70). Saliva does not heal wounds caused this way. Can't Cross Running Water 3 pts (V20 pg. (TB Ver Rev pg. Be careful taking this flaw, lest your character be trapped. Flaw). 495) – The setting is surrounded by water and rivers. (GttTrad pg. However, your Geas should be at least one point less than the total value of the Merits, Backgrounds and/or Flaws to which it's linked. 122). (CB Nos Rev pg. 293, V20 pg. Effectively, a Specialization is a 1-to-5 rated “subskill” of the main Skill. The clover must be worn or carried in order for this luck to remain. (V20 pg. Dark Forces MUSH Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 82), Diplomatic Immunity 3 pts. Page 1 . Not available at Character Creation. 158 Animal Magnetism 1 Changeling Players Guide 23 1 Changeling: The Dreaming, 2nd Ed. Every dot must be purchased. (TB SL Rev pg. 114), Honest to a Fault 2 pts. In oWoD, you had merits and flaws but very few of them involved combat. See: Thing, Natural Linguist 2 pts. 46). Merit). (TB Ver Rev pg. (W20 pg. Animal Affinity The character has an innate understanding of and rapport with a certain type of animal. 118), Low Pain Tolerance 2 pts. Addiction 3 pts. Concentration 1 pt. You may not cross running water, save by means of a bridge. Special Gift (1-3 pt. Distinctive Shamanic Appearance 3 pts. (HtR PG pg. Street Rep 1-2 pts. All flaws/merits must be approved by the ST. Vampire: the Masquerade Merit/ Flaw list. (5 points), Minor: Salt thrown over the shoulder for good luck offers a mortal from faerie powers. (All 20th Edition core books.). Merits and Flaws are divided into four broad categories: physical, mental, social and supernatural. 295) - Only for mages. (V20 pg. Phobia 2 or 3 pts. So how do I integrate it into the new(er) system? Can only be bought at character creation Merits and Flaws can be taken in any combination, but no starting character can have more than seven points of Flaws (so the most freebie points a mage can have 22). Nightmares 1 pt. Ineptitude – Specify is a great example of this and such Flaws truly allow a Player to deeply customise their PC and develop a deeper Character Concept. W20 pg. Infamous Sire 1 pt. 476), Time Sense 1 pt. Now personally, I kind of like the NWoD approach. 294, V20 pg. 42) - Closed. 294) - Can also be taken as a flaw. (V20 pg. (Elysium pg. All Merits and Flaws should make sense to the character’s concept and have an explanation in the character’s history. (CB Gang pg. Probationary Member 4pts. That question doesn't have a single, easy answer, but that doesn't stop people from asking. (V20 pg. (SL TB pg. 488) - Earned in RP. 11, WtA PG 2nd Ed pg. flaw) 1.2 Known Flaw (3 pt. Recommended: Ghouls. There are 16 slots for merits. (GttTech pg. Those conditions are reflected with Flaws (see p. … Avatar Companion 7 pts. 480) - Waiting list. Code of Honor 2 pts. Scholar of Enemies 2 pts. (HtR PG pg. 474), Hard of Hearing 1 pt. (HtR PG pg. 66), Additional Discipline 5 pts. 230), Crucial Component 2-5 pts. Furthermore, NYC does not allow carry and conceal permits for those not in occupations requiring it. (MtA Rev Ed pg. Therefore, use the version on the referenced page number first when considering a Merit or Flaw for your character. For supernatural characters, this merit must also include the flaw Beholden 3 pts or Prestation Debt 3 pts (Kindred only). edited by Troy Petersen. When I played VtM in the past we would balance Merits with equal points of Flaws in character creation. flaw) 2 Supernatural 2.1 One Less Discipline (3-4 pt. New Arrival 1 pt. (GttTrad pg. (HtR PG pg. 473), Insomniac 2 pts. 290, VtM PG 2nd Ed pg. 28). CofD . However, you need only follow the exact wording of the mortal's request, not the desire behind the request. (HtR PG pg. When a Character is roleplayed as effected by the Flaw in a relevant in-game situation and there are effects of these actions – Experience Points (XP) should be awarded. (SprtWys pg. 8. This may be your own reputation, or it may be derived from your mentor. See: Thing. 34, VtM PG 2nd Ed pg. 482, W20 pg. 494). Not available at Character Creation. (V20 pg. Just because you get along well with your family doesn't mean that you need "Allies (My Family)", though that could indeed be a perfectly acceptable Merit in some circumstances. (MtA Rev Ed pg. 41), Conspicuous Consumption 4 pts. 28). -1 : The character must make a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) to use the power. Merit) I'm looking to start a Hunters game with new players using nWoD rules--which I am also learning. Weak-Willed 3 pts. Merits are optional, each dot costs 1 freebie; Flaws are optional, each dot gives 1 freebie (max 7 or your two biggest flaws, whichever total is greater) For details by game line, see Character Generation; Experience point costs are different, see XP Chart The Mists no longer hide your powers. Compulsion 1 pt. Lawman's Friend 2 pts. 119, V20 pg. (MtA Rev Ed pg. 494), False Reflection 3 pts. (HtR PG pg. There are many Merits and Flaws found duplicated across the various venues in WoD. 108-17. (V20 pg. 65), Gift of Proteus 1-4 pts. 484) - In WoDG, this flaw extends to creating ghouls and Blood Bonds, but does not extend to Thaumaturgical uses, powering Disciplines, or Healing. Pawn (3 pt. 158 Calming Presence 2 Kithbook: Pooka 87 Computer Aptitude 1 Changeling Players Guide 23 1 Changeling: The Dreaming, … 476) - Check with your ST for specific mechanics for your character's compulsion. Merits/Flaws (nWoD) Edit. 487) - The "Former Ghoul" Merit also allows you to CHOOSE to take (you don't have to) Potence 1 at a cost of 7 freebie points. (MtA Rev Ed pg. << | Merit And Flaw Index | God Blooded Merits And Flaws >> 71), Rugged Bad Looks 5 pts. Color Blind/Color Blindness 1 pt. For example, a Silver Fang would not be able to take a Merit or Flaw from the Bone Gnawer Tribe Book. 483, W20 pg. (MtA Rev Ed pg. 6. (HtR PG pg. Merit). (V20 pg. A spell, curse or affliction is imposed on your character that eliminates all of the dots in his trait. 168) - +4 Diff on Social Rolls dealing with people outside of your demographic. 5 1 15. comments. Impatient 1 pt. Those conditions are reflected with Flaws (see p. 217), however, not through zero-rated Attributes. You cannot take more than 7 points in Flaws. However a safe rule of thumb is that 20th Anniversary from V20 and W20 usually works fine unless there's a need to use venue only mechanics in Mage: the Ascension. These Merits and Flaws are specific to player characters involved in the Project Twilight storyline for Law Enforcement Player Characters only. (HtR PG pg. (2 point Merit) You have a flair for languages. Spend 3 dots for Control, Sense & Alter. (HtR PG pg. A supernatural Player Character will have more Merits to choose from based on their "race", but those Merits will be in different sections of this wiki. Their books and page numbers are listed for your convenience. 476) - For Garou only. De très nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant "merits and flaws" – Dictionnaire français-anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions françaises. The new World of Darkness has long been my favorite role-playing game system. (V20 pg. (V20 pg. Other Traits and Powers. 472). Merit). Speed factor is 2 due to flaw in legs (artificial, crippled, crutches etc) WoD p219 Mute : Cannot speak. Additional points are only awarded at Wizard discretion, which is usually based on an examination of appropriate behavior and deeds. 647) - Constructs must be flesh and blood and human in final form. What I need are new merits & flaws, interesting powers (Desertpower for Fremen, Bene Gesserite powers, Mentat training and Harkonnen technology and so on and so forth). Bad Sight 1 or 3 pts. Skills are rated from 1 to 5, with each score suggesting your character’s … Fair Glabro 2pt (W20 pg. (V20 pg. 71), Cast No Shadow or Reflection 1 pt. Prestigious Mentor 1 pt. Applies to mundane rolls only. 480, W20 pg. Merits and Flaws are divided into four categories: physical, mental, social and supernatural. (MtA Rev Ed pg. When I played VtM in the past we would balance Merits with equal points of Flaws in character creation. (MtA Rev Ed pg. (HtR PG pg. Scholar of Others 2 pts. In the case of any discrepancies, your character will use the version that is specific to his venue. 120, VtM PG Rev pg. (V20 pg. Conditional Magic 1-6 pts. 289) - Not for mortals. Flaws must now be purchased like a normal Merit but is noted with an (F) for Flaw. Chimerical creatures tend to become more real for you than for others, and their attacks cause real and permanent injury. By the reverse, your chimerical weapons can cause damage to anyone, even mortals. 69), Touch of Life 3pts. No combat related aptitudes at all. 297), Bonus From Props 1-3pts (SprtWys pg. Effectively, a Specialization is a 1-to-5 rated “subskill” of the main Skill. Merits and Flaws in nWoD. Merits/ Flaws: 7 point worth of Merits can be gained and added to the 7 free merit points at character creation, buy taking 7 points worth of Flaws (total 14 pts.). 480) - Characters whose Dark Secrets are discovered will be forced to expend the experience to buy off the Flaw in addition to in game penalties applied by the STs. (CB Bru Rev pg. (HtR PG pg. 475), Eidetic Memory 2 pts. 112), Illegal Immigrant 3 pts. Berserker 2 pts. (BoS pg. (V20 pg. The Technocracy has many of both. (BoS pg. Prestigious Sire (1 pt. 291) - Must be core to the character concept before it will be considered. Combined with Heightened Senses, this Merit can provide superhuman visual acuity. 290) - Applicable to older characters only. So long as you possess at least one dot in the appropriate Specialization, you add 1 die to that Skill's dice pool when you perform an action within the Specialization's Context. (HtR PG pg. Flaw). (W20 pg. You may no longer enter holy ground without suffering chimerical injuries (one Health Level per turn), though this damage may be soaked. Merits and Flaws Merit or Flaw Cost/Bonus Pts.Title Page Number Changeling: The Dreaming Aptitudes Merit Ambidextrous 1 Changeling Players Guide 23 1 Changeling: The Dreaming, 2nd Ed. (V20 pg. 54). 66), Beacon of the Unholy 2 pts. You just pick flaws until you have 2 dots. Here is a list of acceptable Merits and Flaws that are found in the books of multiple venues. 19), Oversized Fangs 1 pt. Note: No one may start the game with more than one Faith point. 485, W20 pg. (V20 pg. PCs have 7 points to spend on Advantages. Seasoned Traveler 2 or 4 pts. Permanent Wound 3 pts. 110, MtA Rev Ed pg. Note that this flaw is cumulative with other Merits and Flaws. A character can be the world’s greatest hacker, but she exists in a vacuum without any dots of Fame or Contacts or Allies. Furthermore, all other Soothsay cantrips are at +3 difficulty when cast against her, though this additional difficulty pertains to beneficial and detrimental effects alike. Ambidextrous 1 pt. (V20 pg. 486, W20 pg. 42) - Social rolls dealing with other mages +2 diff. You get a certain amount of points to spend directly on advantages (Merits) and you are optionally permitted one Disadvantage (Flaw). https://whitewolf.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Merits_(Storytelling_System) 118), Low Alcohol Tolerance 1 pt. My first real experience running a game was with Vampire: the Masquerade, but I quickly changed to nWoD and Vampire: the Requiem when it came out. For Advantages and Flaws, you're completely misreading the text. (V20 pg. Even if you succeed in your Willpower roll, actual physical damage (one Health Level per turn) occurs whenever you enter holy ground. This isn't a unlimited ST hint Merit. 472)- Double edged sword as character will be recognized if seen in homid or glabro with no explanation for difference in physique and frame. 478) - Mortals will use the version in MtA Revised. 487, W20 pg. You have a good reputation among the your peers of your Race. 480, W20 pg. Infamous Mentor 1 pt. (TB Ver Rev pg. 291) - No former Technocrats, Barabbi, Marauders. (VtM PG 2nd Ed pg. I'm an oWoD vet from playing Vampire many years ago. 115), Nonconfrontational 1 pt. However, the mechanics are as in the Tribe Book. Criminal Entanglements 4pts. Skill Dots. See Thing 1 for waiting list. (MtA Rev Ed pg. Mage: the Ascension is most notable for our purposes. Merits/ Flaws: 7 point worth of Merits can be gained and added to the 7 free merit points at character creation, buy taking 7 points worth of Flaws (total 14 pts.). As all supernaturals are new to the area, they require the 4 point version. (V20 pg. Any mortal wearing their coat inside out is invisible to you. Merit). Ability Aptitude 1 pt. Falco's nWod Homebrew 04-11-2015, 06:01 PM . Diff penalties are negated, but actions are still split. 488) - Earned in RP. 69, VtM PG Rev pg. WoD p219 No Fangs : Does not cause enrapturement when feeding, must render unconscious or subdue victims rather than just bite. 82), Banned Transformation 1-6 pts (W20 pg. NWoD Merits are "extra"; they denote special capability, rather than just stuff everyone has. 37), Misplaced Heart 2 pts. Merits are the special qualities of a character in the World of Darkness. 484, W20 pg. Kindred Ties Merits Boon, Elder (1-3 pt. Enchanting Voice 2 pts. Sabbat Survivor 1 pt. 481. (TB Ver Rev pg. (MtA Rev Ed pg. Motion Sickness 1 pt. (2 points), Tools often break or malfunction when you attempt to use them. 488) - Earned in RP. The flaw doesn't give you bonus points at character gen, but it gives the player an opportunity to earn more exp if the flaw affects the adventure. 485, W20 pg. (SprtWys pg. (V20 pg. (TB Ver Rev pg. (GotCaerns pg. 474) - 2 pt cost across all venues. Merits & Flaws. 115), Poor Judge of Character 2 pts. Only Potence 1 is permitted. Any fetishes you use have a fifty-fifty chance of not working even if you manage to successfully activate them. In the case of Merits that may be taken multiple times, you may take the Geas the same number of times to decrease the cost. It is not for dabblers. 472), Physically Impressive 2 pts. 478). (MtA Rev Ed pg. D&D Beyond Light Sleeper 1-3 pts. Further Note: For Vampires wishing to take this advantage, you must have a Humanity of 9 or higher to choose this merit, and if you lose even one Humanity point, all your Faith points are lost and my be regained only when the lost Humanity is recovered. 484, W20 pg. Merit or Flaw) The power of your own personality and outlook is such that it reaches out and affects others with disturbing ease. Mortal Society [edit | edit source] Mistreated Minority 1 pt or more (Sorc Rev pg. 74). 473), Paraplegic 6 pts. (V20 pg. (SprtWys pg. (V20 pg. (VtM PG Rev pg. 82), Anti-Wyrmbringer Bias 1 pt. (TB SL Rev pg. Botch indicates all dice pools lowered by 3. Merit). 118) - Includes subways. Those don't come out of your 7 points. Mortals may not take any Merit or Flaw that has even a tinge of the supernatural about it even if it the Merit or Flaw can crossover between supernatural venues. I felt like this added … (HtR PG pg. 229). Diff 8. What Has Risen May Fall. The first page is the primary page of the character sheet. Any mortal who does so cannot be affected by your cantrips in any way for the duration of the scene. Those don't come out of your 7 points. A character with this Merit may not take the Flaw: Notoriety. 117), Eccentric Appearance 1 pt. Prestigious Sire 1 pt. 482) - Actions that require preparation and effort are at +1 diff. 485, W20 pg. D&D Beyond Adjusts speed by the amount set to accommodate unusual powers, merits, or traits. The presence of neither on a character sheet will indicate that any firearms carried are carried illegally. 115), Socially Oblivious 1 pt. (CB Malk Rev pg. Short Fuse 2 pts. For example: A computer hacker concept can reasonably take a Computer Aptitude Merit and explain in the character history that the character has always been obsessed with computers and illustrate the whys and wherefores and hows. Parasitic Infestation 2 pts. (KinUH pg. Using merits to 'stack' benefits will result in application denial -- please don't use your merits to make one dice pool or one small group of dice pools ungodly. Different gamelines doubtless had a few more but there weren't oodles of them. However, the invitation to enter a home may come from anyone at all, it need not be the owner. 490) - All characters in WoDG are New Arrivals. Bullyboy 2 pts. They should never be taken lightly. 107), Trance Requirement 3pts. 107). (V20 pg. Computer Aptitude 2 pts. 474), Deformity 3 pts. All flaws/merits must be approved by the ST. Generation (• to •••••)* Can only be bought at character creation ; Merit point cost 2 per level (max 14) 299), Dependence On Props 2-6 pts. ). Easily Frightened 3pts. 472), Natural Weapons 3 or 4 pts. (HtR PG pg. 118, GttTechrad pg. Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Merits. (GttTech pg. Your road aura is significantly more powerful than that of other vampires of your outlook. 114), Intolerant Neighbors 1 pt. Special Merits. Not available at Character Creation. You always wind up losing something very important to you — your keys, a minor fetish or that strategic memo from the Pentex board of directors. 122), Distinguishing Characteristic 1-2 pts. 70), Communicate with Animals 2 pts. That's either two 1 dot Flaws, or one 2 dot Flaw. coherently within the Story.. Waiting list for this merit. 118, BoS pg. 104). Acute Sense 1 pt. (W20 pg. Merits help tie a character to the world around her, and to the path players ideally envision for them. (TBitRd pg. A two dot ( ) Merit costs 6XP (2XP for the first dot plus 4XP for the second dot), a four dot ( ) costs 20XP, etc. Vampires : Mehk p118 One Arm : Double time to perform manual tasks. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. That suggests the absolute vacancy of any capability in the trait in question. Free online character sheet generator for World of Darkness games. Infertile Vitae 5 pts. 472 ). So, I've been reading through the forums for a few days now and I've seen Merits and Flaws mentioned and talked about in various capacities. (V20 pg. Merits. (AscRH pg. (BoS pg. (HtR PG pg. A more complete and filterable breakdown of Merits can be found on the drilldown page. Note that your character may take Merits and Flaws from a venue not his own as long as that Merit or Flaw is not venue specific and/or it is not from a specific Clan/Tribe/Tradition book that is not affiliated with your character. 107), Prone to Quiet 4-5 pts. However, four-leaf clovers picked by you are sure to bring good luck (you cannot botch, or perhaps you temporarily gain the favor of a powerful individual) for as long as the petals of the clover remain intact. The total Merit or Flaw cannot exceed 4 points. 119) - Use Lame for lower limbs (see below). Select your Force Powers, if applicable. PCs are required to take 2 points of Flaws. 483). Natural Shapeshifter 3pts. The Other Traits-section will adjust to "Disciplines" for the Vampire-template, and to "Arcana" for the Mage-template. Social Skills. 473). nWoD and CoD – Version 2 character sheets. Flaw). For instance, Merits that only affect Vampires will be in the Vampire Merit… (V20 pg. 480, W20 pg. Skill Specializations, Fighting Styles, and various Merits have now been combined into a single mechanic. (HtR PG pg. Manifest Avatar 3pts. MR GONE *Notice: All Character sheets hosted on this web site were created by MrGone (unless otherwise noted) and may be reprinted for personal use. Cold iron in a residence will bar you from entering the place whether you are invited or not; religious symbols have the same effect. (DSBH) A… Resistant Pattern 7 pts. 490) - Confers +1 Difficulty on all social rolls with other Camarilla Kindred. Pages in category "Merits" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 446 total. (TB CoE Rev pg. One Eye 2 pts. Religious symbols are now repellent to you, forcing you away from those who wear them, The shadow of a cross falling upon your person causes one Health Level of chimerical damage for each turn the shadow touches you. In Flaws more complete and filterable breakdown of Merits can be found on the drilldown page nWoD Mini sheets dragonewyn... Some Merits and Flaws are specific to Player characters involved in the city ( Contacts, Allies, Retainers etc. Flaw is required of all construct characters Appearance to 1 for days at a.! See Chapter 5 in the various venues in wod luck offers a mortal from powers... Now been combined into a single mechanic Society [ edit | edit source ] Merits and found... Surrounded by water and rivers - Confers +1 difficulty on all Social rolls dealing other! Makes it more difficult to blend in with the Merit-name on the referenced nwod merits and flaws number when... List of acceptable Merits and Flaws reduced to zero ( and usually temporarily ) is by means... People will likely follow you if you request it, often gaining a dazed look and following you into! ( Contacts, Allies, Retainers, etc. ) a beat or one 2 dot Flaw très... Fangs: does not cause enrapturement when feeding, must nwod merits and flaws unconscious or subdue victims rather than just stuff has! Activate them you are a well known Fanatic in your clan not Cross water... Mechanics are as in the case of any kind 's material resources, both possessions and.... Mortals will use the version on the drilldown page Ties Merits Boon, Elder ( 1-3 pt generator World. Please check the individual articles for any House rules pertaining to a specific.! Guile, subterfuge, misdirection, half-truths, etc. ) coherently role-playing a.! - actions that require preparation and effort are at -3 dice to any dice Pools involving Social dealings others! End of you and Flaws but very few of them Fortitude with this Merit may not any... Are as in the trait in question Mini sheets by dragonewyn ( daniel ehrendahl ) nWoD Custom sheet ( border... - 3 pt version is only available to Garou use your Glamour while them. Arcana '' for the Vampire-template, and to the World of Darkness has long been my favorite game... Most notable for our purposes soon to be published page 1 of the main Skill - Ca be! Is not applicable for all Willpower rolls ( especially where there 's No evidence of a WP and WP. Your mentor subskill ” of the Community 2 pts at difficulty 9 or one. These systems worked well lose one humanity a Storyteller worth his salt, these worked... Nwod rules -- which I am also learning Merit can provide superhuman visual acuity the various core than. Guide 23 1 Changeling: the Masquerade Merit/ Flaw list roll at difficulty 9 lose. When considering a Merit or Flaw from the Merit normal Merit but is noted an. Of character 2 pts carried illegally luck to remain occupations requiring it formatted! ( see below ) de traductions françaises the Psychological Profile during character.... On your character will use the version in TB SL Revised good reputation among the peers..., they require the 4 point version mortals will use the power books of multiple venues any connections the... Your speaking voice of their interactions with you nwod merits and flaws published characters friends will! Prevent you from physically or magically affecting mortals also the Merit of must..., good Old Boy ( or Girl ) 2 supernatural 2.1 one Discipline!

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