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23 April 2011

Dear Ms Gao,

Congratulations on conducting a large and high quality International Boat Show. I had the pleasure of spending all four days at the show and it was great to see the ever increasing number of high quality marine products.
However, there was a problem with two companies in particular at your show whose activities I am sure contravened your own rules concerning patent infringement and counterfeit goods. My own particular concern is with the company calling itself Shanghai Feileng Hovercraft Company at booth W401 who is illegally producing our hovercraft designs in China.

My company - Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd - produces a range of hovercraft designs and one in particular is called the "Slider". Feileng Hovercraft at one time had a license to build this model but it was subsequently cancelled when they refused to honour the Agreements between our two companies.

I called this matter clearly to your staff members’ attention at the Organizers Booth and they did nothing. I clearly informed your staff that this company was also playing my NZ videos showing my face and giving credence to their illegal company. Again - your staff did nothing! Instead of investigating this matter it appears that your Security Staff, and in particular Mr. Sam Gee, were more intent on harassing and evicting me from the show.

My peaceful attempt to inform the public about this company’s illegal actions became quite nasty after Feileng staff members attacked me. The actions of your security staff in restraining me after a Feileng member snatched property from me is a little difficult to understand. I am sure you have video footage yourself of the incidents from your CCTV cameras located above the west entrance doors.

I would also mention that the Italian company HTI – Hi Tech International S.r.l. - at booth A001 is also guilty of producing pirated copies of hovercraft from the USA company Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. - see http://neoterichovercraft.com/news/news/BARB-counterfeit-hovercraft-HTI.html and http://www.worldhovercraft.org/hi-tech-international.html

Please explain why your organization appeared to do nothing about these problems, and please inform me if you will allow illegal manufacturers to participate freely in your show again next year.

Stephen Preest
Pacific Hovercraft NZ Ltd.

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