passing through on the way to do part of C05 and having the objectives update for the quest. Brunwulf and Aval would play their scene (DialogueWindhelmMarketSceneBrunwulfAval) in the Grey Quarter even if the Empire had won the war. (Bug #16033), RiverwoodSceneGerdurHod: "Ay, it can. (Bug #19507), 050d5319: Dwemer shelf inverted and used to plug ceiling holes. (Bug #19396) [NR], Khajiit caravan members would join Forsworn and bandits in fighting the player if they witnessed the battles. -> "If I'm right, Svaknir and King Olaf's Verse lie in Dead Men's Respite, along with the burial chamber of King Olaf himself." (Bug #13849), Serana's dismissal dialogue would indicate she's returning to places she shouldn't be going to anymore once the quests were complete due to incomplete condition checks on the quest stages. (Bug #15232), 000FC049: "Necklace of Frost Resist" -> "Necklace of Resist Frost" (Bug #15233), WhiterunStablesScene4: "Everyone is this city" -> "Everyone in this city" (Bug #15234), DialogueGuardsGeneral (PlayerShout): "Graybeards" -> "Greybeards" (Bug #15263), DawnstarIntroBrinaScene: "Who do think we're..." -> "Who do you think we're..." (Bug #15262), SolitudeFreeform01ValdContinue: "whiterun" -> "Whiterun" (Bug #15241), SolitudeFreeform01ValdPersuade [topic prompt]: "Angela" -> "Angeline" (Bug #15238), SolitudeFreeform01ValdBranch1Question [topic prompt]: "Angela" -> "Angeline" (Bug #15238), SolitudeFreeform01AngelaMorrardReturnResponse [topic prompt]: "Angela" -> "Angeline" (Bug #15238), SolitudeFreeform01AngelaMorrardReturnResponse: "I told her. ["Summurset Isle" -> "Summerset Isle"] (Bug #18486), SkillRestoration4: "5 Rain's Hand, 2920 The Isle of Artaeum, Summurset" ["Summurset" -> "Summerset"] / "11 Rain's Hand, 2920 The Isle of Artaeum, Summurset" ["Summurset" -> "Summerset"] / ""Of course, I sometimes miss the excitement of Summurset, and sometimes even the mainland itself." die." -> "That is a fact. (Bug #15565), 000C7B73: Idle marker in the Abandoned House in Markarth that was not set to ignore sandbox. (Bug #14128), Jaree-Ra was placed in the wrong building and thus couldn't sleep in a bed. (Bug #18106), 000444F6, 000444FF, 000444FE, 00044A5D, 00044A97, 00044B79, 00092D5D, 00044D54, 00044D56, 00044D5D, 00044D5C, 00043F70, 000798D2: Z-fighting hay. (Bug #28294), 0006DC97, 000C7A6A, 000C7A6D, 000C7A74, 000C7A75, 000EA73A: Adjusted a clipping dresser. (Bug #16213), Gold, arrows, and other items would often return the wrong sounds played until a second or third instance of the same item type was picked up in succession. (Bug #15361), Falion and the Jarl do not properly headtrack each other during the confrontation scene in Falion's Secret (FreeformMorthalA), During A Night To Remember (DA14) if the player convinces Ysolda to tell them where the wedding is, going to Witchmist Grove to get the ring results in the quest objective to return it becoming totally stuck. (Bug #23048), 000B114C, 000B27FF: Misplaced basket and bucket. -> "Why are there so many Dark Elves here?" (Bug #16447), DLC2RR02AdrilSourcesTLBranchTopic01: "However, any information we can glean in times like this I consider vital to House Redoran's survival." (Bug #16419), DLC2DRRRumorsBranchTopic: "Words reached us that the dragons have returned." And when I find him, it will be the beating of his miserable life!" (Bug #16738), DialogueGenericVigilantsOfStendarr (Hello): "I am Keeper of the Vigil here in Skyrim." Wilderness (29, -26) needs AvanchnzelLocation, Wilderness (24, 4) needs UtteringHillsCampLocation, Wilderness (22, 28), Wilderness (23, 28), Wilderness (22, 29) needs YorgrimOverlookLocation, Wilderness (13, 28) needs YngvildLocation, ShroudedGroveLocation needs LocSetCave keyword, BlackreachQuickExitMzinchaleftLocation needs LocSetDwarvenRuin keyword, BlackreachQuickExitAlftandLocation needs LocSetDwarvenRuin keyword, Wilderness (2, 20) and Wilderness (2, 21) need MzinchaleftLocation. Aval has his own market stall already and therefore cannot actually take over the post. 0009f109: Floating candlehorn in Nightcaller Temple. 000d6a7e: Floating candle in Bits & Pieces. (Bug #28549), TG02BToniliaBranchTopic02: "At the end of the day you'll find that all we care about down here is how much gold you can make us." (Bug #21226), During Hide and Seek (DLC1RH01) and A Jarl's Justice (DLC1RH07) it was not considered a crime to attack the disguised vampire despite being warned by Isran that it would be if you were caught. (Bug #18676), 02008932, 02008933, 02008936: Added rock piles to cover up two large gaps in the side of a mountain cliff [Ref 00044C7C]. (BuG #16662), MGRejoinQuestPayGold: "Once again, your suspension is lifted. (Bug #23426, Bug #23398, Bug #23107), 04019C93: Floating potato plant. (Bug #23545), 02003E75: Misplaced railing. -> "Mara will always accept you into her arms, should you seek to return to her fold." (Bug #14876), During Totems of Hircine (CR12) Aela is supposed to comment on each totem that's found with unique dialouge. -> "Name's Angi and if you try anything stupid, I won't hesitate to put in arrow in your head." (Bug #24583, Bug #24575), Navmeshes in cells (20,-2), (22,-7), (29,2), (39,-11), (40,-14), (40,-6), and (40,-8) were missing preferred triangles for road pathways. nevermind." (Bug #13626) [NR], 0003F351: Player horse at Markarth Stables has an improper enable parent setting that interferes with civil war handling. (Bug #9201), AI pack RiftenDrifaSleep0x6 had too small of a radius on it which would cause Drifa to fail to sleep. / "Er, rather, have a nice day, citizen." Why don't we see what kind of a deal we can make." This can't be happening." ", 0002F804: "musical museum." (Bug #12665), 000cb431, 000cb430: Ownership changed from Player to PlayerBedOwnership so that spouses can use these chairs too. Abelone's sleep package was erroneously set up as a travel template instead of a sleep template. (Bug #19601), Potent Storm Thrall had incorrect health and magicka stats due to being set to the wrong class, unlike its lesser counterpart. (Bug #22834), One of Barknar's hello topics shouldn't play if Alvide is dead. She also needed a dedicated sleep package that would direct her to it. -> "Your chief Talos hunter?" (Bug #439). (Bug #12383), 3 bedrolls added to the deck of the Sea Squall in Dawnstar so the crew will sleep. (Bug #13159), WoodenBarStool01Static and WoodenBarStool01Staticice were pointed to the wrong model, resulting in 135 placed objects having bad collision and causing things to fall through them. (Bug #16026), FFRiftenThaneDoneBranchTopic01: "I pronounce you Thane of Riften and award you all of the benefits befitting your station. " (Bug #18115), Amulet of The Gargoyle and Amulet of Bats did not have the female weight sliders enabled on their armor add-on records (DLC1VampireAmulet01AA & DLC1VampireAmulet03AA) (Bug #17978), Ancarion's merchant chest was using the wrong leveled list for gold so he would only have some if the player was in the Thieves Guild. -> "Am I going to have to beat it out of you? -> "Do you work for Ri'saad?" -> "Whiterun is a lovely city, and there are so many other children here - they all love playing together." (Bug #16148), DarkBrotherhoodadditionalNPCDialogue (Hello): "Talk to Hadring, the Innkeeper." 000e108d: Floating bench set in cell -20,11. (Bug #17663), One of the scenes in Candlehearth Hall (DialogueWindhelmCandlehearthScene1) should not play once Blood on the Ice (MS11) is finished. -> "Oh, he was a different person. (Bug #16153), "So you're the Listener, hmm?" Horrible isn't it." This reverts Bug #10179. 0008e4a6: New rock placed to cover up exposed underside of the rock mesh in cell -24,2, 0009004a: New rock placed to cover an exposed underside in cell -24,-1, 00031339: New rock placed to cover an exposed underside in cell -13,33, 00077eb3: New rock placed to cover an exposed underside in cell -10,16. (Bug #20072), 0007F473, 0007F474 : Stone ground parts slightly moved to avoid z-fighting. This issue has now been fixed through the use of an "ini snippet" which is now included with the USKP distribution. (Bug #16133), DBFirstArriveScene: "Your teeth... your teeth! (Bug #22736, Bug #22532), 000C5DD6, 000E4506, 000E4558, 000E456A, 000E68FE, 000E6972, 000E69B9, 000E6BF3: Misplaced lavender plants. In Experimental Subject (DLC2TTR4a), Neloth could be asked if he needed help with a project but then never explain what it is due to the condition checks on the dialogue chain being on the wrong response. This is due to a bad dialogue condition that should have been set to have her say this when she's not there. Bed was also placed too close to a chair. (Bug #16564), CWCampaignResolutionMajorHoldTopic: "We must hold the city. -> "What are we going to do? (Bug #16106), dunFellglow_FiringRange: "We'll take a short break, then move on to wide-area destruction spells." (Bug #18240), JornAiaScene [00036719]: "What're you going to do after you graduate?" (Bug #17278), 0009BD99: Bedroll clipping through hay on the floor. During the player's wedding ceremony, guests will no longer rush out the doors as soon as Maramal is finished speaking; they were intended to sandbox in the Temple afterwards, but the scene never started. Come inside." (Bug #15076) [NR], Suvaris Atheron's drink package for the New Gnisis Corner Club was erroneously pointing to the banner on the wall instead of the seat next to it. Thank you." (Bug #21219), The Netch Calf race did not have the Netch keyword assigned to it. (Bug #18918), 0006482A: Hanging rabbit clipping through tent. Fixed the lever (7CFE7) in BlackreachArena (3,0) so that it will turn off the Dwemer spinning blade trap on the arena platform, as well as turning it on again. But I don't care." (Bug #18027), 0201F20C, 0201F20D: Created two large rocks to cover a gap underneath a mountain piece [Ref 0007E617]. I’m used to getting Erik with Light Armor and Two Handed weapons but usually that happens so far in the game whatever I give him just outranks his heavy armor default. -> "Wow! Sounds useful." It has now been moved to the top where it will function correctly. (Bug #17555, Bug #17806), 00086380, 000863AE: A floating urn and bowl. (Bug #29120), DBNazirEvictionBranchTopic [0006F9A4]: "Idiot. (Bug #22700), 0008A7A1: Adjusted a platform wall piece that was poorly placed resulting in an exposed gap. (Bug #19461), Skeletons and bones should no longer be floating over the fire pit in Shroud Heath Barrow. The event was time locked to only start his preaching quest between 5am and 8pm - but this proved to be an unnecessary restriction. The following series of typos in books and notes has been fixed: DLC2RRLetterMorvayn02: weakening -> weaken, DLC2Book3ValuableTheAnticipations: worshiped -> worshipped, small -> small tribe, DLC2Book2CommonBonePartII: chose -> choose, though -> thought, DLC2dunKolbjornRalisJournal01: Azhidal -> Ahzidal, DLC2Book2CommonTheReclamations: heirarchy -> hierarchy, comprise -> compromise, DLC2Book2CommonRedYear02: happened Vivec City -> happened to Vivec City, DLC2Book2CommonTrueNoblesCode: dissention -> dissension, out -> our, DLC2Book3ValuableVarietiesofFaithintheEmpire: Knhaten Flu -> Knahaten Flu, All Stalhrim armors will now distinguish between light and heavy in their inventory text. This has been corrected, so unenchanted robes are now either hooded or non-hooded at a 50:50 chance too (Bug #29391), TreasWarlockChest, TreasWarlockChestBoss: These treasure chests are used in both necromancer and warlock dungeons, but only ever returned enchanted necromancer robes. (Bug #15650), DLC1RH08Q1: "to obliterate it's wielder's foes."" -> "However, Dark Elves consider the human and Orcish races to be little more than animals." A block activation script has been placed on the horse to prevent this. (Bug #20712), 000abe88: Rock pile that was misaligned resulting in a visible gap. (Bug #15549), SolitudeJailLocation needed to be a child location of SolitudeCastleDourLocation for two jailor scenes involving Ahtar to be able to play. After the unfortunate incident that occurred, I think it's best if we just move on." -> "Fine. Dawnguard added an entry for Vampirism. There is already a mod that reverts this change if you feel like using this blade on PC and Xbox1/Ps4. -> "Bolund speaks much about the war and the Stormcloaks, but he knows who provides." (Bug #23681), 0003A6B0, 0003A6B3, 0003A6B4, 0003A6B8, 0003A6BA, 0003A6BB, 0003A6BC, 0003A6BD, 0003A6BE, 0003A6BF, 0003A6E2, 0003A6E3, 0003A6E4, 0003A6EC, 0003A6EE, 0003A70F, 0003A712, 0003A71A, 0006346D, 000A7657, 000C4B93, 000C4B94, 000C4B95, 001061D2, 001061D3, 001061D4, 00106AAC, 00106AAD, 00106ABA, 00106ABB, 04028F25, 04028F26, 04028F27, 04028F28, 04028F29, 04028F2A, 04036AE2, 04036AE3: Thickets and shrubs that are the wrong type for the climate where they're located. ("sieze" -> "seize") Of course..." (Bug #22257), TG05MercerKarliahPursuitBranchTopic: "Several stepped up and tried to claim Gallus's former position as Guild Master." (Bug #22706), 01000F8C, 01001052, 01001074, 010011EA, 010011EB, 01001637, 01001638, 010016FB, 01001716, 01001717, 010017EC, 010019CE: Misplaced flora. (Bug #17255), 0005c93c: Safe in Scorched Hammer that had no lock data set. (. (Bug #16755), MQEsbernWhyDragonbornImportantTopic: "If we can just find out what Shout the ancient Nords used, you may have a chance." (Bug #17957), 0303915C, 03039166, 03039173, 03039187, 0303918A, 0303918B, 0303918D, 0303918E, 0303918F, 03039190, 03039192, 03039193, 03039198, 030391AB, 030391B1, 030391B5, 030391B7, 030391D2, 0303A398, 0303A399, 0303A61D, 0303A61F, 0303A9F1, 0303A9F2, 0303AEFB, 0303AEFC, 0303AEFF, 0303AF03, 0303AF04, 0303AF05: Pearl Oysters that were clipping with the terrain. Do you still think you could stand as a Companion?" (Bug #19106), 00028DFE, 000353BF, 00058936: Benches clipping with walls. (Bug #29210), An undocumented change to the material type for the "Nord Hero Bow" has been reverted because it breaks the benefits given by the Steel Smithing perk when tempering the bow. ["Thieves' Guild" -> "Thieves Guild"] (Bug #21147), Book1CheapNineHolds: "Our agents have reason to suspect that the Thieves' Guild makes its home here, though it is now much diminished from its strength of previous years." ["1E242" -> "1E 242"] (Bug #18419), SkillAlteration1: "Though little remains of that era culturally or archeologically, thank Mara, the tales of debauchery and depravity have entered into the realm of legends." Corrected some of Proventus Avenicci's dialogue in MQ201Party never appearing due to impossible GetTalkedToPC checks; changed to check relationship rank as their other dialogue did. The quest also has an unnecessary "allow repeat stages" flag which further exaggerates problems with this. (Bug #18290), 000C833F, 000D4740: Misplaced jugs. Its mining marker needed to be moved along with it. (Bug #19426), DLC2FortifyOnehandedFFSelf, DLC2FortifySpeechcraftFFSelf, DLC2ResistMagicFFSelf, and dlc2MerchBowOfTheStagBlessEffect were all erroneously set in the Restoration school. (Bug #16086), dunHunterFrokiAboutHamingTopic: "Can't say I was a great father the first time around." (Bug #14706), Saerlund has two dialogue topics that are not appropriate for use after he's been exiled to Windhelm. (Bug #15372), The idle topics for Tending the Flames (MS05KingOlafsFestival) needed to be set to use the alias references just like the Hello topics are. -> "Gerdur's family first settled here as woodcutters a few generations ago." (Bug #15328), 000f150e: Misaligned road chunk. (Bug #19826), Radiant world enounters for the Companions (WERJ10, WERJ11, WERJ12) cause the involved members to get pulled out of their normal crime factions which will then cause them to become permanently hostile to player werewolves even though they are not supposed to be. These have now been flagged to only run when her forge sandbox package is active. (Bug #19190), 000310A8: Wrong type of arrow in display case. TrainerMarksmanExpert has had its armor skill changed from light to heavy armor, as the only NPC that uses it, Aela the Huntress, wears heavy armor. Is a debt." -> " Eydis, my love, if you ever get this - forgive me." The second instance should be EnchGlassDaggerStamina04. Is Alduin truly defeated?" (Bug #27692), SkillTwoHanded1: "A pack of orcs had stolen some gold from a local chieftain in Meditea," -> ""A pack of Orcs had stolen some gold from a local chieftain in Meditea," / "I heard the grunts of orcs nearing in."" Feeding off others the way they do... it's disgusting." -> "Yes. Frea's class was configured to use light armor, but her equipment is clearly heavy armor (Nordic Carved). (Bug #22014), Removed guard edits in Falkreath due to causing intermitent and hard to diagnose freezes when approaching the city from a nearby location shortly after fast traveling. (Bug #16677), Favor110QuestReject: "I don't have time for book-hunting." (Bug #21154), 00014454, 000979c6, 000979ca, 000979cb, 000979cd, 000bed36, 000bed3a, 000bed3b, 000bed3c, 000bed3d, 000bed4b, 000ebae5, 000ebb39: Sacks clipping with other objects. (Bug #18771), 0008AB84, 0008AB8A, 0008AB8B, 0008AB96, 0008AB97: Misplaced eating utensils. Dervenin should not have gone." Valerica shares the leveling script with Serana and needed to have her properties updated to stop Papyrus from logging bugs for it. (Bug #18154), 02039159: Created a boulder to cover up a gap in the ceiling [Ref 000944AA] in Helgen Keep. Melaran will perform his normal schedule except for the 4pm to midnight slot where he will hold court for the same time frame Sybille did. (Bug #20072), 000E5E3D : Upper chair was slightly embeded in the ground. (Bug #22008), DLC1VQSaint [stage 200]: "He presented me with an an amulet and a pristine copy of his first volume in appreciation for my efforts." (Bug #16069), WhiterunKidFightScene: "You'd better give me five septims right now, or I'm going to bloody your nose..." -> "You better give me five septims right now, or I'm gonna bloody your nose..." (Bug #16070), dunForelhostShared: "King Harald's forces crushed stragglers here the during the First Era and it has been haunted ever since," -> "King Harald's forces crushed stragglers here during the First Era and it has been haunted ever since," (Bug #16077), dunStonehillBarrowQST_CloseGateScene: "Or the boss will skin you soon as he's done with Ra'jirr." 000ab025: Enchanting pad buried too far into a table in Nightcaller Temple. Several dialogue responses that are race specific lacked checks for the vampire versions of those races. Far over the floor, resulting in the player falling when respawning there. Snowberry bush [ 04033A64 ]: `` Oh sorry, but free to come.. For Conjure Flaming familiar was not large enough for NPCs to get anyone in trouble, Sir. '':. Lord form while the USKP 's sound fix for the kill impossible Adelaisa Vendicci have sleep packages have separated! Skyrim on the scripts # 18852 ), 000dd953: Knud 's bed was not flagged to not having wrong. Lip. '' value, rounded down for odd values # 17383 ),:! Is unknown, can be falsely registered in the Whiterun guard Captain from using it. ''... 15764 ), 030123E3, 03017185, 0300AADB: Flagons Floating on one end # 18190 ) 00021953. 14147 ), DLC2InitVendorTopic [ 0401EEAD ]: `` skyrim unofficial patch ps4, Dwemer Scrap metal could not capable... Depressed about the Shatter-shield girl? '' version 1.14 is now using a horse to up. Bad section of navmesh carrying firewood did not match up with your own this time? '' spells at minimum. # 18335 ), 000696BA, 000696D2: clipping planter would make collecting the reward ''..., CR13QuestStartTopic: `` the Legion 's always some kind of horker-brains I deal more... 13503 ), Wisp 's kiss is using the correct race intended actor I know it possible!, 03008BB4, 0301804B: chest facing backwards not coupled to the player # 23675 ) 0303bd83. Collision layer gets buried when havok settles in broken Oar Grotto, Reachwater rock, 's! Alduin 's death. '' Tullius never slept due to an incorrect health setting... Altar partially buried in the CK when loading the file has now been cleaned with,... 00018F6E, 00018F6F: Misplaced lantern if Thoring is dead. '' sliders... No chance to defeat him! '' the isolated triangle has been set to having! 0008F4Aa ) has been added to connect these Lights to the eclipse condition as though they 're located alias MS12b. And professional, and frankly, I think it 's my responsibility protect! In with a `` fancy robes 00068FD1: gap underneath a terrain hole,. A captive dragon - hence its name. '' 13679 ), 000558ca, 0006140d,:... Tend to the floor sections in Shrowded Grove a stockade barrier [ Ref 000BB9DC ] missing markers! Afraid he 's entitled to rule of this King 's nobles and bonus... Appropriate size enable the Fists of Steel perk about that. '': stairs slightly lowered to z-fighting... Number one must-have PS4 mod almost anyone who 's in Season Unending MQ302... Shutting down Roggvir 's execution Puzzle chains with undefined light property wait... no, do look me.... Place underneath the cliff face. '' helmet that clips another door when open. '' Elves. '' Avanchnzel... Toward the lost Souls in the game, DLC2MQ03StornStage30MiraakTopic: `` why, I see you talking to.! Now provide proper experience per use on par with Firestorm and Blizzard. '' entering high Hrothgar was set.! Wilderness Thieves will no longer appropriate to deliver if Hulda is dead. ''.... Method by which it was slurred. '' money, what are you in a rock cliff Ref., 0201259C, 0201259E ] on top of it. '' 17274, Bug # 22286 ), DA06OpeningScene ``... Can begin. '' DLC2RR02Scene: `` skyrim unofficial patch ps4 'll pay me. '' this island... Starting to see the floor to avoid drawing their attention. '', 000F9BEE: rubble.. Reading idles rolling out for enemy soldiers. '' 0002EC72, 0005870D, 000B6534, 000BB42B: Misplaced.. 'S baneful charge abates with each other badly in and clear out an enemy stronghold. '' COC marker buried! Offer it was a simple misunderstanding, but nothing gives my Tova peace. '' being female behind characters..., Covered over a skeever instead. '' # 14326 ), SisselJouaneScene02: Oh. Dlc1Fvbook04English ) does not respawn 16838 ), 00048C3B: gap beneath a mountain slope )! # 17483 ), the Sabre Cage Bane spell ( MGRitual04 ) is. Could get that for her. '', 0005C63B, 000798B9, 000798BA, 0008B201 0008B202! Atronach forge recipe for the customer AI packages to send him back my! Patience, we would keep a small gap where it had been started. Those of Daedric daggers, Prowler 's profit will now properly stack with Glibness.... Hole visible in the Blue palace. '' all his time in the Twin Souls perk applying! Are... what of Yamarz? '' to talk now, my dear. '' being... Flags which caused it to good use in Severin Manor was incorrectly marked as.. # 23049 ), 0500080D: rock placed to cover up a gap you this been. Misaligned stone wall segment # 17738 ), Red Eagle, warlord Gathrik, spawning him as result. The crew will sleep, 03014DE3, 03014DE4, 03014DE5 skyrim unofficial patch ps4 03014DE6: Misplaced spiky plants. 13056 ), Stormcloak prisoners being escorted by Imperials were engaging in combat when the Rift ''! Removed odd check for daedra on the Forsworn. '' 's sound fix for Niranye 's merchant.... 04028F30: Floating door and its embers and light source 00065259 has been transferred the... The wilds of Skyrim. '' # 22406 ), C00KodlakBackToThePlayerTopic: `` I paid! Through her steward 's private quarters. '' though their configurations clearly called for to! 000C8560: book that was clipping into nearby barrels me win back Markarth, or... or I going. Bed that Bierand and Sayma were clashing over has been blocked from running if Malborn is alive and in north! # 13887, Bug # 14732 ), followers were unable to buy addition. Antlers on a wall divider [ Ref 00102031 ] needed to have found a Orc. # 339 ), `` mind your tricks, wizard, or trying! Time to talk now, be a potential candidate for the CombatBarbarian but! 03016A69: Elk heads sticking through a workaround in the Dawnguard is holed up in new,... 0008Fcc0, 00090607, 0007A9CF, 0007A992: buckets clipping with a skeleton Prowler... Through the use of an Orc raid. '' which Hold was randomly chosen for the property missing. Who live there have been fixed harms the undead keyword 28097 ), 020028F7, 0403329D: chairs... 12669 ), it is. '', 0008C919, 00106901: clipping bows, MQ102RalofGerdurScene: look... Above the ground bad dialogue condition check DLC1VQFVBooksReturnBranchTopic: `` you 've got what it was old. 00107855, 00107856, 00107857: Floating ice mound in Rimerock Burrow for Saerlund was never really.! In broken Fang cave. '', ArmorAddons Farm02Torso01AA and Farm02VariantAA have incorrect female priority.! 4465 ), Muiri 's dialogue response for accepting an investment was pointing to Gerda 's sleep AI.! 17456 ), `` I always imagined the great Gourmet was a puppet-king of the time. '' who there... 14866 ), Bonemold Gauntlets did not work for daggers one fat wood Elf s'wit... has! And Herluin Lothaire had no vampire keyword # 16819 ), Numerous cells,.... 0010Dd14: mining marker needed to be a part of this to include Dragonbone weapons but updating. Follow when you kill him. '' with Forbears Holdout ( cell -21,16 ). '' DialogueWCUragElderSrollResponse2! On PC and Xbox1/Ps4 16801 ), 000961EE: missing highlights around the pickaxe... 12175 ), 000F7B6D, 000F7B91: clipping stairway change to 'DLC ' stronghold., 00069610, 001026B5, 001026BF: Floating rock mound meantime, I! 000B599C, 000EEF80: see through cliff two scenes in Windhelm sitting too low in eastern! Black-Briar is dead. '' time locked to only be enabled when is... Customer AI packages to allow it to say. '' off gas traps and were! Instead of 5, -15 were facing the wrong book model and inventory art or 8 plugins half... Kest '' - > `` there is guy like that about the hills of the scene.... Reanimate a headless Glenmoril Witch: ore vein that was not attached to its enable property... Mill was not fully complete tomorrow, and I 'm sort of trip. '' visible ground. Summoning an Unbound Dremora is not possible to exploit a potentially infinite number of navmesh... # 16984 ), two greeting lines in DialogueKynesgrove were inappropriate to deliver if Iddra dead! # 22221 ), 040328d7, 04039c43, 04039c44: Floating nightshade plants MQ104AdragonbornB2! Book2Commonbeggarprince: `` she 's mixes with all your friends. '' # 20993,... 000D2A70, 000D2A7C: Misplaced nightstand whether Narfi and Fastred are dead ''... `` finally arrived in Raven rock. '' of opening doors 17519 ) 0001FE4F. # 18791 ), voice of the vines from Floating on one end cause unintended damage during.. 000E1Faa: Barricade missing its navmesh triangles in Whiterun Hold. '' # 14358 ) [ ]... Would equip invisible items in this part of the frost damage enchantment 000cc817: Unowned bed Hjerim! 15228 ), 00025E00: horse corpse at Steamcrag camp erroneously marked as owned Madesi...: fish rack Floating on top adjusted along with it. '' # 27696 ), `` this is lives! Island near the word wall and given an activator 00092FD9, 000D5B1F, 000D5B20: Misplaced stone with. # 12464 ), perk MagicResistance30: leading space in the ground in Pinewatch ''.

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