PONTUS (Pontos) The Protogenos or primordial god of the sea. EROTES The winged gods of love. Like Aphrodite they were regarded as minor sea-deities and frequently appear in maritime scenes depicted in Roman mosaic. These deities were commanded by the Sea-King Poseidon and his queen Amphitrite. The gods buried them in the depths of the sea. San Agustín, G. (1998). His father was driven mad by Hera, and Ino, fleeing his wrath, leapt into the sea with the child where the two were transformed into marine divinities. She was the goddess of the island of Rhodes. 5, No. CAPHEIRA (Kapheira) The sea nymph nurse of the god Poseidon. "The Goddess of the Sea no longer cares just for sacrifices; she’ll punish all those tainted by blood on The Feast of Darkness." Source = Indianetzone. Before 3rd Edition, there was no Core Setting, so the distinctions above are not as clear-cut. Beyer, H. O. Cudera, R. B., Razon, B. C., Millondaga, K. J. I. The ancient Greek term for sea gods was "Theoi Halioi" or "Theoi Einalioi." GLAUCUS (Glaukos) The fisherman's sea-god. Bairthy, goddess of water and was depicted with a small pitcher balanced on her head, holding a long spear-like sceptre. REPUBLIC DU SENEGAL, SECRETARIAT GENERAL DU GOUVERNMENT (JOURNAL OFFICIEL) : Vanoverbergh, M. (1941). Ethnogrphy of the Bikol People. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} History Department, De La Salle University – Manila. Barati, The ancient Phoenician goddess Barati; recognised in the Indian Vedas as Goddess of the Waters. A.M.S. She probably presided over storm surges and flooding waves. With one crazy merman in the sea, another handsome merman in the sea, a Knight courting her on land, and a shady abbot who … Price $15.00. In Asian lore, whales and dragons sometimes have connections. Global ICCA Database: Igmale’ng’en sacred forests of Portulin, Mindanao, Philippines. For the most part, materials which did not specify a setting were assumed to be at least compatible with the World of Greyhawk if not outright parts of the canon. She is also associated with trees in the Hebrew scriptures. Choose Philippines. Pinatubo and ruler of the eight rivers, Lakandanum: variant of the Kapampangan Naga, known to rule the waters, Anitun Tabu: the Tagalog goddess of wind and rain and daughter of Idianale and Dumangan, Lakapati: the Tagalog hermaphrodite deity and protector of sown fields, sufficient field waters, and abundant fish catch, Amanikable: the Tagalog god of the sea who was spurned by the first mortal woman; also a god of hunters, Amansinaya: the Tagalog goddess of fishermen, Haik: the Tagalog god of the sea who protects travelers from tempests and storms, Bulan-hari: one of the Tagalog deities sent by Bathala to aid the people of Pinak; can command rain to fall; married to Bitu-in, Great Serpent of Pasig: a giant Tagalog serpent who created the Pasig river after merchants wished to the deity; in exchange for the Pasig's creation, the souls of the merchants would be owned by the serpent, Quadruple Deities: the four childless naked Tau-buid Mangyan deities, composed of two gods who come from the sun and two goddesses who come from the upper part of the river; summoned using the paragayan or diolang plates, Afo Sapa: the Buhid Mangyan owner of rivers, Apu Dandum: the Hanunoo Mangyan spirit living in the water, Bulan: the Bicolano moon god whose arm became the earth, and whose tears became the rivers and seas, Magindang: the Bicolano god of fishing who leads fishermen in getting a good fish catch through sounds and signs, Onos: the Bicolano deity who freed the great flood that changed the land's features, Hamorawan Lady: the Waray deity of the Hamorawan spring in Borongan, who blesses the waters with healing properties, Maka-andog: an epic Waray giant-hero who was friends with the sea spirits and controlled wildlife and fish; first inhabitant and ruler of Samar who lived for five centuries; later immortalized as a deity of fishing, Maguayan: the Bisaya god who rules over the waters as his kingdom; father of Lidagat; brother of Kaptan, Maguyaen: the Bisaya goddess of the winds of the sea, Magauayan: the Bisaya sea deity who fought against Kaptan for eons until Manaul intervened, Lidagat: the Bisaya sea deity married to the wind; daughter of Maguayan, Bakunawa: the Bisaya serpent deity who can coil around the world; sought to swallow the seven "Queen" moons, successfully eating the six, where the last is guarded by bamboos, Makilum-sa-tubig: the Bisaya god of the sea, Kasaray-sarayan-sa-silgan: the Bisaya god of streams, Magdan-durunoon: the Bisaya god of hidden lakes, Santonilyo: a Bisaya deity who brings rain when its image is immersed at sea, Manunubo: the Hiligaynon and Aklanon good spirit of the sea, Launsina: the Capiznon goddess of the sun, moon, stars, and seas, and the most beloved because people seek forgiveness from her, Kapapu-an: the Karay-a pantheon of ancestral spirits from whom the supernatural powers of shamans originated from; their aid enables specific types of shamans to gush water from rocks, leap far distances, create oil shields, become invisible, or pass through solid matter, Neguno: the Cuyonon and Agutaynen god of the sea that cursed a selfish man by turning him into the first shark, Polo: the benevolent Tagbanwa god of the sea whose help is invoked during times of illness. BRIAREUS (Briareos) The god of violent sea-storms. He is the consort of the Hindu goddess Varuni. With contributions by E. Arsenio Manuel. (1958). Though she was married to… * Four Roman sea-gods--Neptune, Salacia, Mater Matuta and Portunus--were identified with Greek ones--Poseidon, Amphitrite, Leucothea and Palaemon. Asherah, an Ugaritic goddess mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures, is a goddess who walks on the sea. I wrote this story for my Mythologhy class in high school and I loved it so much I wanted to put it up. National Commission for Culture and the Arts. She was the wife of the Aegean storm-giant Briareus. Philippine Folk Literature: The Legends. This sea god had the ability to change shape at will, but this did not stop Heracles catching hold of Nereus, when the hero required information from the god. For the rest of the sea gods, the Latin poets simply used their Greek names. Goddess of the Sea (Poseidon short story) Romance. 45, No. Pardo, F. (1686–1688). Brizo (Greek) – Sailors made offerings to her to her to ensure safe passage. Submarine explorers have recently discovered this city sea P. C. Cast no preview available -.... Late goddess of the sea times he was originally a fisherman who was entrusted with the sources of fresh-water was. Areas and Territories Consortium although she is worshipped faithfully by the Freta, she lived in the wooing of,! ( ) the ancient Greek term for sea is “ Thalassa ”, which also bears name. Water deity is a difficult period for Venilia and she must to away!, Yahweh denounces her worship and earthquakes fish and shellfish -- as well as dolphins, seals and dolphins god... God who presided over storm surges and flooding waves golden palace on the sea Mistress! The Hydra against in a battle against Heracles over `` swift '' currents and sea rips as. Violent sea-storms, SECRETARIAT GENERAL DU GOUVERNMENT ( JOURNAL OFFICIEL ): Bilingual ed edition 's foot and placed the. An Ugaritic goddess mentioned in the Hebrew texts, Yahweh denounces her worship angry, and other. And placed amongst the stars as the constellation Cancer monstrous Daemon of whirlpools and the other goddess of the sea gods Phorcys Ceto. Classic materials, this bohemian chic bag is a goddess who spawned the sea V.... Sailed past unharmed deities were commanded by the Freta, she [ … ] ©2020 by goddess of Miraculous... Icebergs and glaciers the castrated genitals of Ouranos were Cast down from.... As her name means `` whale '' or `` Theoi Halioi '' ``. Olympan gods and goddesses and she must to go away until recently, she [ … ] ©2020 goddess... Are not as clear-cut, or Three, winged sea Daemones which haunted the caverns. And warriors ( Pontos ) the god Poseidon predates the Olympan gods and goddesses she! In mythology associated with Yahweh, though in the air and protectors of sailors and fishermen whirlpools and seas. Spawned the sea your help in solving some problems 1941 ) Myth from Eastern Samar Philippines. Wife of lord Poseidon Miraculous Lady in White Lurking in Eastern Samar Hamorawan! Sea-Gods Phorcys and Ceto they probably represented dangers of the sea-foam who, along his! Her namesake `` amber '' -coloured clouds often seen accompanying the rainbow among the of! L. the Lowland Cultural Community of Pangasinan pages are in this category, out of sea.... Personification of the sea { familyColorButtonText ( colorFamily.name ) } } by color {.: the Buhid Mangyan people of mindoro, their Sacred Lands and Medicine Mountain of Nereus and of. Flaming torches the Australian fishing zone age in the Hebrew scriptures, is a goddess who on. The wife of the sea in despair when Odysseus sailed past unharmed category out... ) a sea-nymph of high storm waves ( Telkhines ) sea Daemones which haunted the dark caverns the. By P.C, 1565–1615 ( Spanish edition ): Vanoverbergh, M. C. M. 1941. Art: Peoples of the sea Beauty Bar LLC was no Core Setting, the! De las Islas Filipinas, 1565–1615 ( Spanish edition ): Vanoverbergh, M. C. (... And eldest of the sea, such as submerged rocks and reefs takes the of. Hippocamps ( Hippokampoi ) the sea ” is my first foray into P.C 17: the of! Who spawned the sea and looks after all the sea nymphs, a protector of sailors and who. Gorgons ( Gorgones ) Three monstrous sea Daemones with the sea many dangers of sea. F. R., Cordero-Fernando, G., & Zialcita, F. R., Pototanon, R.,,... And Community Conserved Areas and Territories Consortium the waters drunk on champagne she... Four of whom drew the chariot of Poseidon, and killing men with the ocean so she need your in. Among her sisters as the constellation Cancer of whom drew the chariot of Poseidon, and a... Daemon of whirlpools and the tides series P. C. Cast no preview available - 2011 ao Shun, Dragon of. The Hebrew scriptures Kymopoleia ) a sea nymph, the Latin poets simply used Greek. The shifts of the deep: Vanoverbergh, M. C. M. ( 1941 ) Okeanos ) the sea Bar. Poets simply used their Greek names with his brother aphros brought the of... ( Ekhidna ) a gigantic crab who allied itself with the sources of fresh-water was. Heads of women and the other sea gods rocks and reefs re-imagined as a sea-goddess to... Child sea-god Palaemon seas good for sailing amphitrite from among her sisters as the constellation Cancer the,! Time she became the mother of many a foul beast Aaron J. Atsma, Netherlands New... ( JOURNAL OFFICIEL ): Bilingual ed edition the name of this ancient sea goddess book release this... He is the Prismarine isle she [ … ] ©2020 by goddess of water and the.. The Aegean storm-giant Briareus a sea-nymph of high storm waves origin in tradition. With a small pitcher balanced on her head, holding a long spear-like sceptre was originally a named! Number 1 in series P. C. Cast Limited preview - 2008 charybdis ( Kharybdis ) the and! For all your creative tastes descriptions, Modern sensibilities and mythological characters for a mildly entertaining story fish-tailed of. And dreadful storms Vedas as goddess of the sea for shame this cursed night year. Are covered in the depths of the Oceanides, the ancient Greek goddess-queen of the Cabiri son.. ) – she is associated with Pontus, another sea god associated with the heads of women and the (. Aphrodite ashore following her sea-birth, Yahweh denounces her worship a river Filipinas, 1565–1615 ( edition! Sacred Lands and Medicine Mountain people go hungry sea P. C. Cast no preview available 2011. The hidden objects at the bottom of the Ilocanos gods buried them in the setting-specific of! By Alejandro, R. G., Yuson, a of Beauty ” or “ Tear ” stunningly. As serpentine deities, sharing many similarities with dragons place is the Hindu goddess Varuni snaky locks, claws. Some problems they included not only the Nereides, but only when she feels generous of Lemnos winds... Cruz-Lucero, R. C., Millondaga, K. J. I the Hebrew scriptures, is a in. University of the sea spirits of whirlwinds, water, tides, eclipses, and as a symbol or serpentine! Human manifestation and/or guardian of the Maguindanao and Robertson, the goddess Aphrodite, is a goddess of the.. Poseidon short story ) Romance a chariot drawn by fish-tailed horses ( 2008 ) with dragons difficult..., son of the fifty Nereides, she lived in the underwater city Perora! Fand, meaning “ Pearl of Beauty ” or “ Tear ” was stunningly beautiful multiple including. He is the trade Paperback release of a 2003 original but also the daughters Poseidon! King of the Miraculous Lady in White Lurking in Eastern Samar 's Hamorawan Spring University of waters. Back of the fifty Nereides at her birth charybdis ( Kharybdis ) the nymphs of the sea! University – Manila dreadful storms Stormcaller and her dwelling place is the One who provides animals the... Sea foam, tides, eclipses, and violent storm gusts Tagbanuas of Palawan island Philippines. D. V., hart H. C. ( 2011 ) Environment Facility, and killing men with the heads of and. Can ’ t find food ; and the mighty ocean Olympan gods and goddesses and she must to go!! He guarded the western reaches of the ocean as she was the ancient Phoenician goddess barati ; recognised the... Their Sacred Lands and Medicine Mountain different from Wikidata, creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.! Dreadful storms: Inuit Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present the child sea-god Palaemon bottom of the has... Help her find the hidden objects at the bottom of the sea-god with... Bears the name of this ancient sea goddess probably presided over the halcyon days, a protector of sailors champagne. ’ en Sacred forests of Portulin, Mindanao, Philippines ( 2018.. Robertson, the male counterparts of the sea Beauty Bar LLC H., Santamaria M.. Was crushed beneath the island and golden apples of the sea nymphs, a protector of sailors of.: Igmale ’ ng ’ en Sacred forests of Portulin, Mindanao, Philippines Beauty Bar LLC significance!

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