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2 July 2008

The Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown MP
10 Downing Street
London, UK

Dear Prime Minister,

A copy of a letter with your signature is published at http://hovercraft.it/UKPM.pdf on the web site of Hi Tech International S.r.l. (HTI) of Gorgonzola, Italy. Given the widespread knowledge of HTI’s unlawful business practices, I am writing to ask if you might kindly verify that this letter to Carlo Guido Passoni, the father of Matteo Passoni of HTI is, in fact, authentic.

As founder and President of the World Hovercraft Organization, as well as of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. USA, the world's original light hovercraft manufacturer, I am obliged to disclose to you information regarding HTI that may have great bearing on your decision to associate your office with this company and to utilize HTI rescue hovercraft in the United Kingdom.

Please find attached the cover letter to a complaint against HTI that my company has filed with Autoritá Garante Della Concorrenza e Del Mercato in Rome, Italy. This represents just one of the complaints against HTI that have been filed with this agency by hovercraft manufacturers.

Our cover letter was accompanied by more than 100 pages of documentation of the unlawful offenses that have been committed by HTI since Matteo Passoni became a Neoteric Hovercraft dealer in October 2001, then commenced an unrelenting history of offenses, including industrial and economic espionage; theft of technology and trade secrets; and intellectual property infringement.

Our primary concern, however, is the safety of the HTI hovercraft recently purchased by the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service. There is unanimous concern within the global hovercraft manufacturing industry that HTI is threatening consumer safety by marketing rescue vehicles with no track record, while fraudulently representing them as having the decades-long, tested and proven history of Neoteric Hovercraft. Gloucestershire is not only receiving stolen property, it is purchasing public rescue vehicles of questionable safety that may endanger the public rather than protect it.

Even more seriously, the Gloucestershire hovercraft may endanger the lives of rescuers. To substantiate this concern, even after their offenses against my company, HTI urgently solicited my assistance to solve the problems they created with their imitations of our patented hovercraft technology - grave problems such as exploding fans. This particular hazard resulted from HTI's installation of a 145hp engine in a hovercraft that is not designed to carry an engine of that power. A fan exploding from a 145hp engine is a life-threatening incident.

To ensure that you receive this information, I have taken the liberty of both faxing and mailing it to your attention, and we eagerly anticipate your response. Please know that I am at your disposal to provide any assistance or information you might need to allow you to reach an informed decision about your continued association with Hi Tech International S.r.l. and the employment of their product in the United Kingdom.

Kind Regards,

Chris Fitzgerald
Chris Fitzgerald
Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.
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1649 Tippecanoe Street • Terre Haute, Indiana, USA 47807-2394
TELEPHONE: 812-234-1120 • 800-285-3761 • FAX: 812-234-3217
EMAIL: hovermail@neoterichovercraft.com • WEB: neoterichovercraft.com • rescuehovercraft.com


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