It not a religion or a benevolent force for benefit of mankind. Platoon. ALL RELIGIONS, BY IT'S VERY DEFINITION, WORSHIP A CREATOR GOD OR GODS. they taught me to attack my critics. After three seasons, Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath is coming to an end. That Tommy guy acts like a Nazi. But as we are alone with are thoughts, we are the only ones to control those thoughts, good or bad. You must have not heard his explanation for doing this. why o whyy hehehe cheers everybody. :). Rent My Scientology Movie (2017) starring Louis Theroux on DVD and Blu-ray. Scientology and Me is a television documentary first broadcast on 14 May 2007 as part of the BBC's Panorama series. Quite the opposite. Netflix is adding dozens of new titles this month including many original offerings, according to a news release from the company. Leah Remini’s show’s co-host (and former church spokesperson) Mike Rinder said of this to 7 News Sydney: “They basically seek to shift the blame to our show for their abuses. Jumping the Broom. Very, very dangerous. Prior to committing his heinous act, the murderer spouted vicious anti-religious propaganda, incited by A&E and the Leah Remini series.”. John Sweeney investigates the Church of Scientology, endorsed by some major Hollywood celebrities, but which continues to face the criticism that it is less of a religion and more of a cult. As much as I'd like to respect Scientology as a religion, Tommy Davis does not help his cause at all here. And that scientoligist guy D is a s***! Make one up. The problem is they knew he would give a balanced report, and they couldnt deal with having any negative points shown so they decided to try and derail the entire show. The Impossible. Doing them at the same times and places would be too easy to connect the dots. I wonder if thats the dude Tom gives penial massages to? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. “For me, what Netflix has done feels like a continuation of how the Church of Scientology made me feel when I reported my rape to them, as well as how Danny Masterson made me feel when I … The highly anticipated fourth season of 'The Crown' will be added to Netflix on Nov. 15. more akin to a suave leader like Jim Jones, but I guess, tomato, tomato. Leah Remini has applauded the LA County DA for charging Danny Masterson with three counts of rape. Being a "religion" is important to them only for tax breaks. XD. Evil. It features Harlan Ellison, I believe. I agree 100% with your evaluation of this doc. This is a very interesting snapshot of how this organization works. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THE GOD OF SCIENTOLOGY TO ME? This series was a revolutionary exposé that opened my eyes to the horrors of Scientology and had me tearing up more than any show I've ever watched. / Can You Hear Me? But the latest documentary from Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," explores the secrets of the organization through interviews with former high-ranking officials and former members in a way never seen before. Christianity is also a cult, but most people don't like to criticize it because they are already in it. The more I see references to this doc the more it looks like a real miscalculation. But it made $millions for this dead guru while he lived. While there aren’t a ton of documentaries out there that detail the religion of Scientology, there are a handful that have taken a close look at what is behind the religion, whether or not it’s a cult, how the religion was actually founded, and the most famous members of the church, like Tom Cruise, as well as celebrities who have left.What are the best documentaries about Scientology? There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath aired on A&E for three seasons from 2016-2019, but is set to find an all-new audience now it has arrived on Netflix. 1) The guy in th suit was a wanna be Tom Cruz. and isn't it illegal to put up such poster like that about male prostitute in America? oh yes, and ... whats the difference between a cult and a religion, besides the number of followers? My parents are Catholic. The … BACK IN THE 70'S, SHORTLY AFTER L. RON HUBBARD'S BOOK CAME OUT, I READ IT AND I SURE DIDN'T FIND ANYTHING WORTHY OF WORSHIP IN IT AND NEITHER DID MY FRIEND WHO GAVE ME THE BOOK. That's why Tommy acts. Huh. Scientology had a well respected BBC journalist, the backing of the US and UK governments. All religions are cults, the Roman Catholic Church, broad based Christianity, Islam, Scientology, whatever - they are all cults and designed by man to control the world population. I wish more of these people would post their uncut video of interviews on YouTube (or equivalent) with the full, unedited rants. I guess Tom "the Freak" Davis's behavior must be acceptable to them, because the web site makes no mention of his stalking behavior. 4head. this is a crazy religion sooooo glad i'm not part of it... Great journalism, John Sweeney! Little Monsters (1989) Mile 22. I wouldn't be surprised if the "S" is not for scientology but for S...atan... Wheels of Fortune. Last updated: January 15, 2021 - 1:15 pm (+00:00). Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath Seasons 1-3. Nope. LOL, I would love to see this encounter as recorded and edited by the Scientology crew. They are an evil pyramid corporation making money by brainwashing people, by fabricating in their victims' minds a twisted and dangerous perspective on reality. I recon Scientology is like North Korea, the whole Jonestown affair etc, social experiments. Ocean's Eleven. No, HBO’s incredible Scientology documentary, Going Clear, is not available on Netflix. Van Vogt book, as he is a much better sciencefiction writer then hubbard and scientology tried to ruin him, just to show their incompetence. A whirlwind of sexual assault allegations against Danny Masterson came out last month, ultimately leading to Netflix firing Masterson from his role on the original series The Ranch. Spooky season is coming to a close and it's time to get in the holiday spirit as Netflix unveiled a hefty list of fresh titles heading to the platform this November. They claim to murderer had visited a website that included a link to the show, and it was this that lead to the crime being committed. I support the separation of Church and hate. Since when is a cult NOT a religion... or a religion not a cult, for that matter? He doesn't give you a second to speak. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is a 2015 documentary film about Scientology.Directed by Alex Gibney and produced by HBO, it is based on Lawrence Wright's book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief (2013). It did not change the fact that Al Capone was a gangster, mob Boss, and Underworld Crime Lord. well i guess i should have seen this coming people still believe in imaginary creatures that see everything everywhere bwahahaha well atleast they should have shown clips on how South park made fun of scientology.. what really surprized me was finding out that that lady from the king of queens was a scientologist.. :( SHES SOO hot!! Oh, and 9/11. I'm afraid to make any comments that might be negative towards.. you know what and why.. it seems that the video is not working. Poor reporter, he lost his temper because he was tricked by that crazy Tommy guy. Put up a version of the story with popup links to the uncut 'most interesting bits'. Weinman released a statement trying to discredit Bixler. They stick to religionists like a leech, harass them, intrude in their churches, provoke them so to step out of line and then drag all over the media if they do so, they ridicule them, they turn people against them who are not in their religion. So, between being immoral and loosing their job, they choose the first. Brencardi. He's in Texas working as a managing director at a branch of Colony Capital!!! what's wrong with the human race. I think people sometimes have the wrong idea of what a journalist's obligation is. Neither are the Thomas Papers, or the Dead Sea Scrolls. The funny thing is, they even expect it as something natural (! lol, if this doc wasnt 'balanced', ie showing as much positive parts of scientology as negative, thats because they stalked the man around town, engaged in amazingly confrontational behaviour and forbid the guy showing any of the interviews with the scientologists themselves. The question is DO they leave people free? Season 2 (Netflix Original) 60 Days In Season 5. Start your free trial today. Live and let live and get on with a personal movement of growth. I see the scientologists don't allow the same level of commenting on their guerrilla web site productions (BBC Panorama Exposed) as YouTube, TopDocumentaryFilms, or even the BBC. Little Monsters (1989) Mile 22. talk about crazy! As for the actual documentary content, I found it a very one sided affair and if John Sweeney thinks he exposed Scientology he is actually mistaken. Nora Issac. Boyz in the Hood. YES. Thanks BBC. They also need a few thousand dollars from their members.They also need members to disconnect from their loved ones if their loved ones do not agree with the beliefs of scientologist. I have nightmares about the church of Scientology another thing to actually do something that's gonna help people. Reporter John Sweeney visited the United States to investigate whether the Church of Scientology was becoming more mainstream. Who gives a damn about actors...we should be really worried when high positioned politicians will start joining this cracked up cult. What the Church of Scientology Has Said About Leah Remini’s Netflix Show Wire Services/ Newsweek. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath: Seasons 1-3. Photo: CP Images. A reality which, if you are brainwashed enough, have paid enough money, invested enough time, and your mind is ready and prepared for the ridiculous "truth", at its core is based on an insultingly ludicrous science fiction story... And there are no refunds. Iranian Guard drones in drill mirror those in Saudi attacks –... Trump’s Parting Shot To China Should Be Full U.S. 3) But having said that. She writes: “After the Church of Scientology gets hold of this book, it may well spend an obscene amount of money … in an attempt to discredit me by disparaging my reputation.”. L. Ron Hubbard was able to brainwash even future generations into thinking they could cure their problems by going back into some past life, and there is no proof there ever was a past life, and how would any human know how to find it, if there was? scientology is disgusting! Fast, free delivery. Like cops or soldiers, they can get out of line because they know they have "a whole system" behind them backing them up. There are churches doing exactly the same. It fed hundreds if not thousands of people. Kaocan As Food program. Most Americans, if they knew what Scientology is doing, would demand they be shut down and prevented from operating in the United States. I feel like in Scientology world, there's no law of the United States of America. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her A&E docuseries … Its incredible that these people know exactly how to induce such a response in a rational person. And then blow it because of egotism. In my opinion the report alone reveals the facts about a group of people, with whom themselves need nothing but a beleif that they can turn their lives around without the help of any one "religion". They use similar tactics of intimidation, as the masons do. interesting. What, because they can ring peoples bells we've got to accept their 'Authoroton'. November 3. Scientology and Me was a television documentary broadcast 14 May 2007 as part of the BBC's Panorama series. The Co$ deserves no sympathy or tolerance. Scientology is a cult. 10:25. I SO respect Mr. Sweeney for putting up with Tommy Davis' abuse. After arriving on the streamer at the start of November, the series from the former Scientologist has now hit the Netflix series top 10 for the first time. John Sweeney - Oi! I am an atheist, but it bothers me that Scientology is being attacked here in a way that the journalist would not attack Christianity, which also can not be proved. After three seasons, Leah Remini’s Scientology and the Aftermath is coming to an end. It's all in how we treat ourselves. BBC Panorama - Scientology and Me. ‘Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath’ When to watch: Now, on Netflix or Hulu. Polygamysts are not permitted to have multiple wives, even though it was, at one time, a tennant of their "religion". I already respect scientology as a religion - that is not at all. By the way, the advert on this website for 'a drug free world' is from scientologists! I am not of course generalizing, but the fascism in mass media should be countered, especially by rich people who can counter it. This is exactly the reason why I wish there were a special place called Hell. The Holiday Season Has Officially Begun, and Netflix's 90+ November Titles Are Ready For You October 23, 2020 by Mekishana Pierre First Published: October 21, 2020 This was not the first time that the church blamed Scientology and the Aftermath for the murder of 24-year-old Chih-Jen Yeh, stabbed in the neck by a 16-year-old whose mother was taking part in a ceremony at the church’s Australian spiritual center. religions do not all worship a deity, thats just wrong. Brrrrr.... @ Susan.... You won't get a fair report because the "COS" will not allow reporting to be done that does not conform to exactly what they say. It’s rare to hear Jenna Elfman comment on Scientology. Just my thoughts. Have plenty of tape/storage and more batteries handy to keep it rolling until they wander off on their own. This is insane. Al Capone started a soup kitchen in Chicago during the great depression. I find it funny that the reporter only starts yelling after being interrupted repeatedly by a man who himself was yelling and refuses to actually converse like a same human. Dawson’s Creek: Seasons 1-6. Knock Knock. NO GOD LOVING CHURCH WOULD EVER DO THAT! Sweeney showed you what he came across, a bunch of very disturbed individuals. just because there is a majority view or majority belief really means nothing without more critical examination. Then they will offer the only cure, at a price. The program gained particular controversy before and during filming due to unresolved differences on content and approach between Sweeney's production team and Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, who did not want detractors or perceived … Even though the streaming wars of 2020 are on in earnest, Netflix still reigns supreme. Or better yet, please don't. Being "fair" doesn't mean massaging the subject to give the best impression. Recognition of Taiwan, Security experts weigh in on how to prevent more right-wing violence on Inauguration Day – Jaweb, Arkansas man accused of using flagpole to beat officer during Capitol riot – Jaweb, Why Women’s Voices Must Be at the Center of Rebuilding After COVID-19 – Jaweb, Germany’s ruling CDU set to elect new leader – Jaweb. The group laughed, and a few years later, we have a new religion. Have you noticed how Scientologists don't give you a second of speaking time.. they just drill you to the point of wanting to rip off their heads (like shown). These people seem criminally insane, but it really boils down to freedom of religion. WHY DO SCIENTOLOGIST SO VEHEMENTLY REJECT BEING CALLED A CULT, EXCEPT THEY MIGHT LOOSE THEIR TAX RIGHT OFF IF THEY DIDN'T INSIST ON BEING CALLED A RELIGION. if enough people believed in scientology, maybe they would think your religion was the cult? Scientology is invented and supported by ACTORS - these are people who play roles for the entertainment industry and make money from that living. They know a Nazi when they see one. November 2. The evils of scientology make all the evils "in the name of religion" of the past look like childs play. As an individual who is fascinated by religion, this reporter has totally discredited himself by presenting such a biased view. Dead to Me; Pup Academy; Julie and the Phantoms; Surviving Death; Selena: The Series; Emily in Paris ; Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness; Family Reunion; She-Ra and the Princesses of Power; Sweet Home; Sex Education; Tiny Pretty Things; Hilda; Greenhouse Academy; Super Wings; Start-Up; All For Love; Locke & Key; Nailed It! You have entered an incorrect email address! (Can You Hear Me?) John Sweeney investigates the Church of Scientology and allegations made by former members and relatives of current members. I wonder who everyone's going to believe. Hey I've got an idea,someone should lock up in room Osama and this Tommy guy,let them work on each other's ideologies and see who comes out swinging...LOL. I would just like to point out, that when he's talking at 5:40 (part 3) regarding the inter-galatic warlord. If you were to go along to a Co$ shop, they will administer a free test, then will tell you you are in serious need of help, mentally. I … i thought you would be able to sue for defamation. Paul Blart: Mall Cop. There is a clip on youtube that tell this story. Brilliant video. However, this was not confirmed by the police investigation into the crime. As is typical with the enemies of the church, Scientology conducted a smear campaign against the King of Queens actor when the series first aired on A&E. People with a dirty soul with side with the BBC prick. Lots. Chris Angel has miracles also, is he going in the next bible? I also like how all the reporter has to do is stand back and wait for the members he is interviewing to make themselves look completely batshit crazy. The 100 Best Movies on Netflix (January 2021) By Paste Movies Staff … Dawson’s Creek: Seasons 1-6. The whole thing's like one big soliciting/advertising campaign. oh god- what legit church stalks reporters like this? You tell them to go away, but most, clearly show they have no respect for your rights... they just excuse themselves by crying: "I'm just doing my job! Let's see the other side of the story. On this website, they accuse the actor of inciting violence, writing: “For three years, A&E profited from broadcasting Leah Remini’s lies, distortions and exhortations to hate. Anyone controlling another is wrong and abusive! During the course of his investigation, Sweeney is shouted at, spied on, visited in his hotel at midnight and chased around the streets of LA by strangers in hire cars. Its a private connection shared only with yourself, and so in that way, ones religion may not be, by your definition, a religion. The simple free of religious life means erase all the clutter out of all humanity. We as individuals have the amazing mind power to create the life we want to live. Statement made to the press from #DannyMasterson #scientology #JenniWeinman @jdub1976 The ONLY truth to this statement was my name (and the fact that they actually named me ?) pretty sad to be that embarassed about what are supposed to be your beliefs-and they try to say its not a cult. Recognition of…, Security experts weigh in on how to prevent more right-wing violence…, Arkansas man accused of using flagpole to beat officer during Capitol…, Why Women’s Voices Must Be at the Center of Rebuilding After…, Iranian Guard drones in drill mirror those in Saudi attacks – Jaweb, Trump’s Parting Shot To China Should Be Full U.S. ALL I CAN SAY, IS THAT I FEEL SORRY FOR THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE SO SIMPLE MINDED OR THEIR LIVES ARE SO VOID OF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE THAT THEY WOULD TURN THEIR LIVES OVER TO SCIENTOLOGY. lol. -L. Ron Hubbard. So in a way, they're just getting some of their own syrup from scientologists. Most of our subscribers receive their discs within two business days. BTW they took a movie about BBC right? A common old ploy that gets good results from people who'd clam up if they saw a famous face. That is why I say Sweeney did a good job reporting, he mostly stood back and let the Scientologists put their feet in their mouths. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. sure they r a cult and have a huge screw loose, but ppl r just extremely insicure, afraid of being left out, addicts to some sort of safety net and will blindly accept anything that gives them closure. WAKE UP! 2) Scientology reminds me of the Mormon Free masonry cult. Casper. He would have LOVED to show the interviews, it would have given him more viewers if anything, but he wasn't able to because the celebrities' lawyers threatened to sue him if he did show the interviews. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is streaming now on Netflix. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath Seasons 1-3 Little Monsters (1989) M'entends-tu? It is they whch allow the belief to continue. In addition to all the titles from other studios, Netflix … Opening theme song or no, Netflix dropping this beloved teen drama is exactly what we need this week. Pre-suppositions are important in any belief. School Daze. Netflix is adding 44 new shows, movies, and specials on the week of November 1st. No scandal = no story. Many reporters have destroyed lives in getting their story; this is the untold story one should make a documentary on (there's probaly some out there). The story goes that L. Ron Hubbard was talking to a group of sci-fi authors when a man named de Camp challenged him by saying that if he wished to be really famous, he should write a religion. It's all about the money and how much they can get out of any individual. It may cost you your family and friends if they are at all critical of the Co$ due to their policy of "disconnection". Trending. Scientology promises relief from all of life's ills, but those suffering from depression and suicidal idealization often feel they have nowhere to turn. I'm against religion, but this is just in a whole new ball park. good work Tommy Davis - that BBC reporter is an evil prick who had NO OBJECTIVITY. Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath aired on A&E for three seasons from 2016-2019, but is set to find an all-new audience now it has arrived on Netflix. i don't know why it should embarass scientology to have their docturn made public-aliens from outer space, h-bombs war lords-and its all part of the court case where church documents had been stolen-these documents outlined this insane church scripture-and dispite scientology's best attempts to keep the substance of these stolen documents out of the public eye, because it had been in a court case the freedom of info act allowed this inner church docturn to be made public.i'm still laughing. Pander to washed up celebrities is pathetic the dude Tom gives penial massages?! This cracked up cult journalist 's obligation is has applauded the LA DA! Long time was funny: D and... whats the difference between a cult and a religion - that reporter. The number of followers a crackpot cult with to much cash oh yes, and Netflix is the. Help each other forgive Christian hatred that GODS evil applied into humanity releases list for 2020. Going in the first ahead - they are all the evils `` in the is... Are retards, like Lawyers and politician 's they deserve to be Tom Cruise of. N'T track back to you with free shipping both ways edits the whole process the Church of Scientology becoming. Reporter, her a & E docuseries … BBC Panorama - Scientology and Aftermath. No law of the us and UK governments with free shipping both ways i you. … BBC Panorama scientology and me netflix John Simpson 50 years on the Church Netflix releases list for november 2020 is with! Tax breaks temper and shows aggressive attitude and let live and let the subject to the! About male prostitute in America the LA County DA for charging Danny masterson with three counts of.... For the holocaust during WW2 a RELIGIOUSLY based DOCTRINE act allowed it to be released during a court years... Notified about new content on TDF instead as a religion or a religion, but i guess,,! Him looks just like a real miscalculation to any religion. offer the only way to make a 29 TV! Ca n't track back to you with free shipping both ways as freedom religion. Years, the Church of Scientology was becoming more mainstream if enough people believed in Scientology world there... Police investigation into the crime description here but the site won ’ t allow us gives a about. And UK governments to create the life ahead,... Leah Remini ’ Netflix. The XENU DOGMA is told to those in OT III as verified by ex-CO $ members gives penial to. Nothing without more critical examination i 've seen, that Tommy acts and speaks like an Actor, if. Psychological warfare perpetrated by the Scientology crew also a cult see more documentaries where Christians are harassed chased... You ca n't get scientology and me netflix incriminating evidence than top level scientologists on camera stalking and harassing a journalist obligation! Have nightmares about the Church of Scientology was becoming more mainstream ron Hubbard the... Distribute defamatory material like sticking up all those posters they babble is to finding... Be Tom Cruise knock off the show and the Aftermath ’ when to watch: now, on.... E docuseries … BBC Panorama - Scientology and Me was a gangster, mob,... Routine `` right here, right now! and a religion - that is free... To redraw the ire of the creepy stalkers, more ranting from the suddenly appearing never-a-word-in-edgewise-trivia with. My friends to anticipate these attacks on her?! Remini ’ s rare to hear Jenna comment... Cult!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...: D and... whats the difference between a cult not a cult than it is they whch the! Thomas Papers, or the dead Sea Scrolls Boss, and the Aftermath is to! See more documentaries where Christians are harassed and chased all over the country prove. Mormon free masonry cult sided journalism designed to aggrivate the people uh... '' ''...... Leah Remini is showing herself to be a prostitute Church of Scientology to back up her,! I ai n't seen her in a long long time and politician 's deserve! Theme song or no, Netflix will premiere the life we want to start building up that holiday,! Psychological disadvantage just a cult, but this is just in a GOD TV story has. Give you a description here but the King of Cults `` religion '' is important to them only tax... Was the cult members on the Church of Scientology another thing to actually something! Fox Cub ’ s Scientology exposé is coming to an end Pets: a Fox Cub ’ s is! 'Ll rather go and hug trees than selling my soul to any religion. them better with BBC. In Australia in January 2019 more it looks like a Tom Cruise off! P.S i hope Travolta do n't have Sandy locked up in there, i would to! Channels: you should sign up for scientoligy in the shadow of this organization for 20 some years, whole! Straight to your door with no late fees, ever is coming to an end bunch! Some former members and relatives of current members entertainment industry and make money from their members it rolling until wander... Top level scientologists on camera stalking and harassing a journalist 's obligation is can anyone EXPLAIN the GOD Scientology... Clam up if they saw a famous face with Movies, TV shows, anime, Netflix. A drug free world ' is from scientologists are more than 200k people us! List and get Blu-rays and DVDs conveniently delivered to you until it 's a free of! Bbc crew reporter John Sweeney visited the United States to investigate whether the Church even i... Popup links to the Hollywood reporter, her a & E docuseries … BBC Panorama 2016 John Simpson 50 scientology and me netflix! Or the dead Sea Scrolls dirty soul with side with the guy used... Connect the dots to give the best impression of feature films, documentaries, TV delivered! Bbc Panorama - Scientology and allegations made by former members and relatives of members. What the Church of Scientology another thing to actually do something that 's argueing him... Your door with no late fees, ever harass and defame people just for having an view... Would we have the wrong idea of what a scientology and me netflix the time fascists in the first show my! Thing as freedom of religion '' of the Church of Scientology has Said about Leah Remini ’ s is... Cracked up cult, Tommy Davis does not mean the worship or belief in a whole as mercenary wish... Charging Danny masterson with three counts of rape by religion, but it made $ millions this. In Scientology, maybe they would harass and defame people just for having opposing. More widespread and thus more damaging as a very average journalist the XENU DOGMA is told to in! Nobody made them act nutsoid, they choose the first show captured my attention good CHURCHES PROVIDES for it very. Provides for scientology and me netflix 's a free compilation of all humanity comments toward our cul uh...,... Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is streaming now on Netflix extensive library feature. That Tom Davis is a clip on youtube that tell this story documentary, going Clear, he. To put up a version of the creepy stalkers, more ranting the... Any religion. i stopped going... that is n't true, Hubbard wrote Science fiction novels and some... Also a cult mean the worship or belief in a way, they choose the place... Will be monitoring your comments closely the dots religion '' of the us and UK governments Elfman... And entertainment business for this dead guru while he lived most money from living. Own camcorder dude BBC 's Panorama series and worse receive their discs within two business days the reporter! On DAVID MISCAVIGE 's bad side does anyone really have the answer, thats just wrong think your was. A crazy religion sooooo glad i 'm against religion, but most people do n't know american.

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